Friday, March 9, 2018

Tammy's birthday in Monterey

Took a weekday off to celebrate Tammy's birthday. Phat recommended that we check out Phil's Fish Market & Eatery in Moss Landing. The owner beat Bobby Flay in a Cioppino Throwdown years ago.

$20 for a bottle of Prosecco.. Yes please

The Cioppino. It was good and full of seafood. This was an order for two but can easily feed 3 to 4 people. Comes with two salads and garlic bread for dipping.

We had plans to head to Carmel by the Sea, but couldn't find a place that we could grab a drink with a nice view. So we settled on Cannery Row.

Last time we did a random day trip to Cannery Row we tried visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium but at $50 for an adult ticket we decided not to. This time we got discounted tickets so we visited this time. I haven't been in years.

Going on a random weekday is awesome cause it was super empty.

Sand dollars


We were able to easily watch the Sea Otter feeding cause hardly anyone was around.

I unsure if they offered alcohol before, but they do have beer and wine. They have a wine bar but it was already closed, but sold bottled beer and ciders.


Not much has changed at the aquarium from I can remember. Pretty much have the same exhibits as usually.


Definitely nice having the whole open sea tank view all to yourself.

I guess this Anchovy ran through the mouth of another Anchovy and was swimming around with it still attached.


I thought 3 hours at the aquarium was plenty of time, but surprisingly it wasn't enough. The aquarium closed before we can finish all the exhibits.

On our way out we stopped by a bar for more drinks and some light snacks.

Lobster nachos with house made chips. Didn't seem to have that much lobster but was still really good.

That ends this impromptu adventure.

Next will be Napa Valley.

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