Monday, July 8, 2013

MaxPider Floor Mats review Lexus LS460

I contemplated for quite some time on a set of floor mats for my car. It was either the 3D MaxPider Kagu floor mats or the WeatherTech custom fit floor mats. I liked the quality of the WeatherTech, but just didn't like the look of plastic in my car. My brother has the WeatherTech in his truck and it fits well for the truck, but I had a luxury car and plastic floor mats didn't seem to fit the luxurious feel. So I ended up doing a bit of research on the MaxPider. I didn't find many reviews that answered the questions I was looking for. I bit the bullet and purchased a set.

Before purchasing I asked the dealer if the floors mats had holes in them to accommodate the floor mat retaining clips. He said yes. The reason I asked this was because from the pictures I saw online the floor mats did not have the holes for the retaining clips. I just assumed the pictures that were shown were stock pictures and that the actual product differed.

Onto the review.

I purchased a full front and rear set for a Lexus LS460 SWB (short wheel base)

It came in one box and it was very light.

back of the box shows that the mats are made with 3 layers. A bottom layer that grips the carpet so it doesn't move, a foam middle layer, and unique textured top layer. The top layer is the reason I purchased MaxPider over WeatherTech.

If you haven't noticed already. We had a minor problem. There are only holes for the driver side floor mat, that's it. The Lexus has retaining clips on all the mats front and rear.

A close up shot of the top layer. I really like it. The material reminds of the floor mats that are made for kids play pens (you know those foam floor puzzle pieces). Kind of like a really dense foam.

The back of the floor mat was like a really light version of velcro. I can see why these would stick very well.

Yes I still have the dealer protective cover on my floor mats. Don't judge me.

My original intention was to replace all my mats and still be able to keep the protective cover on my stock mats for when I sell this car to the future owner, but seeing that the MaxPider mats did not have the holes to accommodate the retaining clips. If I took the stock mats out the new mats would sit on top of the retaining clips and would not seat properly. So I assumed the new mats were to be placed over the stock mats.

but with placing the new mats over my stock mats we ran into a problem. Because I had the protective cover on, the new mats would not grip and kept sliding around.

As you can see the mats fit relatively well, but just would not hold due to the protective cover. I eventually gave in and pulled all the covers off the stock mats.

Eventually I got to the driver side. At least the mat for the driver side had the holes for the retaining clips, but I ran into another problem. The holes were not large enough to accommodate the retaining clips, so I couldn't replace the driver side mat even if I wanted to. I ended up just putting it over the stock carpet mat.
The next day I came up with the idea of removing the stock retaining clips from the car. I simply pried the clips out from the carpet.

The mats fit a lot better once I took the stock mats out.

In regards to the driver side mat I had two options. I could either pry the stock clips out or I can file the holes larger to accommodate the clips.

So I chose to file the holes larger.

The MaxPider mats are a lot lighter and thinner than the stock carpet mats so the retaining clips stick out a little bit, but not that big of a deal.

Ultimately the damaged had been done and I tore off my protective cover off my stock mats. I really wish I would have came up with the idea of removing the retaining clips first before removing the film from my carpet.

Overall I really like the MaxPider Kugo floor mats. It gives me the all weather protection without the look of plastic.

My only complaint would be the hole for the retaining clip. For floor mats that retail around $160 I would have expected them to fit properly without requiring me to slightly modify them.


  1. Oh, you found the right accessory for your Lexus! Floor mats are necessary to keep the stock floor of our rides look new. Imagine the molds that could grow and stain your car floor might get from spilled drinks and rain-soaked feet. For me, I would prefer to my floor mats to have my car's logo, but I guess whatever that protects my car's interior.

  2. I would have preferred something from Lexus also, but they don't make a full custom molded floor mat that covers the foot rest pedal.

  3. Maxliner Floor Mats I found are the absolute best fit and best price. I tried Husky and Maxpider but the Maxliner's have the correct twist lock retention holes and custom fit for Lexus and the cargo liner's are great as well.

  4. Besides the retention holes which were the only issue. The fit was great, I looked at Maxliners, but I don't want plastic floor mats in my car. The main reason I went with Maxpider.

  5. I felt the same way but once I tested the Maxliner's I realized they were a more flexible rubber/plastic blend, very durable. Nice review and pix by the way.

  6. Is that the "carbon fiber" finish they talk about, as opposed to the "traditional carpet"? So, it's not carpet at all? just sort of little puffy foam bumps? Trying to dsecide between the two finishes. I'm leaning toward the normal carpet look, just to go along with the feel of my car (Infiniti G37)

    1. It doesn't look like "carbon fiber" to me in person. Yes it is foam/rubber grated. I chose the Kagu style over the carpet because I wanted something that was water and weather proof, plus I already have the stock carpet mats. No need for another set.

  7. Do you think you could remove the "3D" logo w/o major blemishes?

    1. No guarantee. It's probably stuck on by glue because I don't see any rivets on the back side, but who knows how strong the glue is. it might damage it upon removal and the use of a heat gun might warp the mats. I would say do it at your own risk

    2. The 3D logo comes right off with small holes left behind. I roughed up the carpet and couldn't see any evidence they were there. I used a side cutter and a screwdriver to remove them from behind. Its held on by snap on clips like a child's wagon wheels are attached. I also swapped the round snaps to hold the mat to the carpet.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, glad you found it useful.

  9. You seem to have had it for quite a while. How does the MAXpider floor mats hold up over time? Would you buy it again?

  10. Sold the car a year ago, but I had the mats for almost 4 years and they held up very well. I would buy them again.


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