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Nassau, Bahamas Day 3: Fish Fry & Baha Mar

For lunch Saturday we headed to the Fish Fry, which is a stretch of street that has a bunch of bars and restaurants.

The staff at Melia told us to hop on the #10 or #12 Jitney (bus) located on the street in front of the hotel and it should take us directly there.

Here's a list of Jitney routes. The Fish Fry is located at West Bay Street.

The Baha Mar is not too far from Melia. You can walk there if you wanted to, but why when you have a free shuttle.

Bus fare is $1.25 per person.

The Baha Mar also has a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course.

It was probably a 10 minute bus ride to the Fish Fry area. Click here to learn more about Fish Fry

There are a lot of buildings advertising Fish Fry. It's pretty much local fresh seafood served up in many styles.

There are a lot of workers trying to talk you into their restaurant. So be prepared for that.

We asked the staff at Melia to recommend a fish fry for us to try. They recommended The Anchorage Market & Restaurant (Seafood Haven)

They had a nice deck in the back by the water. You do get the odor of seafood. It just like Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

The guy invited us to the back dock to show us the live conch.

Lots and lots of conch shells.

Shrimp cocktail

Conch fritters

I forgot which fish this is, but they prepared it with onions, peppers, & plantains.

Fried shrimp. This was really good and fresh.

Fried conch. I'm not a huge fan of conch. It has a very similar texture to squid and I don't like squid.

We shared a bunch of plates and headed down the street to look for another restaurant to dine at.

Cold Ass Beers.

They also have a fruity version of Kalik.

Another restaurant that was recommended to us was Oh Andros which is ranked #1 of 68 on TripAdvisor for seafood restaurant, & ranked #7 of 213 for overall restaurant. Unfortunately we skipped this one.

Police Station located across the street from the Fish Fry row.

The last recommendation we got was Frankie Gone Bananas. Ranked #21

While waiting for our order, Chris started doing Characteurs... he's very talented.

After lunch we headed back to the main road and just waiting on the other side of the street until we saw the 10 or 12 Jitney to take us back to our hotel. Buses can randomly just stop and pick you up almost anywhere.

I guess ATVs on public roads are a thing.

Across the street from Melia is Pompey Market.

A bunch of stands selling souvenirs and trinkets. Most of them sell similar things.

We headed to the room for a siesta until dinner at Aqua.

Prosciutto & melon served with olive oil and micro greens

Fromaggi Cheese

Caesar salad

Salumi Cured Meats

Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese-delicious, tasted like lasagna.

Bistecca De Maiale- grilled pork loin, peperonata, eggplant caviar, sweet potato cubes & marsala wine reduction

Beef & Portobella ravioli- another great dish.

I think this is Panna Cotta


I forgot this one.

After dinner we headed back to Baha Mar to do some more gambling and drinking. It was really busy in the lobby at Melia.

Mainly were were waiting around Phat for free drinks while he was playing.

and it pays off.

Jason was telling me how awesome the pools were at Baha Mar. So we went to go check it out.

First pool is lined with cabanas on the side and the pool cascades into the pool below it.

This pool has a bunch of booths with seats along the wall so you can sit in the pool.

A doughnut pool..why? I don't know

There's also a huge lawn.

and a man made beach area for lounging.

More swimming pools

This one is my favorite. It's a large pool with a grotto and in the grotto there's an aquarium built into it.

You can also take the stairs to the top of the grotto and there are two ledges for you to jump off of.

They also have a dock.

A bunch of snack stands located at the pool. Since Baha Mar is still brand new there are a lot of buildings that are built but have not been occupied yet.

and more pools. The canopies for the lounge chairs have cascading water curtains during the day.

One of the cabanas at the pool.

The pool area at Baha Mar definitely gives Vegas a run for their money. Probably better than any of the Vegas resort have to offer.

Headed back to the casino and gambled a bit more.

Ended the night with a Hot Shooter. Chris dubbed this craps machine Lisa... we will visit her again.

That ends day 3.

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