Friday, July 20, 2012

Pismo Trip 2012 Day 3

We got up around 11am. Cleaned stuff up cooked breakfast and pretty much ate or gave away things to lighten our load home. Rita prepared this awesome feast of fruit goodness.

By day 3 I was done with all this sand and was glad to head home. Snapped a few pics on our way out.

As always the trips are always fun. What next on the agenda? San Diego here we come.

Pismo Trip 2012 Day 2

I think we fell asleep around 4am. Peter, Jason, Nichole and I slept in the hole next to the fire. We woke up around 10am or so. There was a bit of overcast.

Here's a picture of Lex relaxing on the beach.

Here are the kids making repairs to the hole after a long night of shenanigans.

It was not looking that nice in the morning. We were hoping that it would clear up later in the day.

Lex refused to eat her dog food the entire trip. She guess she was hoping we would feed her our breakfast.

After everyone got up. It was time for breakfast. Some of the guys cooked up bacon, eggs, sausages, spam, toast, and mimosas. Hair of the dog.

Angela also made a huge tub of salsa. It was delicious.

I snapped a few pictures of our camp ground. Oceano Dunes is a huge place. It's fun just camping on the beach, but you can also rent atvs, sandrails, dune buggies, and other stuff to ride on the dunes.

Some of the guys headed out to the car to grab some things and I finally got my camera in my hands and started snapping pics. It was a good thing cause my phone ended up dying. For the rest of my trip I didn't have any phone calls, text messages, facebook stuff, emails, etc... I felt I was living off the grid. LOL

Eventually the Sun ate up the overcast and shined through.

 We gassed up the quad and it was time to go riding. I cruised the shoreline for a bit to snap some pictures. Cops were giving tickets out left and right. The speed limit on the shore is 15mph. A lot of atv riders were getting speeding tickets and tickets for wheelies. It's so hard not to speed on the shore. It's so flat, smooth, and stretches for a few miles. You can only imagine what a teen would do with an atv on the shore.

I took a quick ride into the dunes just to snap pictures. If you have never been to Oceano Dunes aka Pismo, it's very hard to imagine how vast the dune riding area is. I literally rode into the dunes about 400 yards from our camp to take the pictures below. These pictures do no justice to the size of the ATV riding area. It seems endless.

I turned around and snapped pictures of the camping area. The next 3 pictures I panned from the right to left just to show the size of the camp grounds.

After my quick ride I headed back to camp. We stocked up on fire wood for the night. For anyone that goes to Oceano Dunes and it's late and you need more fire wood. I suggest you go to 7-11. They are open 24hrs and they sell wood. The one that I go to is at

7 Eleven
390 West Grand Ave
Grover Beach, CA  93433

Two bundles for $7.99

During the day there is usually a truck that drives around selling ice, wood, and water. You can also drive along the shore a bit and find little trailers selling the same stuff. Even ice cream some times.

After the ride it was back to drinking. Some of these party animals were well prepared and brought a beer pong table. Try playing beer pong with the wind. It makes the games go a lot longer than usual. Also fill your cups with water not beer. LOL It'll save you from the sand.

Our friend Josh was tore up from the night before. He didn't get up till about maybe 3pm I think. I came by to say hello.

Jack and Nichole celebrating after hitting a cup, but as you can see they only have one cup left and I think  Jason and Peter had like 7 cups of something left.

Eventually Cheri killed the last of the Belvedere. She was thirsty.

After a very long game of beer pong we took the kids to the water.

Angela took Lex for a walk along the shore. I think Lex wasn't really sure if she liked the water or not.

Normally Lex is a non stop wrecking machine at home, but at the beach she was super well behaved and pretty much just lounged around a lot. Which was really weird cause she really likes to explore, but barely left our camp.

Seeing ambulances and police trucks running up and down the shore is a pretty normal sight. I'm pretty sure a lot of people hurt themselves every day at the dunes.

After some beers by the shore it was time to head back to our spot.

It was time for shots.

Lunch time! Steak, Sausage, rice, and cucumber!

After running out of Belvedere. We downgraded to Absolut

Pic of the girls.......... and Jack

We only brought along one quad. I just happened to sell mine a week before this trip. Which sucked cause I was looking forward to riding it, but at least someone will put my quad to good use.

I don't remember taking this pic nor do I remember burying one of the kids, but I guess we did.

Eventually the sun started to go down. All the bikin's and swim trunk go off and the clothes come back on.

Angela went out for a quick ride with Josh.

I love this picture of Lex and I think the hat fits her perfectly.

When the fire is lit the party begins.

Well maybe after dinner first.

Chef Peter's Jalapeno Fried Rice. I could eat a pot full of that stuff.

Okay food done. Now we drink!

The kids knocked out quick. He refused to go to the tent to sleep. He tried so hard attempting to stay up with us.


You can totally tell when Cheri is getting drunk. This is her drunk.

I forgot what we were laughing about, but it had something to do with that napkin.

Enrique, Jozsef, and Ester chilling. Now that I think about it I don't think I ever saw them drinking at all.

I thought Lex needed to go to the bathroom so I let her wonder around. She kind of just stood and was like WTF.

Eventually we drank all of our hard liquor. So I asked Josh if he had anything and he came through with Sailor Jerry Rum and coke. Beggars can't be choosers.

Nichole asked what we had left. It's either Beer or Sailor Jerry. She choose Sailor Jerry.

Jason looks so serious. I'm wondering what he's thinking about
"I have two Sailor Jerry and Cokes, this is about to get real"

Jack are you okay?

And we finally reveal the face of Josh! Thanks for the Sailor Jerry!

P.J had friends at the dunes also. So he went off and visited them and came back pretty toasty, but not as toasty as Rita.

That was the last picture of the night. Pretty much a full day of drinking, eating, and drinking. When my friends ask me what I did on the trip. I don't know what to really tell. Cause we did a whole lot of nothing. LOL.

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