Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vancouver Day 3: Scoozies and time to head home.

Woke up around 10 am and packed our things. It was time to head home. Saw this McChicken Sauce packet in the morning. Not sure what it is, maybe mayonnaise?

We had a bit of time before heading to the airport so we looked up a place to have breakfast. We decided on Scoozies.

Herbal Ice Tea. I wanted something refreshing. It tasted a bit carbonated and fruity, with a herbal after taste.

Eggs Benedict over Croissants. The Hollandaise sauce was more tangy than I was used to. I'm used to a really rich and sweet sauce, this was unexpected, but it was good.

Linh and Vee had steak and eggs.

They didn't have A1 sauce but instead they had HP Sauce. Looks the same to me.

After breakfast we just headed off to the airport a bit early.

Noticed a lot of hedges on the way back to the airport.

One thing I really liked about the airport is there is a gas station literally right before you return your car. It's very convenient. It's practically on airport property. So if you're returning a rental and need gas there's a station at the airport. I didn't find out until after I had already filled up the tank.

Our flight was at 3:49 pm. We arrived around 1 pm.

This was the only moose we saw. Was told that we would probably see one in the East Coast, but not in Vancouver.

The airport had an awesome collection of old Disney figurines.

Our flight ended up getting delayed an hour. So we had lunch at the airport.

Lemon tea. This was what I was looking for. Ever since I had it at Mui Garden. I've been wanting more and it's so refreshing. Not overly sweet.

Tomato soup.

Finally got a chance to try Poutine. I didn't really care for it much, but then again I was recovering from a heavy night of drinking.

Bacon Cheese Burger.

Bacon Blue Cheese burger.

Our flight ended up getting delayed about 3 hours overall. It wasn't due to weather, but due to delay from another airport.

It was pouring outside though. Glad we had nice weather on Sunday.

Didn't get to board our plane until 7 pm. We were at the airport for 6 hours. For dinner nuggets from Burger King.

Apple turnover. I love these fried pies.

That's it for this trip. We spent most of our time at the airport. Vancouver was awesome. I would definitely recommended visiting, just probably on a better season like spring or summer. I will be back for sure.

Next trip, it's back to Southern California in January. Then hopefully Cancun in February. Stay tuned.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Vancouver Day 2: Mui Garden, Stanley Park, GasTown, & Granville.

We got up around 10 am. Looked outside and it looked to be a nice and rain free day. Forecast said it might rain a bit at 4 pm. Time to get up and utilize the dry time.

These Keurig things are very convenient, but I don't like the fact that I can't control the strength of my coffee. I like really strong coffee.

Our room had plenty of space for a roll away bed. The hotel didn't charge us for it either.

First on our agenda today was to look for food. I read online about Curry Brisket over rice. That sounds like a great brunch so away we go.

Saw this awesome classic Fargo truck in front of us.

Everything in Vancouver is so clean and the house are super nice too. I can see why my friends want to move here.

Read online that Mui Garden Restaurant had the best Curry Brisket over rice. So that's where we ended up. It was about a 15 minute drive from downtown.

Here it is, Curry Brisket with rice. $9.50. You can also get it with sliced beef, boneless chicken, tofu, or mixed veggies.

It was delicious and very filling. The meat was so tender.

Our combo meal also came with a soup or drink. We got the lemon ice tea. It's so refreshing and a tad sweet.

We didn't intend on going to Stanley Park because of the rain, but since it was nice out we thought we stop by and see what it's all about.

Pretty cool retro modern looking building.

I forgot what build I saw this at, but it look like a really nice outdoor lounge area with fire pits.

Even though it was nice outside, it was still cold.

We had no map and had no idea where we were going, so we just wandered around.

Saw this little hut with an open sign. We thought we would investigate.

There was a small cafe inside. What!, specialty adult hot drinks. YES!!!, but you can't take it to go.

So I just had a Cappuccino to go, didn't want to waste time sitting indoors.

I love Halloween. I don't know what beer it is, but I like it.

Eventually we made it to the water. The paved trail goes around the whole entire park. I think it's about 6.5 miles around the whole thing.

Saw some Canadian Geese.

A gorilla trying to feed them grass.

Right near the field there were some Totem Poles.

Birds, ducks, I don't know. I'm working on getting a zoom lens next. So at this point, take your wildest guess.

The dragon looks like it's pushing it's boobs together.

Found out that this structure is the Lumberman’s Arch: Erected in 1952 to honour BC's lumber industry, the Lumbermen's Arch replaced the original Bowie Arch

We spend a good 2 hours or so at the park and we didn't even conquer a quarter of it. We decided to head back into town.

A fed animal is a dead animal. I thought it was funny cause Linh was saying how he didn't see any squirrels at the park.

Looks like they're setting something up for the holiday season.

We headed back to our hotel to re-organize and to freshen up.

Next stop for us was Gastown. Gastown has an old vintage feel. There's a lot of pubs, and restaurants.

Stopped by a Cigar shop to buy souvenirs.

Steam powered clock.

After a bit of shopping, we were hungry again and stopped by MoMo Sushi.

The sushi was very cheap compared to the bay area. It's usually around $9-12 U.S for a specialty roll, but here it's well under $8 not counting the U.S exchange rate too.

Dragon roll, California roll, and Dynamite roll.

Mr. Meat head Linh got a whole plate of protein.

I forgot what Vee ordered.

The sushi was good and fresh, but nothing stood out as phenomenal. Just as good as sushi places I have back at home, but definitely not at these low prices though.

By the time we finished lunch it was dusk and the streets were lighting up.

We headed to Granville next, to do some more shopping. Granville has a lot more shopping, malls, and high end stores.

Stopped by a Sugarfina to buy more gifts.

Pretty much fancy candy. They had some chocolates made with Single Malt Scotch, and champagne flavored gummi bears.

We stumbled upon an old school arcade. So we went in to play games. It said 18+ only. That's weird to have an age limit for an arcade. Maybe it's a Canada thing?

Nope, now I know why the age limit.

Raiden! Haven't played this in forever. I don't know how I was able to play this before, because there is no rapid fire, and more forearms were burning from button mashing.

At the end of Granville is where the night clubs, and bars start to show up.

On Sunday around 7 pm, all the stores start to close. So we headed back to the Robson area in hunt for some more Ramen. The ramen from the first day was so good we wanted to see if Vancouver had anymore to offer.

Linh led us to Kintaro Ramen Noodle

There was a little wait, and the place is very small.

and now the drinking begins.

Got the spicy garlic ramen. Was quite disappointed with it, Marutama was way better.

Didn't really know where to go for our last night in Vancouver. I googled bars on Yelp and found a place called The Shameful Tiki Room

It was really dark inside. It was hard to see. It was busy and there was only one table available in the back.

They had a very extensive menu of rum based drinks. They also not the strength of the drink so you can order accordingly.

did I mention it's dark in here?

Had to use flash.

without flash.

With flash. On the left is Day of the Dead, then Three Dots & a Dash, and on the right is the Pago Pago.

Hey Linh....

Flash in yo face.

The Shameful Tiki was playing disco music and they also had dancers. I think her name was Melody and she came by to visit our table.

Next I had a Mai Tai. Can't go to a Tiki bar without having one. Linh had the Navy Grog.

The drinks were really good, but it took forever to make. We had two drinks the few hours that we were there.

Linh doesn't usually drink rum but when he does...

After the Shameful Tiki, people suggested that we check out Roxi's. It a nightclub on Granville.

We got to Granville around 10 ish and it was pretty dead. Roxi's had a live band, so we decided to check out another venue next door that had a DJ.

When we got in line to pay cover. Which is about $13 CAD it was super dead inside. So we decided to leave and head to Cactus Club Cafe. At least I know I can enjoy the music there.

Linh got a Moscow Mule.

I got another Old Fashion.

By our second round of drinks, Linh wasn't feeling well so he headed back to the room.

Me and Vee stayed and continued to drink. Next I had the Whiskey Sour. They use egg whites in this one to add a foamy top.

Julie was our bartender again, but this time it was a lot slower at the bar. Actually the place was pretty empty, but what can you expect on a Sunday night.

When it got close to midnight/closing time for Cactus Club we decided to double up for last call. The red drink is the Dirty Vegas, and the backup drink is the WuTang-Tini.

Vee and I stayed until we closed the place down. When we spoke to Julie she told us that the night clubs close at 3 pm. So when we were at the clubs earlier it was too early, that's what it was dead. Oh well. Too lazy to go back there.

So decided to look for a 24 hour McDonald's.

Couldn't fine the 24 hour McDonald's, but we did find a closed Carl's Jr.

Eventually we paid a Taxi guy to take us to a McD's.

Late night grub of champions.

That's it for day two. Tomorrow it's time to check out, have breakfast and head to the airport.

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