Thursday, July 28, 2016

Austin, TX day 1: Tomi's bachelor party.

Another buddy of mine was getting married soon. I suggested that he should do the bachelor trip in Austin Texas and he took the bait. Eleven of us were going and I was the only one that had been there before. My friend Jimmy wanted to celebrate his birthday in Austin last year. I didn't understand why he would want to go to Austin, but once I got there I realized why.

The group was a bit hesitant about going to Austin. They had their doubts about it just as I did on my first visit. I couldn't wait to show them around.

Had the first flight out at 6 am.

Quickly fell asleep on the plan and next thing you know, we were starting our decent.

Finally touched down. The airport brings back some great memories of Austin and boy was I excited.

Grabbed our bags and headed out to grab our rental.

Once we stepped outside though, boy was it hot. I visited in April last year and the weather was nice, this time around we visited in July and it was 99 degrees the entire week with a humidity of 40-50%.

We stayed at the Hyatt Place on 3 rd street. Which was perfectly located between downtown 6th Street (dirty 6) and Rainey Street.

The hotel was very nice and accommodations were very spacious. Each room had a double queen and a sofa bed.

After settling in we headed to Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken. Which was conveniently located a block away from our hotel.

The puzzle on the caps of Mickey's Malt Liquor caps. Answer can be found below.

Answer: Man on the moon.

Answer: Don't flake out  &  Believe it or not.

The bachelor Tomi.

Gus's also have some awesome fried pickle spears. Watch out they come out very hot.

The chicken is crispy, has a little kick to them and juicy.

The mac and cheese is also awesome.

After lunch we headed off to Rainey Street to get this party started.

Our first stop was Bar 96

Nothing starts a party like shots.

and so it starts.

When I went day drinking on Rainey Street in the spring it was busy, but it was slow during the summer. Maybe due to the heat.

Next door to Bar 96 is the new Lustre Pearl.  This place didn't exist last year. It was just an empty home.

They also have a nice patio upstairs, but no one was outside cause of the heat.

Next it was Bungalow 

Lets go see if we can find some Pokemon.

Ask about the $5 HJ

Tomi did ask about it and ended up with a $5 Miller High Life and shot of Jack. What a deal.

On to the next stop which was Container Bar

We tried to stay indoors as much as possible. A/C is a wonderful thing.

After Container Bar we "tried" to get a drink at Clive Bar

but the bartender wouldn't serve us cause he felt some people in our group were too intoxicated. So we headed to the next stop. Funny thing is on our way out the doorman was asking what happened. We told him that the bartender cut us off and he looked confused. He felt we were okay, cause I mean he checked our IDs and let us in. Oh well, no biggie. On to the next.

The next bar was Parlor Room.

Unsure if the bartender was having a bad, but her service came with a lot of attitude. Usually everyone in Austin is super friendly, but not her.

Next door was BlackHeart. Awesome people found here and a friendly bartender. He even had a drink with us.

Next was Icenhauer's

It was slow all over Rainey Street.

We did meet another friendly bartender Lacy. I took a picture of her, but she didn't like it and wanted to do a hair flip photo.

It didn't turn out that great. Lol.

Group photo tuned out pretty well though.

By the time we finished at Icenhauer's it was around 8 pm.

I thought it would be a good idea to head back to the hotel to get some rest and freshen up for 6th Street at night.

The group split up. Some wanted to stay and party some more.

Got back to the hotel and was going to rest up

but I got hungry and headed across the street to Mai Tai for some food.

Pad Thai noodles to go.

My bedside table.

Took a quick nap and got up at 10 pm to gather everyone together. Some of the guys were still missing, so I gathered what I could.

6th Street or Dirty 6 from what the locals call it. The streets are closed off and people are left to roam the streets and bar hop all night long.

Bat Bar was the first stop.

After it was The Blind Pig Pub which has a roof top bar.

While at the bar someone stepped on Jimmy's sandal and it broke.

The bartender had duct tape and Jimmy tried to mend what he could.

I came up with the idea of just taping the whole thing to his foot. We're good to go.

Across the street from The Blind Pig Pub is The Dizzy rooster

Eventually we made it back to my favorite bar The Thirsty Nickel. I had a blast here last year drinking with the bartender.

and my favorite bartender Alyssa was working also and she remembered me. So more drinking ensued.

We ended up in another bar, but I don't remember what it was called.

Pictures of horse cause my brother's girlfriend Nicole likes them. Horsey!

Vulcan Gas Company was the only bar I found that was playing house/EDM.

Wasn't too busy inside. I guess EDM isn't big in Austin.

The 6 of us survived the day & night drinking. The rest were passed out at the hotel.

Ended our night of drinking at the Thirsty Nickel.

The guys got pizza

I ran off to get a Gyro.

Ran into some random people that wanted me to take a pic of them.

That's it for night one. Some of the guys didn't get to experience 6th Street cause they drank too much at Rainey Street, but no worries. It's only our first night. We got two more to go.

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