Monday, August 19, 2013

MGM Skyloft 3 bedroom. Day 1

Two years ago I promised my friend's sister that we would celebrate her 21st birthday in Vegas along with my birthday. So lets get to it!

I wanted to start the vacation as soon as possible. Even if the room was most likely not to be ready I wanted to get to Vegas asap. My brothers, along with Pierce and I took the first flight out. We had about 3 hours of sleep. I almost overslept if it wasn't for Phillip, who woke me up.

For breakfast we're having a Chorizo breakfast burrito.

So what's on the cover of SkyMall for August? The same thing from July. Golf Clubs.

A quick nap on the plane and the next thing you know it. We are descending into Vegas.
My friend and his sister had already been in Vegas a day ahead of us. They were there on Saturday and leaving Monday, while we were coming in on Sunday and leaving Tuesday.

I never get tired of seeing the Vegas airport when I arrive.

Baggage claim was empty.

Booked a room at the MGM Skyloft and our driver was waiting for us at baggage claim. Skyloft had upgraded their fleet. They used to pick you up in a Maybach, but now they send a Rolls Royce Ghost. Since there were 5 of us we couldn't fit in the Rolls, so we just got a regular limo. Talk about first world problems.

Hakkasan seemed to have locked down a majority of the top DJs. I heard a rumor that some wealthy guy was denied at another club in Vegas and in retaliation decided to open up a club and locked up all the top DJs. I did a quick google search and found this article here.

Getting dropped off at the Skyloft lobby. It's been a while since we stayed here and it's good to be back home.

Checked in at the lobby, but unfortunately our room was not ready. So we headed to the casino floor.

Play cheap slots and get some free drinks!!! Don't forget to tip the cocktail server well. She'll come back very very very often.

The Deal or No Deal slot machine is the devil. Don't play it!

A small compilation of mini slot bonuses that Phat and I were playing.

Pierce's big slot win!

MGM put in a little bakery right by the elevators. I'm not sure what used to be here before.

We got hungry and stopped off at the food court for a quick bite just to hold us over. John, Robyn, and Carmen weren't showing up until 2pm. We were waiting for them so we could hit the pool.

Eventually the birthday girl Angela showed up.

Right around 2pm I got the call that the room was ready.

A little candy and snack station while we wait to be escorted to our room.

We had originally booked the 2 Bedroom 3,000 sqft Skyloft, but to my amazement we were upgraded to the 3 Bedroom 6,000 sqft Skyloft. We didn't even realized it was the 3 Bedroom Skyloft. We just thought it was just a different floor plan, but we did notice that it was significantly larger. What a way to start off the birthday trip! I have seen prices for the 3 bedroom Skyloft going for between $5-8,000 per night. This trip was already off to an amazing start. Lots and lots of pictures of the room below.

We had a gorgeous view of the strip.

I believe those are the MGM Mansion villas below.

While we were exploring the room, I got the call that John, Robyn and Carmen had arrived. I was so excited to tell them of the upgrade so I ran down to get them.

As I'm waiting for them down at the lobby, they pull up in the Rolls Royce Ghost. I was so jealous that I didn't get to ride in it.

Here is a more detailed video walk through of the Skyloft.

We still weren't settled in, but it was time to get our drink on. We had planned on hitting a pool party, but it was already late in the day. So we just headed to the hotel pool. As we were walking to the elevators I stopped to chat with the concierge, but I guess Steve Aoki was staying on the same floor and walked right behind me. I missed the opportunity to snap a pic.

That's our room right under the lion.

Look Mark finally showed up!

Carmen and Phillip having a serious conversation about politics..... no I'm kidding.

Step off!

The birthday girl doesn't know what to do with that.

She still doesn't want to drink it.

She drank it.

Shut up Carmen!

The last time I was in Vegas with this guy was probably back in 2007 I think. It's been a while and way past due.

After spending about an hour or so at the pool we headed back to the room.

Some nice relaxation before we head to Hakkasan tonight.

As the sun starts to set. I snapped some more pics of the Skyloft. One of my favorite things in the Skyloft is the ambient and accent lighting.

Pics of the downstair Master Bedroom

Dinning room

The long living room.

The game room

The other living room aka Phat's room.

All non alcoholic beverages are free and included with the room.

at the top of the stairs.

Upstairs guest room.

Guest bathroom

The upstairs Master Bedroom

We decided to dine in the Skyloft. You can order from any of the restaurants at MGM and dine in the comfort of your own room. The spread that they laid out for us.

We ordered from Michael Mina Pub 1842

Lobster Roll

Black Truffle Mac & Cheese

Bacon Cheese Burger: smoked gouda, 'Merican cheese, lettuce, secret sauce, bacon & bacon. I was quite surprised. Thought it was going to be a normal burger, but it was delicious.

Homemade Frickles: Fried Pickles

Lobster Corn Dogs

Wedge salad with thick cut bacon

I think this is the 18oz Cowboy Ribeye

Baked Ziti Pie: buffalo mozzarella, rigatoni, bolognese, ricotta toast

The ricotta toast

Crab Louie deviled eggs

Took some night shots of the room and view.

Around 7pm the last person to show up was Thi. After dinner we played pool for a bit.

Took a quick power nap and got ready for Hakkasan. This was our first time going and I already did not like they were running things. The area is roped off. One side is for general admission and the other is bottle service, but it's not a line. You trying to get to the front of the crowd so they can let you through to actually line up. So technically you fight a mob just so you can line up. It's ridiculous. The reason so is because we had bottle service. The reason I book bottle service is so that I don't have to deal with waiting in lines. In this situation I'm fighting a crowd just to talk to a host so he can let me line up for bottle service. We were at the point that we just wanted to leave.

The over all layout of the place is not impressive at all. It's pretty basic. Supposedly it's 5 levels. We only went to 3. We had bottle service on the 5th level and you can look over and see the main floor of the 4th level. On the 3rd level is the Hip-Hop room. I'm not sure what else is on level 1 & 2.

Going to Hakkasan is line going to a House music concert. It's just a bunch of people trying to get as close to the DJ booth at possible. I'm not a huge fan of the hardcore house music. So the music was okay to me. We spent a lot of our time traveling back and forth from the Hip-Hop room and our table. The location of the table was really nice though. You had a great view of the DJs without dealing with the crowd.

Mark and Amy. It was their last night too. They were also in Vegas Saturday to Monday.

Thi and Phat.

Linh and his lady. I'm bad with names, but I think it's Sereena

We did get a great hook up at Hakkasan though. Comp bottle of Goose and no minimum. I can't complain. Makers Mark was $495 and I think Goose was $525-575 I forget. We ended up with 3 bottles anyways.

John finally makes his way back to Vegas. It's been over a year, but what a way to come back.

Our group had a better ratio this time around then we usually do.

Robyn and John. It's been a while since Robyn had been back in Vegas with us also.

Peter and Carmen.

Eventually we traveled down to the 3rd level.

The Hip Hop room was a little less packed, but imo had better music going.

A small compilation of the music they were playing and the lighting effects.

I don't know when they gave out the foam light sticks, I just remember coming back to the table from the hip-hop room and everyone had one.

Eventually we out of drinks and headed to the bar. Ran into this random couple and they were also celebrating their birthday. When they found out I was celebrating mine they got us a round of Fireball and we got them a round also. Fun times.

Our runner Anthony.

Bromance at it's finest.

I think this was our server. Like I said I'm bad with names.

That night Steve Aoki showed up and so did Tiesto.

Eventually we left the club. I'd like to say around 3:30am

When we got back to the room there was a cake waiting for Angela and I. I think it was Pierce's doing.

Me with the Birthday girl.

We changed into some more comfortable clothes and headed back downstairs. Pizza and McDonalds.

I really wanted a Big Mac, but it was breakfast only. So bummed, but the McGriddle is pretty awesome. I was told the McGriddle has more calories than the Big Mac. Who cares.

It was 4:25am and I just couldn't stay up anymore. I decided to call it quits and head to bed. I have been up since 6am. My body was telling me no more. No worries it's just the first day for us.

On our way back to the room. I ended up talking to the concierge and got reservations for breakfast at The Mansion. I think it was for 6:55am. I was like take a quick nap then head to breakfast. For those who are wondering what The Mansion is read a bit about it here. It's pretty much and invite only kind of place. We ended up sleeping through our reservation. I didn't even hear the phone call. Supposedly someone came to our room to escort us to the Mansion, but realized we were all asleep and left us alone. Kind of bummed we missed it, but the sleep was awesome. That's it for day 1. Wonder what we have in stored for tomorrow. Will it be another Monday Madness like our last trip?


  1. Awesome post dude

  2. this is absolutely the best write up! Great pics of the loft, really looked amazing and I'm glad I get to see it in it's full glory!

    Awesome tattoos too!
    Keep up the good work, love the blog!

  3. Great post, just curious as to how many people they allowed you to have in the 3bedroom?

  4. Hey Leon, on the website it says you can have up to 2 for the single bedroom, 6 for the two bedroom, and 8 for the 3 bedroom. Pretty much two people per bed. I have had a few more than the website recommended and they haven't said anything as long as it's not a ridiculous amount of people over the limit.

  5. Ahh ok thanks for the reply you are the 1st to reply off a Youtube vid. Great captures man. I am planning my bachelor for August 15th this year looking to do the same.

    1. No problem Leon, but just a fair warning staying on the Skyloft floor is not a party scene. It's classy per-se. Just don't break anything or damage anything in the loft. It's expensive. Trust me on that. You can party in the loft, but try not to run up and down the hallways screaming at the top of your lungs. LOL. Have fun.

  6. lol hahahahahahah on that thought may look into the Skyline Suite

    1. You may want to check out Hotel32

      I was considering this when the Skyloft books out, but I haven't stayed yet. It's somewhat similar to Skyloft, but I think it's cheaper. Monte Carlo is MGM owned also. all of the rooms for Hotel 32 is on the top floor of the Monte Carlo, 32nd floor.

  7. Wow! It looks like you had a lot of fun at Vegas. Las Vegas is really a great place, mespecially for people who love the night life and the amazing views. As a matter of fact, there are lots of prime properties in there that are very affordable, yet very luxurious as well. :D
    Craig Tann

    1. There sure are a lot of luxurious venues in Vegas and great service to be had.

  8. Really enjoyed reading your review. I go to Vegas a lot and dream about staying at the Skyloft Terrace Loft with the hot tub! Thanks for the post!

  9. Thanks Matt, Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah the Skyloft 2 Bedroom + Plunge. Is the only room I haven't personally seen yet. My friend got upgraded to that room once. He said it's a 3 bedroom converted into a 2 bedroom with terrace hot tub. I'm hoping one of these days I'll get to stay there also.

  10. Hi, great post. Am curious about staying in a three-bedroom unit for a trip I'm planning with my degenerate gambling friends. I know this is in poor taste and all, but what did your weekend cost? You did many of the things I would do and I'm trying to get a sense of how much my weekend will cost...

    1. The 3 bedroom Skyloft goes for around 8-10k per night. Bottle service expect to pay around 2-300 per person for your typical premium bottles.


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