Tuesday, September 12, 2017

South Lake Tahoe day 2 & 3.

Woke up very early to views of the lake and mountains.

There was a dog wondering about the neighborhood.

The cabin had a very nice lawn, which you don't see that many homes with in Tahoe.

Jack whipped up some breakfast.

The cabin had a bunch of lawn games.

Pretty much ate and drink all day at the cabin. For lunch John made some beef bulgogi, Jack made jalapeno fried rice. I think I remember Phat made some maple bacon, and there were brats & burgers too, but I was quite drunk by this time.

Jalapeno fried rice, with beef bulgogi, La Vics orange sauce and sour cream.

Phillip ended up passing out.

Jaylyn's best impression of Phillip.

Later in the night we headed to MontBleu and had an amazing night of gambling.

Next morning Phillip cooked up the rest of the food that we had left over.

Chorizo & eggs.

Cleaned up the house and packed our things and headed out.

We stopped by the casino shopping area to do some souvenir shopping.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I guess some people went hiking, but they just left all of their rental bikes on the trail.

Got back in town and stopped by Boda Restaurant for an early dinner before everyone parted ways.

That ends this trip. It was a nice quick getaway. I forget how nice Tahoe is in the summer. I wished we could have stayed one more night at the Cabin. It was way too short.

So where to next? Cancun Mexico... stay tuned.

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