Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another trip to Vegas!!

We ended up in Vegas again.

We stayed at the MGM Skyloft.

The Skyloft is located in the MGM Grand on the top 29th floor.

The options are:
1 Bedroom 1,500 sq ft
2 Bedroom 3,000 sq ft
3 Bedroom 6,000 sq ft

Here are pics and some of the perks you get while staying at the Skyloft.

Perk: You get complimentary transportation to and from the airport.

Not in just a limo but a custom Maybach 62 Limo.

The Maybach limo fits 4 or less and you only get it if it is available at the time or arrival.

If you have a bigger party than 4 then you get picked up in a stretched limo.

They greet you either outside your arrival gate or at the baggage claim area. They will be holding a sign with your name on it. What a way to start the trip.

We were fortunate enough to get the Maybach.

TVs, Analog temp, speedometer, and clock.

No limo tint here. It's got curtains.

The seats fully reclines like a Lazy-Boy.

They drop you off at a separate entrance lobby. It's a small room that is very tastefully decorated. The lobby is where you go to get a taxi or setup for limo transportation. You don't have to wait in the regular taxi line of the hotel.

Once you walk through the entrance lobby your in the MGM main lobby where you would usually check in for your regular rooms and suites. We were escorted to a separate concierge room and to a private elevator (perk). The elevator requires your key card to allow you access to the 29th floor.

This is what it looks like when you reach the 29th floor.

Through the doors there is a small concierge desk.

The Hallway to our room.

Our front door.

Instead of a peep hole we have a security view screen on the door. Hold down the button and you can see who's on the other side. There is also a door bell too. So you don't have to knock.

We were escorted to the room and they had some small sweets set out upon our arrival. Usually there is a box with assorted fresh berries but this time we got tuxedo strawberries.

some other sweets on the coffee table.

We got the 2 bedroom loft. In the loft you either get a Foosball table or a pool table.

In the game room there is an ipod dock and a TV. There is practically a flat screen TV in all of the rooms.

One of the living rooms with a sectional sofa and some nice mood/accent lights

Here's the same living room with it's TV and Bang & Olufsen surround sound system. The whole loft is equipped with it.

A close up of the decorative moss they had on the table.

Here's another lounge/ living room area.

I don't know what to call this. Maybe a breakfast nook?

Another TV in the nook.

Did I mention that all Lofts are 2 stories? That's why there is such a high ceiling.

This is the 3rd lounge/living room area.

perk: All lofts are also equipped with and espresso machine. Some assorted coffee for your pleasure and it's all complementary.

Our dining room

There were 3 now there is 1.

A small beverage fridge.
perk: all non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary.

Ours had Voss Water (glass bottle) coke, diet coke, sprite, tonic, club soda, redbull, and fresh Skyloft specialty drink . I think it's fresh cantaloupe, OJ, and other fruit juices mixed. They refill our fridge once a day but you can always ask for more whenever.

The alcoholic stuff is an extra charge. I think we had some Champagne & beer in the fridge. On the top we had Goose, Patron, Whisky, and rum.

Our dining table

Pic of the stairway

Some windows that look into the upstairs master bedroom

A pic from the foyer

To the left of the Foyer is the dining room.

From the top of the stairs looking down.

Once atop the stairs the right side is the master bedroom.

Left side is the guest room

I have stayed at the Skyloft several times and some lofts have a slightly different layout.

In the master bedroom is a Lounge/Therapy chair

Everything is the Skyloft can be purchased. You just have to ask the front desk. When I mean everything I mean everything. The statue, the moss, TV, whatever. I purchased that orange blanket.

Window from the master bedroom looking down in the breakfast nook

King sized bed. They normally do a turn down service in the evening. They leave a flower and a card with an inspirational message on it. They set your robe on the bed and slippers by your bed.

Master bedroom's TV and Bang and Olufsen Surround sound system.

Master bathroom

Towel Warmer

Walk-in closet

Double sink and there's a TV in the mirror. You can see the square cut out in the mirror.

perk:All of the toiletries in the loft are Bvlgari: soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, everything.

The infinity tub. The tub has mood lights in it. The water flows over the edge and is recycled back into the tub. It does not have jacuzzi jets but instead produces what they call champagne bubbles and it literally is like bathing in a tub or champagne bubbles.

You can buy the tub too but it will set you back over $10k. I'm not kidding.

Kohler Sok Tub

Toilet room and shower. The master shower has 4 body jets, a hand held shower nozzle, a rain shower head, and steamer. You can turn them all on at the same time. The shower will fit about 5-7 people easy. Why that big? Just because they can. There's also a wooden bench in there to sit and chill if you want.

another TV in the bathroom for your viewing pleasure when your in the tub.

The guest room has 2 queens

all rooms and living rooms have this remote. It controls everything.

TV, Climate, drapes, XM Radio, IPod, Lights, DVD, and CD.

all of the windows have drapes and black out drapes. Black out drapes are just solid black drapes.
The drapes black out the sunlight from the windows so that you can sleep during the day.

TV and B&O surround sound, and DVD/CD player.

perk: All the movies are free. When I mean all I mean all. If you know what I mean.

Guest room walkin closet.

The other walkin closet

guest bathroom also has the Kohler tub. You can't see it but there is a TV flushed into the wall by the towels so you can watch a movie while soaking.

Guest bath shower. Overhead rain shower, hand held shower, and 4 body shower jets. No steamer for the guest bath but it has the wooden bench.

Pic of the overhead shower

Some branches for decoration.

view from our loft.

Perk: You can order from any of the MGM owned restaurants for in room dining. We had Craftsteak. You can't order from Emeril's.

8oz Angus Flat Iron

16oz Ribeye

16oz Ribeye

Kobe Style Wagyu Beef: 8oz Flat Iron.

Now you see it. Now you don't.

The food was Fantastic. I am not a big steak person. Tends to be too much protein for me, but the Ribeye was awesome. The only reason I didn't finish it was because we were heading out to The Bank Nightclub @ Bellagio. I didn't want to see my meal later.

If your looking to do a special occasion for a big party. The Skyloft is definate. It is reasonably priced in my opinion.

Here are the perks that I can remember:

-Limo transportation too and from airport
-Complimentary non-alcoholic beverage (unlimited)
-Bvlgari Toiletries
-Free in room movies
-Free internet
-Pool Table or Foosball Table (unsure on the 1 bedroom)
-XM radio in every room
-In room dining from any of the MGM owned restaurants
-24hr butler
-Private elevator
-priority seats for shows and restaurants at the MGM
-Personal Concierge (this alone branches off to alot of other perks)
1) pressed our clothes
2) offered video games in the loft (we declined)
3) Got us on the Guest list to XS Nightclub at the last minute too. (We were told that gueslist was for females only but they got us on)
4) They even offered to get us McDonalds when we went out for a very late night snack.

There are alot of things the concierge can do for you. It's something new everytime. They brought up a cake last time we were there for my brother's birthday. We didn't even ask them. They found out and just brought it up.

There are so many perks that I can't even think of it all. For the price it is well worth it.

Coming up....

Next post is going to be about The Bank Nightclub. I will never go back to that place again. Read about it on my upcoming post.


  1. This was a phenomenal post! I've got a couple questions about the place and service (I'm planning a Bachelor Party) and thought you could maybe help out.

    1. Do they have only Maybach limos are actual Maybachs too?

    2. Do they give you a recommended amount for tipping the butler? We've never stayed in a place this nice and want to make sure we tip properly and act like we belong.

    3. Is there a limit of people that can stay in the 2 Bedroom? I think we may have 9 people, and wasn't sure if they would make us book a 3 Bedroom.

    4. When you order in from a MGM restaurant, do they apply the tip to the bill? On a related note, for the extra stuff the concierge/butler provide like late night McDonald's runs, do they just add that to your overall bill to pay upon checkout?

    5. You said they got you on the guestlist for XS - did they fit the bill for that as well? (not the drinks obviously)

    6. Do they have 2BR with views of the strip?

    7. Does the airport service go for different time arrivals? I.e. - if I arrive with 4 people at noon and the rest of the party arrives at 415pm, do they send cars/limos for both groups?

    Ok thats all I can think of right now. I know its a lot, but if you could answer those questions in as much detail as you can it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

    Thanks again, and great post.

  2. tmoney352: Here are the answer to your questions.

    1. I am unsure how many Maybach Limos they have, but they have both Maybach Limos and regular limos. The Maybach Limos can only fix a maximum of 4 people. 3 in the back seats and 1 in front. As you can see in the picture the Mayback Limo is pretty much a stretched out Luxury car. You don't sit facing each other like you do in other limos, but it's a lot more comfortable. They only send you the Maybach limo if it's a party of 4 or less. If the your party is larger than 4 or if the Maybach is not available then they send you a regular limo. It's complimentary.

    2.No they do not give you a recommended amount to tip. As with all tips it is at your discretion. We usually tip nothing less than $20 unless it for something really minor. Use your judgement.

    3.The website says 6 people are allowed to stay in the 2 bedroom. There are 3 beds, but we have had as much as 14 people in one room I think and there was still plenty of space. They never said anything to us, but then again everyone arrived at different times. I have stayed here several times and they have yet to say anything. I'm pretty sure as long as you behave yourself you should be fine.

    4.It's your choice. You can pay cash as you go or you can apply the bill to your room. Yes the tip is included in the bill. So it's up to you if you want to add the cost to the room or not. Yes the McDonalds can be applied to the room also or pay it cash when they deliver it.

    5.No they did not charge us to get us on the guestlist for XS. From what I was told be our butler that if you go to a club in an affiliated hotel like "The Bank" @ Bellagio (owned by MGM) you can apply the bottle service to your room. She also told us that they would give you better treatment knowing that you are with the Skyloft, but I think Skyloft concierge would have to book the bottle service for you. I have personally not done this cause I have always gone through another source.

    6.Yes the first time I ever stayed in the Skyloft was a 2 bedroom and we had a perfect view of the strip. Unfortunately that was back in 2007 and I have no idea where the pictures are. If you look at the MGM Grand on Google Maps. We were located on the bottom left. We were able to see NYNY, Excalibur, and Tropicana.

    7.Yes they send a Limo for your entire party. You just have to let them know what Airline your groups are flying with and what time they arrive.

    Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions just ask.

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  4. A group of us about 6 people were planning on
    staying here, but regretfully will not unless
    I'm wrong on the following?

    All that, but yet no "actual"refrigerator?
    for food ? I personally as well as 2 other people
    who will be going have food allergy's there are
    numerous other hotels in Vegas with full kitchens.

    No range top?stove?

    These are pretty much necessities when
    staying for 7+ days.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    *If the above is wrong and they
    do have fridge/cook-top
    would you say they would
    go to the local whole foods and
    have our fridge with the items we request?


  5. mike: yes they have a 2 bedroom with kitchen. check out this site.

    click "The lofts" tab and choose the "2 bedroom + plunge" check out the floor plan. It has a kitchen and yes you can contact them on your pre-arrival and they will get you whatever you want, but at a cost of course.

  6. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the information and pictures. I already had my mind set on staying at this hotel due to the size of the rooms that I needed for my family and I. But the perks that you had mentioned was a big plus to know. Can I please answer couple of my questions that I have here.

    1. Can you order other soft drinks that is not already in the room. And is that also complimentary?

    2. I am having kids coming along. Do they have PS3 or XBox 360 available to rent in the rooms? And is there an arcade in the hotel itself?

    3. On the casino floor do they have waiters serving drinks? Or do you have to hunt them down? This question is due to I was originally going to stay at the Bellagio, but I read a lot of negative comments on this issue and other issues.

    4. Do they have any billing issue? Do they add extra charges to your room?

    Sorry for the minor questions but this is our first family vacation that I am planning and I want it to be great. And so far from what you have here its a great hotel to stay at and with great customer care services.

    1. 1. Can you order other soft drinks that is not already in the room. And is that also complimentary?

      -You can order other drinks that are not provided, but they are not free. We once ordered a bunch of Gatorade and were initially charged for it, but eventually ended up being comped those drinks due to my friends "high roller status"

      2. I am having kids coming along. Do they have PS3 or XBox 360 available to rent in the rooms? And is there an arcade in the hotel itself?

      -There was only one time that the Skyloft offered us an Xbox, Wii or PS3 to play. I would assume they would still have it available. MGM does have an arcade but nothing worth mentioning. Also prior to your arrival you should be getting in contact with your Skyloft arrival coordinator at that time you can give them a heads up that you would like a console for your kids and I'm pretty sure they can accommodate.

      3. On the casino floor do they have waiters serving drinks? Or do you have to hunt them down? This question is due to I was originally going to stay at the Bellagio, but I read a lot of negative comments on this issue and other issues.

      -I believe all casinos in Vegas have waitress working the floor serving drinks, the question is how often do you see them. I usually tip the servers pretty well so that they return to me often. Also if you are playing a table game you can usually ask the pit boss to get you a server if you haven't seen one in a while. From my experience it depends also on the days that you go. If it's a weekend expect there to be plenty of server, but also expect them to be super busy. I have had a great experience on the MGM casino floor and feel that the servers come around often to the table games, but less to the slots. Unless you tip well =)

      4. Do they have any billing issue? Do they add extra charges to your room?

      -I have never had any billing issues with the Skyloft. The Skyloft is pretty high end and they treat you very well. So they rarely make any mistakes. The only billing mistake I have ever had was that we had complimentary breakfast provided for us in our room. When I got home I checked my email receipt and saw that I was charged for the breakfast. I called them and they verified they made a mistake. They took care of it immediately without any issues.

      Hope that answers your questions. Have fun. I miss that place. Can't wait to go back soon.

  7. Thank you Dukie for answering back so quickly. I really appreciate you answering all my questions. You have been so helpful.

  8. You're welcome. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. wow what a nice place! Just wondering how many people were sleeping/staying in the room?

  10. This trip I believe we had 9 people


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