Thursday, July 30, 2009

Science, booze and music. What!?!?!?

What do you get when you take a Science Museum and mate it with a Lounge?


So we got tickets for tonight. Really looking forward to this.

What better way to learn science then to learn it while intoxicated.

I would like to say on paper this seems like a good idea. Most museums close around 6pm anyway. Why not make some extra money after hours.

From what I have heard so far. This place is open from 6-10p and tickets are $10.

I think the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose sucks, but with some alcohol I'm pretty sure I would enjoy myself.

Some of my friends and I will be attending this event tonight. Will post up pics and my thoughts on this in a few days.

In the mean time. Enjoy these awesome dance moves.

here's the other version

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Metric chopper

I have finally decided to get back onto a bike again. Peter had already picked up a really nice Harley Davidson Sportster 1200cc. Parents found out and they were not so thrilled. Thanks for breaking the ice Peter.

I did a bit of research and fell in love with one bike. I looked all over the Craigslist ads in California and only liked this one particular bike.

Harley Davidson Sportster 883 motor with a 1200cc kit
Paughco Rigid frame
180 rear tire
Other misc stuff

For what I was looking for this was the best looking in my price range. The downside was that it was located in Reno/Tahoe. Luckily the guy was located in Los Gatos.

After talking to him for a bit. He said he would bring the bike down from Tahoe for me to test ride if I was serious about it and I was. He didn't want to waste his time and haul it down and for me to not purchase it. So we negotiated a price. He said he would call me tomorrow to work out details of delivery and whatnot.

So I don't hear from him the entire day so I gave him a call and he backs out of the deal. Stating that he is in a lose lose situation cause for whatever reason I could possibly not buy the bike and he would have to haul it back to Tahoe. I told him I would definitely buy it as long as my mechanic gives me the OK on the motor. I guess that wasn't enough. I was really pissed off about it.

So the same day I just back onto Craigslist and look for something else. I stumble upon a really really really really nice bike but it is out of my budget. I called the guy anyways just to talk to him about the bike. After several days of negotiating and a lot of luck. He called me on Friday and told me to come up and take it home.

The ordeal to picking up this bike was not that easy though.

The ad was listed in Santa Rosa. So 2hrs away. Not to bad, but when I got the address he was actually located in Boonville. WTF??? Yeah it's a real place. Threw the address on my gps and my gps stated that the street he was on had no registered house number... So it had to locate it with the closest cross street. I had to jump onto googlemaps and located the place. After finding the cross street I put it in my gps and it said that it would be a 3hr and 42min drive. Holy Crap... that was a lot further than I wanted to drive. Oh well.. Now it was time to find someone to go with me.

Unfortunately Peter, Charyl, & Brandon were at motorcycle class ( Yes!! They all passed and I think Charyl might have gotten the best score) anyways my friend Linh was digging a big ass hole in his backyard so he couldn't go. Lucky for me Hai doesn't do jack on the weekends. So he agreed to go. Little did he know how far it was. hahahah. He agreed before I told him how far. Sucker!

First I headed off to my friend Phil's house to pick up some stuff and that's where the first problem came in. I got there waited for him and when it was time for me to leave my "Supercharged" Minivan wouldn't start. Did I mention it was supercharged? So Phil had to drop Hai and myself off at Hai's dad house so that we can borrow the truck to pick up the bike.

I didn't know where the hell Boonville was so I followed the GPS little did I know the Boonville is on the other side of San Francisco but the GPS lead us to Oakland and then hopped across 580. I thought that was the stupidest was to go. Why not take 101 through S.F???

So I looked it up on Googlemaps and did you know that 880 runs parallel with 101? I never knew that and have now realized that taking 880 to S.F is really not that far other than hitting a lot of traffic around 580.

Anyways. We drove forever and were finally about 27 miles from out destination but bases on the gps we still had about 1hr to go. So the gps to me to exit and we had 27miles windy mountain driving. I was not happy about that. It was literally like driving highway 9 for 27 miles just to end up in a small ass town of Boonville. Oh and on our way in we drove by a brush fire and the fire dept wasn't even there yet.

So we arrived at the guys house. He lived way up in the mountains. The roads were so windy that I didn't even want to test ride the bike.

They guy builds a lot of stuff. He had old Chevys and other bikes there. It was dope. We didn't stay long cause we had to head back so that I could make it to work. So we left and head out onto the same road we came in. It was the main road to 101. We drove for 17 miles on it to find out that the fire dept were not letting anyone through due to the brush fire. They said it could be and estimated 1/2 to 1hr before they reopen. So we asked an officer if there were any alternative routes. He said we had to drive back to Boonville and take another rode through the mountains to Ukiah. Yup another city you probably never heard of unless your Howie. So now we had drive 17 miles back to Boonville and then another 20 miles north through the mountains to get back onto 101. That totally sucked because now were just going backwards and even further away from home.

So after we reached 101 it was smooth sailing home. I made up a lot of time once we hit the freeway. Did you know that 101 actually narrows down to 1 lane and goes through a small town?

Hopland, CA.

Check it out. It's a subways on 101 (streetview)

We ended up making back home by 8:20pm. Plenty of time to make it to work.

We only ate one thing the whole entire day. Beef Jerky.

With all driving, mountain roads, small towns, brush fires, traffic, car problems, and little to eat it was well worth it.

So it all worked out in the end. If it wasn't for the Harley guy backing out of the deal. I would have never ended up with this

I think everything happens to benefit you somehow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The worst photoshop ever!!!

If you haven't seen day 6 of our Hawaii trip I suggest you take a look at it. This guy attempted to edit some photos.

I mean really who is this guy??? What is captain planet doing with Ironman's suit??

This is pretty good I must say but what is up with the black lines? What ever happened to quality pics?

I must say epic fail!!!!

Howie, It's on Like Donky Kong.

If you don't know who this is watch this

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Discount for Wicked the musical in San Francisco

I received this in my email a few days ago. Should have shared it sooner.

SAN FRANCISCO--JUNE 29, 2009-- Tickets to this week'sperformances of the hit musical "Wicked" are now on sale in San Francisco at 25% off. Orchestra, Loge and Mezzanine seats start at $60 (regularly $80). This July Fourth special is available for June 30 - July 5shows at the Orpheum Theater. The $60 tickets are forTuesday - Thursday and Sunday evening performances. The $75 tickets (regularly $99) are for Friday & Saturday performances and Sunday's matinee.

This is the only discount available for these shows.To purchase discounted tickets, click below. Use code"2WIZARD" to get the discount. Fees of $8-$10 per ticket and$3.95 per order are additional. (Full price tickets aresubject to the same fees. Discounted tickets are availablewithout fees at the Orpheum Theatre box office.)

Tickets subject to availability. Offer not available on previously purchased tickets. No refunds, cancellations orexchanges. Other restrictions apply.

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