Monday, October 25, 2010

4th Annual Knott's Scary Farm trip and Disneyland's Club 33. Day 2

The next morning we were off to Disneyland.With technology everyone's a facebook or tweeting junkie. Here we're waiting for the shuttle to pick us up to take us to the happiest place on earth.
The shuttle dropped us off at downtown Disney. 

We had lunch reservations at 11am at Club 33. So we stopped by guest relations to pick up our complimentary park hopper tickets. 
Our first stop after heading into Disneyland was to grab some coffee and pastries. 
While everyone was waiting for their baked goods. I headed to space mountain to grab some fast passes.
JSP has fruit. I mean com'on your on vacation. Why eat healthy?
Matterhorn Macaroons. I thought they were poop macaroons at first.
Donnie's not posing at all. This is how he always looks.
After getting our breakfast snack. We rode the Buzz Lightyear shooter. The very sneaky John Kim won this event. I think he got 378K points. After space ranger academy it was time for a bathroom break. 
Next we headed to Indiana Jones. 
After Indie we rode Pirates of the Caribbean. 
By the time we exited Pirates it was 10:55am. Man, time was passing us by. It was time for our lunch reservation.
We told John to take a picture of us and this was the end result.
There are two fairies in the pictures. Can you spot them?
The famous microphone in the chandelier inside club 33.
Some fine china that is only for looks and will be take away once we get up for our cold plate appetizer. 
So for the lunch course. Your meal includes a cold plate appetizer buffet, you choose your main course and finish with a desert buffet.
We were seated in the trophy room again. It was nice cause we had the room to ourselves. Our server was really nice and he told us about how past guest have attempted to steal things from club 33. Someone succeeded in stealing a microphone from one of the chandeliers. Someone tried to steal one of the fine china plates, and another tried to steal a stuffed duck. They found the duck but it was broken so they sent it in to get repaired. You would think people would have respect for the place. I guess greed gets the best of them.
I picture looking outside from Club 33. 
The cold plate buffet. They had an assortment of salads, colds meats and cheese, veggies, shrimp, lobster, crab claws, soup, and some other stuff. It was awesome.
JSP's first Disneyland trip with us. He hasn't been to Disneyland since he was like 6yrs. Now he gets to dine at Cub 33. Talk about being spoiled.
Of course if your going to be dinning at club 33 you got to have a drink if possible. It's the only bar in Disneyland. Pictured here is the fresh fruit punch and mint julip with bourbon.
Peter had the vodka gimlet.
The entire party enjoying their meal.
For my main course I had the Fillet Mignon. It was great.
Macaroni and cheese with truffle oil. 
John loved them. These were his exact words:
"If love had a taste. This is it right here"
Phillip couldn't decide on what dessert he wanted to he got a bit of everything.
Here's Donnie, Phillip, John and Robin out on the balcony. 

We left club 33 around 1:30pm. We grabbed a fast pass to the Haunted Mansion. Then it began to sprinkle so we decided to capitalize on the rain to headed to splash mountain. It was a short line.
Donnie after Splash Mountain. He looks pretty dry to me.
By the time we got off Splash Mountain our fastpass for the Haunted Mansion was up. So we headed there next. It was decked out in the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. 
Next we grabbed some turkey legs and corn and headed to Toon Town to take a picture with Mickey.
We stopped by real quick to check out some hats. 
No cake. No cake.
Here's Peter grabbing some heavy balls.
Peter noticed. I wonder when the others will.
After meeting Mickey it was off to Space Mountain. 
By the time we were done it was almost time for our dinner reservation at DCA. I told you time was passing quickly.
We did a little bit of shopping cause we were not coming back to Disneyland. 
DCA was building Cars Land. It was huge in person. Can't wait to see it in 2012.
We had dinner reservations at Ariel's Grotto at 5pm so that we could get Fastpass tickets to the World of Colors show.

We did the 3 course meal. It included a shared appetizer, main course of your choice and a shared dessert. Our bread came with butter, pesto type of sauce, and something similar to ranch but not quite.
The bread was served warm. 
Our appetizer trip. Assorted meats, cheese and fruit on top, in the middle and clams and shrimp in a wasabi sauce and on the bottom was a salad of sorts.
I had the sausage pasta.
I forget what this was called. A broth with meat and seafood.
herb chicken
and this is the assorted dessert platter.

We finished dinner at 6:30pm and headed to Toy Story Mania.
JSP had class in the morning. We tried to find him a flight out on Tuesday morning so that he could make it to class but there wasn't anything available. So he had to fly out on Monday night. This was his last ride before he had to leave. He was going to miss out on the World of Colors and bar hopping in downtown Fullerton. He doesn't seem happy.
Just waiting for the World of Colors to start. Since we had the dinner reservation it gave us a fastpass to a preferred seating area. It was worth it. The show was amazing. I have seen the show on youtube, but it did it no justice. This is something you have to see in person.
The parked closed at 8pm, but the watershow started at 8:15pm. We didn't get out till close to 9pm. 
We headed back to our hotel to freshen up before we head out to downtown Fullerton for some drinks. We took a taxi cause we knew we would be doing quite a bit of drinking. Met up with one of our friends that just barely moved to SoCal. We ended up going to the Continental Room.
Charyl doing her duck face, John doing his O-face, and Peter.... doing the Peter face?
The bartenders were awesome. They bought us a round and we were drinking with them also.
We attempted to leave the bar to hit up another bar that had Karaoke, but when we got there it was closed. 
So we came back and when we did the Continental Room was closed too. John ended up throwing up on the street. So how his shirt came off at the same time. Go figure.
Kim got pretty faded. Glad she came out and I think she had a good time.
Donnie, Hai and Phillip wussed out and didn't go with us. They fell asleep. What squares. Just in case your wondering. Those are glass water bottles. 
While taking the Taxi back to the hotel we happen to see a McDonald's with an open sign. We told the taxi driver to just drop us off right here. We were but a few blocks from our hotel. We ran up to the Mc D and the doors were locked. It was drive through only. So ran up to the drive through window trying to order but they wouldn't open. So Charyl suggested that we head back to the hotel and she would grab the car and get us some food. 
When I turned around Phat had somehow managed to gather up some construction cones and decided to block off the driveway to McDonald's. I told him we need to clear that so that Charyl could come back to get us food.
Phat then decided to place the cones all over the place. 
Not sure if you can see him but Phat found a flag also.
and a sign.
and he pushed Son into the Bushes. 
Phat took off running and Son caught up to him and shoved him into the wall. Phat ripped off the carbage can lid and chased son.
When we were near our hotel Phat disappeared behind some dumpsters and found a broom and started sweeping the parking lot. It was hilarious. Phat was on a rampage that night. 
After getting back to the hotel it was time to wake up everyone. No one was safe. Not even Robin.

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