Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Vegas with the Parents Day 2

Phillip and I didn't wake up until 1 pm Sunday afternoon. By the time I got up Peter had already checked into his comped room, so I went to check on mine and my room was ready also. Practically everyone had their own room by now.

After unpacking went down to table for a little bit until everyone was ready to go.

Since it was my parents first time in Vegas, we thought it would be great for them to see a show. We don't usually watch shows in Vegas much, but this was a good time. We decided to watch Michael Jackson One (Cirque Du Soleil) We bought tickets the day of the show. We watched the matinee show at 4:30. Tickets ended being about $130 per ticket.

We were sitting on the upper level in section 202 and the view was great.

The show was amazing. Not that much acrobatics as a usual Cirque show, but with the integration of the music it was awesome. I really enjoyed and it probably would see it again if someone wanted to see it.

After the show we tried to grab an early dinner before Nicole had to fly home for work.

Originally wanted to eat at the Burger Bar but it was over an hour wait. Next door was Slice of Vegas which had little to no wait.

The food was mediocre. I can see why there was hardly a wait.

After dinner Peter, Nicole and my parents headed back to the hotel so that Nicole can pack her things.

The rest of us stayed at Mandalay Bay and gambled a bit. Phat had some good luck with Lucky Lemmings a few years back, and hasn't seen the slot machine in a while. He found it at Mandalay Bay. it was not as giving as other slot machines.

A small bonus on Pirates slot at the Cosmopolitan.

Tried playing the Lord of the Rings slots again. Finally hit bonus and it was a total waste of time.

I was trying to get the Little Green Men blaster bonus video, but my memory card ran out of space. I ran upstairs to get it and while I was doing that Phillip hit the bonus and I missed the whole thing.

Eventually Phillip and I made it back to the Tarzan slots again.

Phillip hit bonus first and got about $200.

I hit bonus right after and got about $150 and I was able to see what the Firewheel was all about.

Hit a bunch of the bonuses on Paradise fishing, but it didn't pay out so well either.

Eventually we just started drinking and went on a rampage the whole night.
Played Pai Gow and drank a whole bunch. A few guys joined our table and they just happened to be from the Bay Area. The guys told me that there was a shooting across the street just moments ago.

Peter's friend Jen who lives in Vegas stopped by and visited us. Her younger brother was in town also visiting and so we decided to take him to Rhino.

Here we are outside of the Cosmo, because on our way back I was really drunk and had to throw up. Good thing we were almost back.

At this point I don't remember any of this. I don't even remember eating pizza.

I went to sleep right after. Peter went back to the casino floor and found Phat, Phillip and Pierce at the Baccarat table. They hit a really hot streak. They all changed in about $100 bucks, Phillip walked away with $2k, Pierce was a little over $2k and Phat at one point was at $4k, but he got a little greedy and ended up walking away with around $1k. Still not bad at all. I really missed out on that hot streak. Hopefully I can catch it next time.

That's it for day 2. Nothing much other than a lot of drinking and gambling.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Vegas with the parents. Day 1

It's been over a decade since we have gone on a family trip with my parents. My brother came up with the idea of taking our parents to Vegas for a short trip. My mom's a workaholic and a penny pincher. Took my brother a little bit of coaxing to get her to agree to the trip.

So we headed off to Vegas. My parents aren't aware of the amount of money that we spend in Vegas so this is going to be interesting.

On the cover of SkyMall this month is a 3D doodle pen. I guess similar to a 3D printer, but freehanded.

What's on the menu today?
For our in-flight meal. My brother and I had a Heineken and Jack with coke. Thank you Southwest for the free drink tickets.

The last time my mom flew on a plane was over 30 years ago when she arrived to america. So she had a headache from the flight and her ears were plugged up. She didn't know how to pop her ears. Took me a while to explain to her how to do it. Lol.

Vegas, we are here to take your money............................... or vice versa.

My parents first time ever going to Vegas. Of course we had to take a limo. What did my mom think? All she could say was "how much does this cost?"

My dad on the other hand was having fun.

We arrived at the Cosmopolitan. It's been our go to casino for some time now. They keep comping us rooms, so why not.

First time I have seen the TV pillars in the Cosmo lobby not working.

Pierce and Phat have their own host and have also reached a level where they can get a comp room for themselves and a room for another guest.

So Phillip and I stayed in Pierce's guestroom and Phat got a guestroom for my Parents. Peter and Nicole stayed with phat. The only room that was ready when we arrived was Pierce's guestroom.

Not bad of a view for a comp room.

While we were waiting for the other rooms to be ready we went down to gamble and boy was I glad that I did.

I love dinosaurs and Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies of all time, so I had to jump on this Jurassic Park slot machine.

You can win slot bonuses and you can hold on to them and play them all at once at a higher multiplier. I had 8 of them so I went for an 8x bonus or I could of played the bonus 8 time at 1x multiplier bonus value.

What slots is all about... the free drinks.

My mom was sitting next to the Goldfish slot so I have that a whirl and hit a small bonus of about $40.

Right behind me though was a Tarzan slot machine and after about 4 spins I got this awesome $400+ bonus. Most I have ever won from a slot machine so far and it was a great start to the trip. So the thing that's cool about this bonus is you keep leveling up on the wheel as long as you don't hit free spin on the wheel. If you keep collecting money you keep leveling up. There are 8 wheel levels to get up to. If your lucky you can go beyond that.

More drinks

After gambling we headed to Walgreen to get some supplies for the night.

Just happen to see these fancy cars on our way to Walgreens

When we got back from Walgreens the other rooms were ready.

So everyone went to drop off their luggage. Phillip and I met up with our sister for a little bit more gambling.

Hit another nice bonus of about $90+

Tried our luck at the Life Slots. It didn't pay out so well and the bonuses are pretty boring.

I hit $150+ bonus once on Buffalo slots. So I thought I would try it again. John normally likes this machine.

I got about $70+ on the free spin bonus.

Eventually we stopped gambling cause we were hungry. So we made our way over to the Caesar's Palace buffet.

The Bellagio always has an awesome display at their hotel.

Everyone thought the Christmas tree was fake. I went behind it to get a better looks and it was real. I don't think any of the plants in Vegas are fake... except for this lit up white tree.

This was my first time at the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's. It had quite a spread, but they are mainly known for their seafood which there was a nice hefty line for. I'm not to fond of steamed or boiled seafood, but the food was good. It was around $50 a person.

Pizza, Sushi, dim-sum, fried fish, and black bean crab. Yes I know it's a weird assortment.

Truffled scalloped potatos and some pasta.


The egg tarts we're really good. Probably the best I have ever had at a buffet.

These cupcakes came with tiny plastic syringe like things that injected flavoring into them.

From the left: Red Velvet cupcake, carrot cake, flan, creme brulee, egg tarts, and chocolate toffee covered strawberry.

After dinner we walked around the forum shops for a bit.

On our way back we were able to catch the Bellagio water show.

A nice view at night.

Originally we had planned to go to Marquee (not with my parents of course) but with my brother's and sister, but instead of spending all that money on bottle service we decided to gamble and drink. Probably one of our best ideas yet, because after Phillip and I changed into more comfortable clothes to gamble for the night we headed downstairs and the first slot machine we saw was this Little Shot of Horrors.

Phillip ended up hitting this awesome $800+ bonus off of a $2 dollar bet.

In case anyone was wondering you can ask for champagne also. I'm kind of curious on how extensive the free drink menu is?

Kim and Peter getting drunk.

Pretty much we gambled our night away until like 4 am. Ended up going to Rhino with my brother's, sister and her husband Duke.

When we got back everyone crashed out, but I really wanted to McDonald's. I was bummed that it was still breakfast hours though. I wanted a Big Mac.

My last meal before bed.

That's it for day 1. The slots have been very generous today. Hopefully they are tomorrow also.

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