Friday, October 23, 2009

Police ghost car chase.

Watch this Police car chase. Watch to the end and no this is not one of those face popping up to scare you videos.

Some Videos from our trip

Here we are entering HHN

While we were in line for Halloween Michael Myers Haunt

Before entering the Michael Myers Haunt

Walking into Indiana Jones Ride

This is really cool. It's a real time animation of Toy Story. There's a wheel with characters on it . It starts spinning and then a strobe light turns on and it looks animated. Way better than a flip book.

Here's John and Robin on California Screaming roller coaster.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Time at Disneyland

The next day we went to Disnelyand. 8am I was surprised that everyone got up early to go. You really don't need my opinion on Disneyland. It's always a fun place. Especially for Peter and I cause when were on vacation the diet is off limits.

Main Street

Our first stop. Coffee...

Some of the baked goods they had available.

We first got Fast Passes for Space Mountain which had been changed to Ghost Galaxy for the Halloween season.

First ride we went on was Buzz Light Year. Peter ended up winning this one.

After Buzz it was Indiana Jones.

Hardly a line at all. It was still early. It got busier later in the day.

The old Swiss Family Robinson Tree House is now Tarzan's Tree House

Some photos at the top of the Tree House.

Pirates of the Caribbean was next in line.

Charyl likes to take pictures of these little Characters that turn popcorn. Each cart normally has a different character. We have a collection on our computer. This was a new one for us. Oogie Boogie

During the Halloween season the Haunted Mansion get a total overhaul. It gets taken over by the Nightmare Before Christmas. It stays up until New Years I believe. The Haunted Mansion gets shut down in September for the overlay. It takes about a month to do. If you haven't been, you should check it out.

Tom Sawyer's Island is not Pirates Lair. Due to the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

After Pirates we hit Splash Mountain.

Yes Robin is Steaming Mad.

Another popcorn guy.

From the center hub it's Tomorrow Land.

The Matterhorn

The famous Castle.

There was one main thing that Phat went on this trip for and that is this Turkey Leg. The Chili-lime corn is just an added bonus

Were on our way out to check out California Adventure.

Disneyland Bank old location now houses old memorabilia.

check it out. It's the actual bench the Walt Disney first dreamt up Disneyland.

some cool looking small scale models of the park.

A collection of old school Disney tickets.

Model of Splash Mountain

California Adventure

By the time we got into DCA Phat already equalized the Turkey Leg.

While we were waiting for John to grab and new battery for their camera Phat, Peter and I went to Illustration Studio.
This is the main hub and it branches off to other small theatre and rooms. There are giant projector screens and short clips being shown. Also the background pics change periodically.

When you have a wedding at Disney I believe there is an option to have your reception in this room, but at what price?

After John arrived it was time for a real breakfast. A BBQ hotlink with grilled onions, chips, and a Hefeweizen.

I'm not a big fan of beer at all but I just got one just to say I have drank in California Adventure.'

mmmm.. Hot Link, BBQ & Onions with some Mayo..

After the food it was time for Tower of Terror. Robin didn't want to go on this, but if John's going so is Robin.

I just took a picture of this cause that is one huge Turbo.

Every time I see this it reminds me of a face.

So after the Tower of Terror it was time for some more food and yes we just ate like 20mins ago.

There's a new Chinese stir fry place I read about on
So we went searching for it.

While on our search we saw the construction that they were doing for the new Water Show at DCA. You can find a weekly update on that covers anything and everything about Disneyland. I get alot fo my info from the site. I believe they are trying to get the water show ready for the holidays.

Chinese food. Found it.

Phat was in the mood for a Sapporo.

So you get to choose from Chicken, Beef, or Tofu and they stir fry it with a Sauce. There are 4 options. If you can't decide between the sauces you can get them all on the side at no extra charge.
I got Coconut Curry and Mandarin Orange.

Right after we ate it was time for Soft Serve Ice Cream. You choose a flavor like strawberry and it is swirled on the ourside of the soft serve. We love to eat.

Phat really liked the Ice Cream.

After hearing from Phat how awesome the corn was Peter had to have one.

Robin too. nhom nhom nhom nhom

We were eating while waiting for Toy Story Mania. Our favorite ride at DCA. We actually left Disneyland one time to specifically ride this ride and then we return to Disneyland.

Toy Story Mania is a 3-D carnival shooting gallery.

Peter has won that last two times we were here and was confident that he would destroy everyone.

Little did he know that a new Champ was in town.

Winner: John

After DCA we returned to Space Mountain for our fast pass.

I wanted to see what this new Ghost Galaxy was all about.

It's nothing too exciting. Pretty much they project this space monster and it chases your around space. Pretty cool and there's a new sound track.

After Space Mountain most of our party had a food coma. So we hopped on the train and rode it around the park. We stopped off at ToonTown so that we could take a pic with Mickey.

Unfortunately Mickey was not there. He was at Main Street taking pics in his Halloween costume. I read somewhere that they only allow Mickey to be in one place at a time. That's cool. Keeping it real for the kiddies.

So we entertained ourselves by breaking out of Jail.

X-TREME ATHELTICS... didn't do jack to help me deadlift this bar. WTF Neal. I had good form though.

After Toontown we went to The Pirates Lair. There are alot more activites on the island then it did when it was Tom Sawyers.

There are two pumps that requries 2 people each to pump water out of this boat and you reveal treasure.

all together now.... oooohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhh

a cage full of Monkies

A barrel bridge.

this activity requires you to turn a wheel to lift treasure out of the ship but there's a guy still hanging in there.


Grave yard

Pirate Ship


A pirate and his Wench!!

After the Island it was time for our Dinner reservation at Blue Bayou.

Blue Bayou is one of two restaurant ( i think) in Disneyland that you actually sit down and get served by a waiter. It's a bit pricey but the atmosphere is really neat. You have probably see the place before. When your go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride you see it on your right side before you go into the tunnel.

It really makes you feel like your eating at a swamp/marsh.

Mint Julip. Non Alcoholic. Taste like a mint slightly sweet lemonaid.


House Salad

Surf and Turf. Filet Mignon and small lobster. about $40

Robin had the crabcakes.

Peter had the Jamabalaya

John the NY Steak

Medium Rare filet mignon

This is the point where John ran out of batteries in his camera so I gave him mine since is Camera takes better pics. So the rest of the night pics are on his sd card.

It was a good trip. We saw Fantasmic and the new features. The new dragon is way better than the old one.

Good food and good fun.

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