Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 5: Awesome breakfast, Ramen & Pearl Harbor


1) Original Pancake House
2) Pearl Harbor
3) Beach
4) Ramen Nakamura
2141 Kalakaua Avenue Suite 1
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 922-7960

Thursday morning. It was starting to set in that our vacation is going to end soon. That really sucked. For Donny it was already his last day. He was heading off to Chicago for work.

So we looked on yelp for a good breakfast place. Howie found The Original Pancake house. So we went there.

The food was amazing. The pics can do the talking.


John had sweet bread french toast and your normal sides.
He's too into his food to give the always classic thumbs up.

I think Howie had spam and eggs.

I also had the sweet bread french toast. It was good but it tasted the same as regular french toast.

Charyl had this behemoth of a breakfast thing they call a Dutch Baby. They let us know ahead of time that it would take 30min to prepare.

Here is the monster in all it's glory.
I believe it is pancake batter put into a dutch oven and baked.

Louie had the same too and both of them did not finish it. What a waste.
The food was excellent. If your looking for breakfast check it out.

So after breakfast we headed out to Pearl Harbor. If you have never been to Pearl Harbor you might want to check it out. It's free so there's no reason not too.
You line up and get a free ticket. The ticket entitles you to watch a little 15min or so film in a theatre about Pearl Harbor. It's actually a pretty cool film and you learn some neat stuff. Then after the film you head to a small dock where you board a boat and it takes you to the USS Arizona Memorial. They let you hand out there for about 20-30min then you head back to land.
While you are waiting for your number to be called for the USS Arizona experience. They is a small museum and other attractions to look at. Some of them cost a small fee. Like going on the submarine.

Over all it is something to do once but it's like the Dole Plantation. Once is enough.
These pics are on the submarine.

Walking onto the Submarine

These pics are when we were on the USS Arizona Memorial

It's quite an emotional place. When your at the memorial you can actually see oil still leaking from the ship.
If your wondering what camera I used for those great Pearl Harbor pics.
I used my camera phone. It was a Treo 700p. Take that Iphone. All pics were not edited in photoshop in any way.
Ok. If you believe the statement above. Then you probably believe in the Easter Bunny. I stole all the pics from Howie's flickr account.
He is also available for weddings and head shots. I know it's a shameless advertisement plug in but he was gonna sue me for copyrights.
After Pearl Harbor we ended up back at the Waikiki beach again. There are plenty of other beaches on the island to go to but since we were staying near Waikiki that is where we went. We stayed in the same spot every time and we pretty much saw the same beach equipment rental guy every time to he hooked it up with stuff.
After the beach it was time for Ramen Nakamura. Charyl and I ate at this place 2 years ago while we were waiting for our room to be finished. We just happened to walk by. So for old times we went back.
The sad side of the group

While we were in Hawaii Howie bagged a local chick there. Way to go Howie!
I had ox tail ramen. It was so tender. Like meat from a crock pot. It just fell off the bone.

John had cold noodles. I think it's soba?

The happy side of the group.
After that we ended up going back to the house and chilled for the rest of the night.
I know this day was too exciting and there wasn't really much to talk about. Were starting to slow down for the rest of the trip.
Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. It's Friday and it's party time!!!!


  1. That local chick that Howie met came back to the mainland with him.

  2. it was a series of unfortunately circumstances.

    Iam glad you gave me some credit because I was about to call Brandon.


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