Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 3: Food, Waiola & more food


1) Breakfast at McDonald's
2) Snorkel at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
3) Waikiki Beach
4) Rainbow Drive inn
5) Waiola Shaved Ice - 2135 Waiola Ave (corner of Paani Street) Honolulu, HI 96805

Off to breakfast we go. We were told that they serve spam, eggs, and rice at McDonald's so we had to see for ourselves.

They weren't kidding!

You get 2 slices of spam, 2 slices of Portuguese sausage, scramble eggs, and rice.

It would have been a lot better if they offered eggs sunny side of over easy, but hey it's a McDonald's serving spam and eggs.

You also have a choice w/o the Portuguese sausage. I didn't like the Portuguese sausage but other did. I thought it was a bit chewy and dry.

Howie is wining and dining Louie at this fine establishment.

I don't know who this Caucasian dude is, but he followed us everywhere.

John went to town. He had the spam breakfast, an egg mcmuffin, two apple pies, and and iced coffee.
Did I mention that the McDonald's in Hawaii serves their apple pies fried and not baked like the ones in Cali? Fried is so much better than baked.

I ordered a side of Hash browns with mine. I was suppose to be on a diet. Oh well..

You ever go on a trip with 8 people and don't want to rent two cars. I have the solution for you.
Rent a Minivan and stick the last person between the captain's seats.
Just make sure that your only driver on the rental so you are always defaulted the good seat.

So our original plan was to have breakfast then head to snorkel Bob's rent some snorkel gear before we hit up Hanauma bay. You can rent at Hanauma bay but to save us time and money we decided to rent from snorkel Bob's. For those who don't know Hanauma Bay is a Nature Preserve. So it closes one day a week. I thought it was Monday but I was wrong. they close on a Tuesday. Luckily snorkel Bob's had a sign for it and it saved us the trouble of driving to Hanauma Bay. So with that plan out the window we decided to hit the Beach. Waikiki of course.
On the way to the beach we stopped by the ABC store. These stores are everywhere. It is said that ABC stands for "All Blocks Covered"
John was excited to find these lollip......what a minute..

Here's a little tip. If you ever want to be the biggest a-hole and rub it in your co worker's, friend's, and family's face that your in Hawaii hanging out at Waikiki beach tell them to go to this site
this is a live web cam of Duke Kahanamoku at Waikiki beach.
If your on Waikiki beach you can't miss this statue. The web cam is live 24/7 but does lag about 30sec-1min. I was on the phone with my coworker and everything I did on the live cam lagged about 30sec-1min.

While we were on Waikiki Beach we rented some boogie boards and surfboards.
If you have never been surfing before in your life. Don't worry it's really easy. Even to stand up. Plus when you go out far into the water it's not that deep at all. No matter how far I went I was still able to touch the ground.
A word of advice. I highly recommend you buy a rash guard. It's pretty much a thin stretchy material shirt. You can buy them at almost any clothing store.
We learned the hard way.
Thanks Brandon for telling us that we shouldn't buy the shirts so that we can be more like the locals.
So we listen to Brandon. That was a big mistake already. Went surfing and while we were paddling out our chest and stomach had a burning sensation. Didn't know why so we kept on surfing till I we couldn't take the pain anymore.
When we came back in is when we realized the issue. Since we didn't wear rash guards. We go rashes on our stomachs, chest, and nipples( I think I was the only one that got the rash on the nipples). It was very painful. I guess the boards are not waxed so every time you paddle your pulling your skin which it sticking to the board. Eventually it's like getting an Indian rub burn.
Sorry don't have any pics of it..
After surfing it was time for food again.
Off to Rainbow drive in. Rainbow drive in is like the Dairy Queen of Hawaii. It's a small old school kind of fast food like joint. You walk up and order plate lunches. Almost everything comes with Rice.
Here's Peter. I forgot what he had but it has meat, gravy, egg, 2 scoops of rice and mac salad.

Howie with his Burger and fries. From what John says their burgers are awesome but small.

Here's that guy again. He had a burger,Chili which had rice at the bottom, and a slushy float. Which is pretty much a slurpee with vanilla ice cream.

Louie had fish, 2 scoops of rice and mac salad.

John had the Hamburger, Fries, and a Coke Float.

I had the fried chicken plate lunch which came with fried chicken, 2 scoops of rice, and mac salad. I add gravy on top and two eggs. My doctor says it good for me.

Charyl had spaghetti with a wiener it also came with rice and mac salad and a side salad.

The slurpee float.

Literally right after that meal about a block away was Waiola Shaved Ice. I would say the best shaved ice on the island. Saw some candy there so we took a pic of it.

Saw a Lizard in the store ( which is normal in Hawaii) so we took a pic of it.

Just in case you can't find it. John will show you.

nhom-nhom-nhom-nhom, shaved ice.

Just in case you didn't believe we were at Waiola. Louie is always mad at her food. That is how she justifies eating it.

I forget what we did for the rest of the day. I think we napped. Swimming take a lot out of you. I think we cooked dinner. If I'm correct we had home made spam musubi and poke. Awesome!


  1. that howie fella is one snazzy dresser.

  2. you know how they say frowning takes a lot more energy than smiling? so by me frowning, I'm trying to burn off some of those calories I was consuming. I don't think it worked well. I just ended up with more wrinkles on my face. Great blog though! I'm starting to miss Hawaii again....*sigh*


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