Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 1: The start of our trip

Woke up early. Was excited I can barely sleep. Loaded up the car and off we go. Our first stop was to drop off the dogs.

On to the plane. Flew with United Airlines at San Francisco. I was not happy with their service. They are very unorganized. When it was boarding time people were all over the place like a massive blob. There was no real line. The workers their didn't even try to organize it or anything. I'm going to try to avoid flying with them as much as possible.

This first site made it all better.

Ahh... It's starting to set in that we are on vacation. This view is so much better

Once we landed. Picked up our rental car. Go a great deal with Enterprise. Found some coupon codes online using the sites I mentioned on this blog http://

Got a minivan for 8 days for under $400 with insurance. After we picked up the car called my friend Brandon and got the address to the house and just followed directions on my TomTom. The TomTom came in handy. I would recommend you get one if you don't have a gps. Went to the local grocery store picked up some soda, chips, and stuff. Our first meal of the day was some good old home cooking. Thanks to Brandon and his mom.

Peter tried to stay healthy as much a possible. Good luck avoiding rice in Hawaii. As you will see he was only able to hold out for 2 days.

Korean spare ribs, forgot what that fried dish was called but it was awesome. Fried zucchini with that sauce. You have to have the sauce. John had to have his favorite drink. The Eclipse (pineapple juice, orange juice, and fruit punch) in a Styrofoam cup.

John seems to really like the food.

It finally hit night time. Off we go to the Waikiki shopping area. We just wanted to get drinks. So we decided to hit every bar/lounge that we came across. Senor Frog's, Jimmy Buffett's at the Beachcomber, The Red Lion , and I can't remember the rest. It was dead for a Sunday. Drinks were cheap though. We literally took a shot at each bar and went on our way. Then we went back to the place we liked best which was The Red Lion. It was slow there but we liked the music. When your group is drunk you usually have a good time no matter where you are. Plus walking around drunk was pretty fun. Donny wanted to get his feet wet so we walked around Waikiki beach. Around 2 am we decided to get some food. Zippy's is open 24hrs. Way better than any Denny's or Carrow's.

John ended up getting really wasted. Threw up partially in the van and at Zippy's. For some reason he was really pissed off at his white T-shirt and decided to throw it out. Along with one of Donny's sock.

Other than that. It was a great first day. Oh! I have this really great picture of japanese pirate Louie arghhhhh!!!!

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