Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 4: BOB's Underwater Adventure


BOB's (Breathing Observation Bubble) Underwater Adventure
7192 Kalanianaole Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96825
(808) 396-1331

Here is a site you can make a reservation with.

If you search online you can find other Hawaii activities sites that will make a reservation for you.

I recommend that you book in advance. I didn't think it would sell out since it was a weekday and considering the economy. I tried booking while I was there and did not get the date that I wanted and luckily for us they found an opening for us on a different date. We almost missed out on this adventure.

We made an appointment to do BOB's Underwater Adventure. It's like riding an underwater scooter with a bubble helmet. Our appointment was at 9am I think

I have always wanted to see what it was like to breath underwater and since I not certified to scuba dive I had to find something else. So I was considering snuba ( snorkel & scuba hybrid) I haven't tried snuba but from what I have read it's like scuba diving but instead of having the tank on your back the tank is on a raft on the surface and your just swim around and it follows you. When I was doing my research I ran across BOB.

The reason I went with BOB is because
1. You don't have to wear goggles or have a breathing element in your mouth.
2. You get to ride on an underwater scooter.

So you sit on this yellow machine. Just like you sit on a scooter. There is this built in bubble helmet. So when they lower the scooter it creates a seal. Just like how it would be if you were to flip a cup upside down and push it underwater. The scooter has a scuba tank attached to it and it pumps air into your bubble. Another plus to this was that I was able to wear my glasses while in the bubble. For the ladies Your hair stays dry too.

When you see the pics of the scooter it will be easier to understand.

So here's a pic from the boat heading out to our drop off location.

After we anchored. The master diver threw some food in the water and fish were immediately coming up to eat. I think that is a puffer fish ( not the prickly kind)

They normally run 2-6 scooters at a time. They can load and unload a pair at a time. So while your waiting for your turn. You can just hop off the boat and go for a swim in the open waters. They also provide life jackets and snorkel gear for you. They said the water is about 30ft deep. It was such a nice and calm day. You can see the ocean bottom from the boat. It was that clear.

If you haven't noticed.
Howie is wearing his shorts at the proper height.
Peter likes to wear his shorts extremely sexy and low. grrrrr.
John can you say awkward?

When your underwater you are accompanied by a master diver. One diver for every 2-3 people. The master diver has a camera so you don't have to bring yours underwater. You can buy pics when you get back to land. It comes on a CD. Bring your camera if you want to take pics on the surface.

Here's a link to our pictures of us in the BOB's

Your scooter is attached to a floatie. So your can roam around unrestricted. The deepest you can go is 15ft. But you can go as far as you like or you can follow the diver and he can show you stuff around the area.

While your being lowered pressure builds so you have to pop your ears about 1-3 times. Once about every 5ft or so.

They give you some food and the fish are right in your face. They eat right out of your hand. Pretty cool.

So while the divers were underwater they caught an Octopus and brought it up. They also caught a little shrimp but we didn't take a pic of it.

One of the highlights of the trip is that the master diver asked us if we liked sashimi. He then proceeded to cut tiny pieces of octopus tentacles. Everyone ate it except for me. I felt bad for the guy/girl. It will grow back of course but poor guy.

From what everyone told me. It was really good. It doesn't get any fresher than that.

conclusion of BOB's Underwater Adventure: I would definitely recommend it to people who have never scuba dived. It's something you should do at least once. Even though your ride time is only 20mins. The total time spent leaving and coming back was about 3hrs. It was probably 15minutes each way to get out there and to come back. You spend a lot of time on the water snorkeling and whatnot while your waiting your turn.

After BOB's we ate at

Koko Marina Pub - Kona Brewing Company
Koko Marina Center
7192 Kalanianaole Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96825
(808) 334-2739

Everyone loved their food. Except for me. I thought it was alright. Review of the place below.

Peter with his Pizza.

I think Howie had some type of meat melt.

Howie liked it so much he gives it his dual wielding upside down peace signs. It's that DOPE!

I believe John had the sesame tuna. He was going to have it cooked well done but we talked him into have it rare. Also the server was nice to offer that if he didn't like it rare she can take it back and have it cooked well done. John liked rare.

Smells good John?

Louie had the same thing as John.

They don't call him B.J Kimura for nothing.

Bacon Cheeseburger

I forget what Donny had but it's a sandwich. Club maybe?

I look really happy with my food, but actually I am not. I had the shrimp melt. When I pictured it in my head I was thinking of something like a shrimp salad or poorboy like sandwich. I was disappointed. It was pretty much boiled shrimp and a slice of cheese on top. I was really looking forward to all the mayo. The black pepper chips were awesome though.
I just made a bad choice on my dish but the service and everyone else's food was awesome. Also the location and view is really nice. It's a waterfront property.

Went back to the house to freshen up. Then we went shopping. Well mainly Peter and John went shopping. John wanted to hit up the boutiques in the area and Peter went along. So the rest of us spent the day at the beach. Howie went surfing and the rest of us hung out on the sand.

This pic reminds me of one of Ehren's famous sayings. You know what I'm talking about Louie.

After 1hr of Howie's epic failure at catching a wave he gave up. So we decided to bury him. When I mean we mainly Charyl and I helped at the last minute.

Howie's idea of working out on the beach.

A nice sunset in Honolulu.

So we were told that for a Wednesday night the place to be was D&B.
You read that right Dave and Busters.
Was told that there is a long line and recommended to get there around 9:30p. I was skeptical. We arrived at 9:30p and the guy was right. The entrance into D&B is on the second floor and the line stretched to the first floor. We waited in line for 30-40 minutes. I was amazed that people were willing to wait for D&B. The D&B in my area is not this popular. Especially on a Wednesday night. So we got our IDs checked and got a wrist band. When we got inside I noticed that there was another line inside. I asked the security/bouncer what the line was for and he told me that it was a line to go to the rooftop lounge/bar.
Now it makes sense why the place gets busy. At first it was a short line. Like 10-15 people. So we went to get some drinks. Walked up to the bar and the bartender told us that we had to get in line. There was literally a line to order drinks from the bar. Cool it's organized. The thing that pissed me off was that there was this one group or people that stood at the bar next to the waiting line and the bartender served them. I was like WTF. Another thing that pissed me off was that when we ordered drinks the bartender asked for our IDs. Really? what the hell are the wrist bands for? Not just once did this happen but every time anyone of us ordered drinks he had to show our ID's. The people their are rude and it just irritated the hell out of me.
So after a few games we decided to line up for the rooftop lounge/bar. The line now was super long and stretched downstairs. It literally took us over an 1hr to finally get in and when we finally got up there it was so whack that we stayed for only 5min to get a drink and left. I kid you not. I was so pissed off that we tried to hit up waikiki strip again like we did on our first day just to get out drink on but the first bar we hit closed at 12am. We barely missed it by a few minutes and that just killed the mood for us. So we ended up going home.
Conclusion of D&B it plain sucks!


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