Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our trip to Vegas.

Two weeks after we came back from Hawaii we headed out to Las Vegas for a friend's b-day.

A tip to save you some money when booking your room in Vegas.

We wanted to stay at the Palazzo cause that was where the birthday girl was staying. So doing a bit of research on deals and price comparison. The cheapest rate I could find for our travel dates was $169 per night at the Palazzo for a standard suite.

I read that you should always call the players card number for whatever hotel you want to stay at to see what prices they can offer you. All hotels want you to stay with them cause they want you to gamble at their place. Especially in this economy. So since we wanted to stay at the Palazzo I call the Club Grazie number. (Venetian and Palazzo are the same entity) Link below.

Venetian http://www.venetian.com/Pages.aspx?id=382

When I called they asked for my players card number. I told the host the I was planning to visit Vegas and was wondering what they can offer me. They offered me a standard suite w/o view for $99 a night. I took that deal. It ended up being $107.XX after tax. I instantly saved like 70 bucks a night. I do have a players card with them and have played a bit at the Venetian so I got a better rate than my friend.

He called and is not a member of club grazie (it's free by the way). My friend ended up getting two nights in a standard room for $300 for both nights. I looked up the rooms rates for my friend's dates of travel and the cheapest I could find his first night stay online was $229.00 (he was going a day ahead of us) so he saved quite a bit just by calling the number.

I would recommend calling the players club number just to ask what they can offer. It doesn't hurt and they are not pushy either about booking with them.

Here's a trick for an attempt at a room upgrade ( i have personally not tried this but have read a lot about it)

So what I have read is that when people check in. They stick a fold $20 bill or more in between their driver's license and credit card (also called the sandwich). Then they hand it over to the desk clerk. What is suppose to happen is they usually take it and you ask if there are any upgrades and usually they will upgrade to a really nice view or possibly a better room. Of course with all successes there are some failures.

you can read some of those success and failure stories here.


If your taking the taxi from the airport to your hotel on the strip. Make sure your not getting dooped. Some taxi drivers take what they call "the tunnel" which leads to the freeway and you end up going the long way around to your hotel. I have had this done to me before so I researched it.

I know depending on where your staying the freeway is required, but I have taken the taxi from the airport to the Wynn Encore and it cost me like $30+. It was suppose to cost under $20.

Whenever I take a taxi to a hotel on the strip I ask to avoid "the tunnel".

Here's an article I found about it.


Here's a site to calculate your estimate taxi fare so you can know if your being taken for a ride or not.


1) Tao Beach (day time pool party at Venetian pool)
2) XS Nightclub @ Encore http://www.encorelasvegas.com/#/nightlife/xs/

So we arrived around 3pm. Got to the hotel and checked in at the Palazzo.

The rooms at the Palazzo are very nice. One of the things that I like most about the rooms is that it sleeps 6. There are two queens and a pull out sofa. All standard rooms at the Venetian and Palazzo are suites minimum 650sqft.

Here's a video I found on youtube with a walk through of the 1 king room. We had the 2 queen.


So after we settled down. We went shopping for some attire for the club that night.
After shopping we decided to check out Tao Beach. It's a day time pool party. Just a knock off of Rehab. It's free though. It wasn't packed or anything, but I didn't like the vibe. So I only stayed for like 20min. Had a few drinks and left. The girls on the other hand got really really drunk.

Here's the pull out sofa in our room.

Guy on the right is my friend Son who got the $300 for two nights.

Just a side note. Save yourself the money and don't book with those VIP hosting sites for bottle service. It's a rip off.

I like to visit Jack Colton click banner below to visit. It's a site by a local resident of Vegas that reviews clubs, gives you tips and tricks about Vegas, and gives you direct email and phone number contacts to the VIP host that actually work for the Hotel not some outside company that requires money up front for your reservation.

If you can't find the VIP contact for the club your looking for sometimes they have the contact info on the hotel's website.
For example XS nightclub.
If you visit http://www.encorelasvegas.com/#/nightlife/xs/ it provides a phone number for you call to make reservation. Every time that I have made reservation they have never asked for my credit card number or require a deposit. They just ask contact name for the party, how many people, and date of your visit. So if you don't show up you don't loose out on any money. Jack Colton is the only site that I have found that provides direct contacts

Usually clubs require a 1 bottle minimum for every 3 people. Due to recession I have noticed that some clubs are letting this standard slide a bit. I visit Body English on a previous trip and was able to get 2 bottles for 15 people.

Anyways back to our trip

So 9pm rolled around and we went downstairs to grab a bite to eat at the food court before we head out to XS nightclub. We had bottle service reservations.

So after we returned I attempted to wake up the girls to get ready. They were all out cold. I could not wake them up for the life of me and some of them were just out of it or already had a hangover from the pool party.

We ended up bailing on the bottle service plan and just went down stairs to gamble and drink. My friend really wanted to go to Spearmint Rhino Adult Cabaret so that's where we ended up. He got bottle service there. ( I didn't know you can get bottle service at a gentlemen's club)

Any ways people got really drunk. Especially Peter. To the point that we had to leave the place.

When we pulled up to our hotel the security was nice enough to offer a wheelchair for Peter since he wasn't really walking and escorted us up to our room. I have a video Peter and the wheelchair in all his glory. I will post it up once I get it from John.

So we set Peter on the bed on the left and John on the right. Charyl woke up and felt a lot better. So Charyl and I went downstairs to gamble. When we came back up to the room this is what we found.

John somehow ended up on Peter's bed and......

Peter ended up on the floor. We have no idea what happen to this day and nobody can remember.

Next morning went over to Wynn to eat lunch. I think we ate at Terrace Pointe Cafe.
The service was horrible. Food was alright. I won't go back for sure.'
Birthday girl on the left Chary on the right.

Vanessa and Cali

Charyl was having a mimosa and accidentally knocked it over. It fell over onto the plate and the plate broke. I kid you not.

Flute-1 Plate-0
All I can say is they either have shitty plates or awesome Champagne flutes.

Peter just had to clarify with everyone that his is a real G.

We ended up going to XS nightclub the following night. I must admit that place is very very very nice. The interior is almost exactly like Tryst but XS has a huge outdoor pool/patio area. Which is totally chill. They have lounge chairs and tables out there. You get the best of both worlds. If you don't want to be in the club scene where it's packed you can just walk right outside and just lounge around, but if you want to dance just head into the club. It's a really nice setup.
Not many pics this trip but hopefully we'll get a lot more on our next one.

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