Thursday, July 5, 2018

Nassau, Bahamas day 5 & 6: Scuba diving, KFC, & Cleo

Headed back to Cafe Madeleine to pick up breakfast because Tammy didn't get something on the menu last time cause they ran out.

Rick had left in the early morning to go scuba diving. Tammy and I just wondered around the resort until everyone else got up.

Yesterday we went to Espa Spa at Baha Mar and got a massage. Hour massage was $214 with tax and gratuity.

They had a really nice balcony with a great view and I wanted to snap some photos since I didn't bring my camera to the spa yesterday.

The gym looked well equipped and they have a row machine and stationary bike on the balcony so you can soak in the view while you workout.

After everyone woke up we headed to the pool have some drinks and cool off.

Rick finished his dive and came back with some KFC and it was amazing. The quality of the chicken tasted better than what we have in the states.

We hung out at the pool for a bit and we started hearing thunder in the distance. Then the lifeguards asked everyone to get out of the pool.
I gave Rick my action cam to see if he could get some footage for me on his dive.
Since we had to leave the pool cause of the thunder storm. We headed to KFC for lunch since it tasted soo good.

This was the beach directly across the street from KFC.

It was really nice and I guess this location avoided the thunderstorm. So we crossed the street and headed into the water.

We headed back to the hotel after the beach and got ready for dinner.

We decided on Cleo Mediterraneo at SLS I walked up asking for a table around 8 pm. They told me they didn't have any tables available and to check back at 9:30 pm. I asked if I could put my name down, but they don't have a wait list and you have to check back periodically which I thought was a bit ridiculous and inconvenient.

So we gambled for a bit to burn time.

I checked back at 9:30 and they told me still no tables and to check back at 9:45 pm.

I pretty much started checking back every 10 minutes or so. I was quite annoyed.

We eventually got seated at 10:15 pm.


Crispy Artichoke hummus. It was good, just wasn't sure if it was because we were starving from the long wait.

Maine Lobster: half Maine lobster, smoked paprika butter, hand cut saffron pasta. $54 it was okay. Not worth the price for just half a lobster.

Charmoula Roaster Potatoes. $11 very tasty.

Roasted mushrooms $12 balsamic vinaigrette. This was also delicious

Roasted vegetable quinoa salad $18: kale, farrow, mint, nigella, green tahini

Cote de Boeuf $79: USDA prime "tomahawk" steak. Rick said it was good, but we were expecting something larger.

I think this was the filet mignon $54: USDA prime dry aged 4-6 weeks. I tried a piece and it was good.

After dinner we just gambled and drank the night away.

We got up and checked out at 11 am. headed back to Cafe Madeleine for some coffee.

We spent our last hour in the VIP lounge waiting for our transportation.

Phat did some damage on the casino floor on this trip. His host ended up comping his room upgrade, dinner at Regatta Buffet & Filia, half of the spa tab, and all of the miscellaneous charges for food and drinks we had at the pool.

Got the the airport only to find out that Rick left his passport back at the hotel. So he had to go back, but still made the flight.

Overall it was great trip.

Where to next? Denver, Colorado... Never been but been wanting to go for some reason.

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