Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 6: Level 4 Nightclub & Ultra Lounge review

2) Level 4 Nightclub & Ultra Lounge

So during the day Friday we just went to the beach. Nothing too exciting. When night came we suited up and headed out to Level 4.

First a little bit of info about Level 4.

The club is located at an outdoor mall on the 4th floor. Hence the name Level 4. The mall is located on the Waikiki shopping strip. So if you can walk to the waikiki shopping area. You can walk to this club. I know what your thinking. A club at a mall? I thought it was weird at first too, but you have to see it to understand.

During the day the venue is a Performance Theatre. So when you look at the pic below it should make sense as to why there are theatre seating and a huge stage.

I must admit for a place that is a theatre during the day the venue was well decorated as a club at night. It isn't vegas standards but it is definitely better than some clubs/ lounges in the bay area.
Everything you see outlined in black is the actually club venue. Everything else is part of the outdoor mall.

The red line connecting from bar to bar is the velvet rope that sections off the VIP area. The distance from the velvet rope to the stage is about 10-12ft from what I estimated.

So I did a a lot of research and came to a final decision to go to Pearl Ultra Lounge. We were looking for a nice venue that had bottle service and good music. After arriving to Oahu I spoke with Brandon's sister in-law and she told us that we should definitely go to Level 4. Level 4 was my second choice was from reading the review on yelp and people talking about the dance floor being small and about people walking through the dance floor to get to the other side of the club. So we ended up changing our mind and made reservations for bottle service at level 4 instead.

For those of you who don't know what bottle service is. You're pretty much reserving a table where you can sit and drink and it's reserved for you all night, but you have to purchase a bottle based on the clubs minimum.


1) Reserved table and seating area for the whole entire night.
2) Assigned cocktail server.
3) Free admission
4) No waiting in line
5) Assigned security (some places)
6) Unlimited juice and soda mixers with your bottle

I called the number provided by Level 4's website to book bottle service. Left them a message and they called me back the next day. I spoke to a female and asked her what the bottle minimum was for my party.

There was 8 of us and she told me it would be 1 bottle for every 4 people.
I also asked her about the seating arrangements.
From what I am told there are 3 areas.
1)Skybox - parties of 15-20 people
2)Ultra Lounge area - 1 bottle for every 4 people
3)Main dance floor- 3 bottle minimum for a party of 9
After hearing the dance floor area bottle minimum I was surprised that they would try to pull a 1 bottle to 3 people ratio. That's vegas status and this was definitely not vegas. She had no comment when I stated that. So I settled for the Ultra Lounge area and asked her if I could check out the dance floor area just in case I want to change my mind when I arrive. She said that was fine. She then asked me what bottles I wanted and I told her I was unsure. I asked her if she could just put us down to 2 bottles and if we could decide when we arrive. She was persistent about us making a specific choice on what bottles we wanted. So I just choose goose and heny vsop (privilege). I would have gone for Heny VS but they don't carry it. I asked if there were any bottle specials and she told me that I would have to speak to the promoter but did not provide any contact info.

If I remember correctly goose was $275 and Heny VSOP was $350 w/o tip.

So the day before we just happen to walk by the mall where level 4 is located and at the foot of the escalator there is a small booth promoting for level 4. So we stopped by and checked it out. They were taking reservations for bottle service. I told them we already had reservations but the guy told me that if we were celebrating for a special occasion he would give us $100 off our first bottle. Peter's birthday just happened to be 3 days away so we just re booked our reservation.
So if you are planning to do bottle service at the club i recommend you stop by the booth to see if there are any specials.
The opens at 10 or 10:30p I forget but we got there around 11:15p. Walked up met with out host and were promptly walked in. With out even asking the host decided to seat us in the dance floor area anyway since we were already getting 2 bottles he said that was close enough. That was really nice of him. So it all worked out in the end. They had barely opened up the main dance floor so it was pretty empty but filled up really quickly. We were introduced to our cocktail server and our security.
The service: This had to be one of the best if not the best bottle service we ever had. The cocktail server (Ariel) was very attentive. If there was a drink on the table without a napkin she made sure to place one down for it. I was really impressed with that. Service was very prompt. Our security made sure that nobody was in our section. The VIP area was very spacious. We had two sofas and a huge table. It easily accommodated our party of 8 and some. There was also plenty of room to dance in the VIP area too. So we never had to step foot onto the main dance floor.
We didn't get to see the Ultra Lounge area so I can't comment on that. When we entered the building we turned left and went all the way around into the main dance floor.
The music was good. Your normal top 40's and there was a small portion of trance/house but that's it.

Overall I was really impressed with the place. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to do bottle service. I must admit the main dance floor is small and people do walk through but we weren't out on the main dance floor much so it didn't bother us.
If you have any questions send a comment and I will address it.

We had a great time. You can probably tell from the pics below.

Our bottle service set up.

It took us a while to get faded so you will see how the night progresses.

John and Peter sober as hell.

Charyl got drunk quick


John found Batman

Peter with Ariel

John and his stunners in a club at night!

howie loves brandon

spirit fingers

cyclops was there too

Who's is Soulja Boy's best friend? Youuuuu!!!!

Our Security guy.

No means no Louie!

The main stage where the dj spins

from our VIP section this is what we see to our right.

you can see the theatre seating behind us. Which people are typically not allowed.

Peter and Ariel again.

Brandon is pretty red

John's getting closer to the finish line.

Louie likes big butts and she cannot lie! especially if they're chocolate chip cookies

Peter seems to be enjoying himself now.

John never drinks goose.

Is Brandon blinking or is he looking at something?

This photo just happen to come out this way.

What's this guys name again?

Howie found religion

click clack m****f***


I'm gonna get you in your nightmares..

Why so serious?

That's not Howie...

How did these guys get in?

Round 1

That's the end. A very fun night. We ended up staying till 3:30am. The club closes are 4am. We ended up at zippy's again and then back home.


  1. 2 things:
    1) why is john Kimble in every shot?
    2) whats up witht he MS paint add on?

  2. it's not ms paint. I used Adobe photoshop. the best $2k i ever spent.

  3. Dude Paul, you have amazing artistic skills! Thanks for the laughs!!


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