Friday, November 9, 2012

American River Rafting

About every month or so the gym I workout at throws an event for all the members. This month was river rafting at American River in Sacramento.

I took my gopro with and snapped some pictures and video.

Here we are about to embark on our adventure. A lot of the guys jumped off the bridge to get things started. It didn't look to high from below, but once you get on the bridge it is quite intimidating.

We stitched up two large rafts together and opened up some beers and champagne. Isn't that what rafting is all about?

After about 30 mins or floating down river we pulled over and for some small cliff diving.

After a few snacks we were back on our way.

We ended up pulling over at another spot where they had a rope swing. A lot of people stopped off here. Quite a long line for the swing.

A guy even climbed to the top of the tree and jumped off. It was pretty nuts. We really thought he was going to hurt himself. Another guy ended climbing the tree stood up there for like 20 minutes and eventually chickened out.

A boat full of Bros

After the rope swing we rafted to the other side and had lunch. Turned out boat into a slip and slide while we were at it.

My camera case started to fog up when I had to change out batteries.

After lunch we set sail again. Phillip was our anchor.

After a while of foggy pictures. Rina suggested that I spit on the case lens. Yup that did the trick.

Our last stop was what I call party island. Pretty much a bunch of people on a tiny island. Bunch of college kids making out and girls flashing. Yeah it's party island, but when we got here we were already out of booze.

We eventually left party island and headed to the end of the river.

Overall we spent like 3-4 hours on the raft including all of our stops. I'm glad we didn't pack in hard liquor cause we would be super drunk if we did.

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