Monday, February 13, 2012

Las Vegas Superbowl weekend 2012: Day 1

Another year has passed. It was time for Superbowl weekend in Vegas. I don't really care to watch the Superbowl, but it's another good reason to head to Vegas.

Some of the guys had already left for Vegas on Saturday. I had the first flight out on Sunday morning.
Had all my stuff packed on Saturday night and was already in vacation mode.

My flight was at 6:30am. Hardly anyone was at the airport that morning. This is the TSA security line.

Started off my morning with a nice Chorizo burrito and a cup of coffee to wake me up.

5:50am. It's way too early to be up on a Sunday. I could have taken a later flight that day with my friends, but I was anxious to get to Vegas. So I took the earliest flight available.

Fell asleep on the plane, but I woke up in mid flight, right in time to snap pics of this awesome view. Then I went back to sleep.

Landed around 7:40am. Called Pierce when I landed. I didn't expect them to be up at this time, but I guess they had planned to check out of their regular room at the MGM and to check into the Skyloft.

A quick tram ride to baggage claim.

I love the sight of all the bag turnstiles in Vegas. It really sets the mood.

I actually got the first cab of the day. The taxi attendant actually had to open the taxi line for me. I guess our flight was the first one in.

While I was in the cab I snapped this picture and felt it was appropriate.

The driver of the cab decided to take me on the free way. Since I have been to Vegas many times. I knew for a fact that the cab was hustle me. You don't take the freeway to the MGM Grand. I asked the driver why he was taking me on the freeway. He replied with "there's an accident" After I asked him the question he pushed the "timer on/off button" he then proceeded to ask me what I would like to do. "would you like to take Las Vegas blvd?" I said whatever is the cheapest way there. He said "the freeway is the fastest" I was starting to get pissed cause I know he was lying. By the time we had barely hit the freeway the meter was already up to about $9 bucks. When we exited the freeway on Tropicana Ave the meter was up to $19.30. He told me 19+1.80 airport fee. Totaling $21. I told him that it was bullshit. I told him that I have gone here many times and I know for a fact that is does not cost $21 bucks to get to the MGM Grand. He then said ok $15. I said I'll pay your $21 but I want a receipt and I will call the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority (702) 668-4000

Right when I felt I was being take for a ride I started scanning around the car. Saw a sign for the complain line and it noted to take down the cab number and driver info. The cab I was in was Ace Cab 6911.

He then proceeded to ask me what I want to pay. I said it usually cost $10 bucks to get to the MGM. He said no it cost $12 plus the airport fee of 1.80 so $14 bucks. I said whatever. I said I wanted a receipt. He then writes his info down on a card. He doesn't put his name down, but just some general info like the date, fee amount I paid and cab number. I noticed that for cab number he wrote down 6111 I then asked him why he wrote 6111? when he clearly says on his dash 6911. He said that the dash is wrong. I was like then why would it be displayed? He then ask for the card back so he can make the correction. I get off and pay the $14 bucks. I then call the number and file a complaint. They ended up asking me if I could file a complaint on their website which I did. She did tell me that she wasn't trying to blow me off, but that it was busy this morning. I have read about complaints about taxi drivers trying to take people for a ride, but I didn't think they still did that. What a way to start the trip.

Well $14 dollars later I finally arrive at the MGM Grand.

Called my friends and headed up to their room. It looks like the MGM is doing a major remodel and have remodeled some of their rooms. They had a remodeled room on display in the lobby.

The newly remodeled hotel hallways of the MGM.

Some of the guys were barely getting up. So some of us went down to grab coffee and do a bit of gambling while the rest get ready.  The MGM has put in a lot of new slot machines from the last time I was there.

We like to play penny slots to kill time.

After everyone was up. We checked out of the room and checked into the Skyloft. It was around 10am and the rooms were not ready yet.

So we decided to grab a light breakfast until the rest of the group arrived from the airport.

We went to 'WichCraft. It a sandwich shop in the MGM. I had the steak and egg sandwich.

Here on the left is Jack. It's his first time going to Vegas ever and what a way to do it by going to the Skyloft for the first time. The thing that sucks for him is the Skyloft will ruin all expectations of the other regular rooms in Vegas. At least for me I can appreciate it. I have stayed in hotels like the Imperial Palace, Excalibur, Treasure Island, and have slowly worked my way up to the Skyloft.

Our room was ready until 2pm. MGM also remodeled the Skyloft entrance. This is where the limo drops you off.

Inside the Skyloft lobby.

When you walk out of the Skyloft lobby it puts you right back into the MGM lobby.

From there you walk over to the VIP concierge.

Inside the VIP Concierge is where you wait for your host to come down from the Skyloft floor and you are escorted to your room.

Here is a video of us checking into our room after getting off the elevator.

Brian's second time staying at the Skyloft.

Some of the coffee and teas that Skyloft offers

Phillip brought some Hennessy. So it was time for the drinking to commence.

Looks like some of the stuff has been updated in the Skyloft. The phones, remote controls, and toiletries. They still use Bvlgari but the bottles and fragrances are different. I didn't like the new Bvlgari stuff. I was looking forward to the old fragrances. You can get a bar of soap of your own for $30 Click here It's the best soap I have ever used and for $30 it better be.

As many times as I have been here I always have to snap pictures of the whole place. It never gets old.

The dinning room and one of the living rooms.

the living room next to the entertainment room.

It's moss...again

Entertainment room

Game room. We got the Foosball table.

Of the many pictures that I have, I always forget to snap a picture of the half bathroom. Which is located in the game room.

So here it is.

Here's the entrances way and the stairs up to the bedrooms.


This time we got the room that had the walk-in closet integrated with the bathroom. I prefer the layout that where the closet is separate. At least that way people can shower and in privacy while people change.

The master bedroom

and master bath

We had some friends visit and watch the Superbowl game in the Skyloft. After the game we had a little bit of time to relax before deciding what we wanted to do for the night.

The Skyloft looks best at night when all the mood/accent lights are in full effect.

It was super last minute and we had not locked anything down for Sunday night. I had made some previous contacts with the host at Lavo but was quoted $4k minimum for the main room and $2.5k downstairs in the lounge with full access to the club. That was way too much for our first night. We were looking to take it easy because the big night was going to be tomorrow at Marquee. I wasn't sure why the prices were so high on Superbowl weekend. Last year it was slow and cheap, but someone mentioned that the east coast had a lot of bad weather so I'm assuming people couldn't fly in last year. We just decided to just get ready and to hope for the figure things out later.

My girlfriend got me a another contact at Lavo and he was able to get us $1.5k minimum in the main room for 18 people, but lucky for us Brian came through with one of his contacts and we got a great deal at XS. We ended up getting Grey Goose for $395 +tax and tip and each bottle of Goose came with a comp bottle of Moet Champagne. 4 bottle minimum for 17 people. We had 15 guys and 2 girls. LOL yeah we totally killed the ratio.

This is the aftermath from the Superbowl.

Next thing you know it we were on our way to XS.

Vegas is so gorgeous at night.

We got the XS really early. 10:30p

It was a lot busier than last year during Superbowl weekend. Last year they didn't open the entire outside pool area, but this time they did.

4 bottles of Goose and 4 bottles of Moet Champagne. Challenge Accepted!

Brian and Robyn. Robyn doesn't usually join us for Vegas but when she does, Tasha is not far behind. Tasha is Robyn's alter ego... All I have to say is you don't want to meet her. She's mean.

Jack has no idea what it's like to party in Vegas.

Here's Nhi. It's also here first time at the Skyloft.

From the left. Alex, Phillip, Phat, Peter, me, Thomas. Thomas hasn't been to Vegas since Peter's 21st birthday 4 years ago. It's his first time to the Skyloft also.

XS was pretty slow in the beginning. It seemed like there were a lot of convention people there. A lot of people there with badges. Maybe they came from a Superbowl party?

Phat and Pierce. Pierce is the guy that introduced us to the Skyloft in 2007. Damn that guy. Staying in a room in Vegas will never be the same.

and here's Orlando. If you forgot who he is. He's the most recent member of the Wheelchair Club. About one year ago this time his application was accepted (2011). See here 

Peter's not wasted he's just stretching... I think.

Yeah I'm good bro...

You can totally see that everyone is starting to feel it..

I sure am.

So Linda was in LA for an event and couldn't join us for Vegas. She thought we were going to be at Lavo so she was there waiting for my friends and I, but instead we ended up at XS. She tried to surprise me but her plan failed. So she ended up coming over to XS later that night. Was glad to see her none the less.

Jeani, Angela, Linda, Robyn, & Nhi

Last year the FOB Squat (Hennessy dropped into Heineken and yes we made this drink up) was the drink that was the deciding factor to Orlando's acceptance to the Wheelchair Club.

So this year it tried to find a new member, but alas failed.

By midnight XS was in full effect.

Hey Phat what your favorite animal?

A duck of course!

Briand, Linda and I were on the dance floor most of the night. I'm not a big fan of house, but I'm growing to like it.

I dont' know what was up with the Astronaut blow ups, but man I wanted one.

Jack's friend Jill just happened to be in Vegas the same time we were and what a coincidence that she happened to be at the same club as well and she found us.

This is getting pretty intense.

Jack and our server.

Thomas and Alex with Jack and Jill (yeah I just realized that as I'm typing this)

I have no clue who that guy is, but if I remember correctly I told him to get in the picture. LOL. Let's time travel!

So I don't remember the rest of the night, but lucky for me... I have pictures. We ended up leaving the club. Everyone kind of left at separate times.

Got back to our room to find Pierce knocked out. How the hell did this happen? See below.

Thanks to Orlando for the picture, but this explains everything.

and now I would like to present to you the newest member to the Wheelchair Club


I guess he got pretty wasted and Orlando took him back to the hotel.

On a side note I would like to mention our Honorary Wheelchair Club memeber Nhi!

The Wheelchair Member's list 2012.

Member: myself
Application acceptance date: March 2005
Party Location: Tryst @ Wynn
Wheelchair location: Treasure Island

Member: Peter (link here)
Application acceptance date: June 2009
Party Location: Spearmint Rhino
Wheelchair location: Palazzo

Member: Ray (link here)
Application acceptance date: January 2010
Party Location: Lavo @ Palazzo
Wheelchair location: Palazzo

Member: Orlando (link here) 
Application acceptance date: February 2011
Party Location: XS @ Encore
Wheelchair location: The Palms

Member: Pierce (newest member)
Application acceptance date: February 2012
Party Location: XS @ Encore
Wheelchair location: MGM Grand

Honorary Member: Nhi
Application acceptance date: February 2012
Party Location: XS @ Encore
Wheelchair location: MGM Grand

She didn't get a wheelchair because she was wasted, but she was on stage and another girl accidentally knocked her off. Try jumping off a stage in heels. She rolled her ankle. Funny thing is she was kind of laughing and crying at the same time. She sat down and Dr. Phat decided to massage her ankle for 30 seconds and told Nhi that she good to go and sent her to the dance floor and Nhi being buzzed as she was believed it and went about her way. I'm sorry Dr. Phat you have a degree in what? I have a P.H.A.T in medicine. LOL.

Linda and Angela ended taking Nhi to a real medic and they wrapped up her foot. The party doesn't have to end. Drink in the room!

We all made it back in one piece. Drunk eating at it's finest.

So John loves White Truffle Oil. So he ordered some White Truffle chips. I think this is how it went.

John: You have to try this man.
Me: I'm cool
John: You have to man.
(I think proceed to grab a handful and stuff it in my mouth and before I can chew)
John: you have to dip it in the sauce.
(i then decide to spit back out onto my hand)
John: What are you doing? Finish that and grab a new one.

LOL I vaguely remember it, but I grab one chip and dip it. It was good. Did I mention that I had been drinking previously?

Hi Brian!

here is John's grand exit. We rolled down the curtains.

Surprise I'm back.

After eating we headed to the casino floor. I need to make a deposit to the house. Drunk gambling is bad gambling. I was speed slotting. They said I was just massing all the buttons on the slot machines.

So that is it for day one. What can I say? We tried to take it easy, but ended up going overboard. What does tomorrow have in stored?


  1. Looks like you guys know how to do it- and that's day 1!

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  4. Yeah man! I read your post. Its make me feel better. Thanks once again.


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