Friday, January 5, 2018

Portland Day 4

Checked out of our house rental and headed to Gravy for breakfast. John wanted country fried steak.

We were waiting for a few other to show up before they would seat us. So Jack and I headed to Blue Star down the street to get some donuts.

John's nephew wanted to show us his karate moves.

Irish Coffee.

Typically they would use tenderized cube steak for a Country Fried Steak recipe, but at Gravy they use flat iron steak. So it was more of a thick steak with batter than your typical thin country fried steak. Even though it was good, I prefer the traditional way. Their hash browns were amazing and extra crispy on the edges.

After breakfast we walked around and did a little shopping.

Headed back to the mall to look for souvenirs.

We headed back to see John's parents before we headed home.

It was colder than I expected in Portland and the rain didn't help either.

That ends this trip.

Where to next? Maui and Oahu is next on the list. Stay tuned.

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