Monday, February 24, 2014

Vegas Superbowl weekend day 4

Finally got up and checked out of the room. Was lucky enough to get a 1 pm late check out. Funny thing was around 5 am when we were done gambling. Phat, Jack, Brian and I all went to the front desk to ask for a late check out. We all got helped by a different concierge. They only gave late check outs to Brian and I.

We were hungry so we headed over to Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood.

Then we headed back to Cosmo for some more gambling until it was time to head home.

Star Wars X-Wing bonus

It was finally time to return home.

The last meal of our vacation.

That's it. Another great trip. I was over Vegas after 3 nights. That's about my limit. Next on the agenda is Los Angeles.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Vegas Superbowl weekend day 3

Had a crazy night last night. The last thing I remember is taking the taxi ride back to the hotel. I felt very sick, but held it together. Walked back to my room and fell asleep. Woke up at 3 pm to find a garbage can by me. I was like oh yeah, took care of myself. Everyone was asking me how last night went and I told everyone that I got back fine and even got myself a garbage can in case I needed to throw up. Which I didn't use, but John thought otherwise. He told me that when I got back to the room I was obliterated and we had a conversation about random stuff and I threw up in the bathroom most of the night. Then I passed out and he got me the garbage can. Even after telling me this, I still couldn't recall any of it. I thought he was joking. Nope he has photo proof. This whole time I thought I totally owned the night :(

After finally waking up, we headed down to the casino floor to gamble a bit.

Willy Wonka bonus!

Then we got hungry and decided to head our for some ramen at Monta Ramen

Kimchi fried rice

Spicy Tonkotsu

Pot stickers

after that we just headed back to the casino to meet up with everyone for a night of gambling.

Lord of the Rings slot bonus

Pirate's Getaway bonus

Very rare do you see a Casino's main sign go out.

There a place called Secret Pizza inside the Cosmo on the third floor. There are no signs or anything indication where it is. You just walk down a hall and end up at a pizza joint.

This is the entrance to Secret Pizza. They're open late too.

Camelot Slot bonus

Big Buck Hunter Pro Bonus

We headed back to the MGM so that we can look for the Sigma Derby machine. Had a great time playing it on our last trip. One of the very few gambling machines left that still accepts quarters.

Peter even hit a 86:1 race horse. We ended up sitting at the machine for 2 hours and went through probably 6-7 rounds a drinks. I only ended up loosing about $40 on the machine. This thing can really burn some time if you're just looking to keep yourself occupied for cocktails.

We eventually made our way back to Cosmo.

and then we made our way to Rhino. It's Nicole's first time going :)

Brian really enjoyed himself that night.

After getting back from Rhino we headed across the street to McDonalds.

Yes that is mayo at the bottom.

and the last pic of the night. Went overboard with the drinking the two previous nights. So it was nice taking it a bit easy on our last night in Vegas.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vegas Superbowl weekend Day 2: XS Nightclub

On our second day, we were up and about by 10 am. We checked out and headed over to the Cosmopolitan. Between the entire group we had 6 comp rooms for the rest of the weekend.

Pierce, Phat, and I were the first to check in. We all tipped our concierge and she was nice enough to upgrade all of us, but the rooms weren't ready.

Some of the guys went to place their bets for the Superbowl. Denver was favored and 2 out of 3 people were betting Denver in Vegas. Needless to say Vegas made out like a bandit that day.

After placing our bets, we had lots of time to kill while we wait for the rest of our group to show up and for our rooms to be ready.

First up Thunderhorn free spin bonus

Nevermind we're hungry let's go eat. We ate at Wicked Spoon for brunch.

French Toast, braised short rib benedict, sausage pattie, passion fruit juice, and spicy mac and cheese.

Brian was the first to arrive. This guy goes HAM in Vegas.

More spicy mac and cheese, bone marrow, and Korean short rib.

My favorite part of the buffet. In the pot we had apple cobbler and molten chocolate cake. On the plate we have toffee and chocolate covered strawberry. carrot cake, chocolate rice crispy treat, doughnut, white chocolate cookie, and cheesecake.

By the time we were done with brunch some of the rooms were ready. Since all the bars and restaurant seating have been reserved for the game, we decided to watch the game in Phat's room.

Phat's Terrace one bedroom. The bathroom at the Cosmopolitan still weird me out. You have a window that can view into the shower and the only thing that blocks the view is a blind.

The view from terrace

John and Robyn finally arrived around noon.

One of the nice things about the Cosmopolitan is it's conveniently located across the street form Walgreens

We head to Walgreens to pick up drinks and snacks before kick off.

Nicole giving her most touristy pose.

My room was finally available and to my surprise they gave me the fountain view, score!

The view from my One bedroom terrace

After dropping off our luggage, we headed back to Phat's room to watch Denver get massacred.

The view from Phat's room at night. Man Vegas is gorgeous at night.

The view from my room at night.

After settling in our rooms for a bit, we headed down to the casino floor to rack up some points.

Time to hit the slots.... Let's see how many bonuses we can hit.

Wizard of Oz Haunted Forest bonus

Back to the Future bonus

The Princess Bride bonus

Airplane bonus

Star Wars bonus

Eventually we got hungry and set out to find food.

We ventured through the mall only to end up at Panda Express.

After getting our food we headed back to our to eat.
Panoramic view from the Terrace

Bellagio water fountain show from Terrace

By the time we finished our food it was time to get ready for the club. We had table service at XS Nightclub.

Jack and Evelyn ( i think that's her name)

We got to the club around 11 pm. Like usual it wasn't too packed yet.

Let the drinking commence.

John and Robyn

Phillip and Jensen

Brian and I.

and a Panda Bear.

The night started off really slow.

Jack got the mask from a bachelorette party that was next to us.

Nicole sober

Nicole drunk

and the drunk couple.

I don't even know how those got there.

My brothers, pierce and I.

You get out of the picture!

Me, Ben, and Robyn

Lil Jon was performing at XS that night.

Sometime during the night Ben decided to buy a bottle of Dom Perignon. This was a major turning point for a lot of people.

Our runner.

I vaguely remember this photo.

Looks like Ben got another mask from the bachelorette party.

Wild Ben.

Around 1 am the last part of our group showed up. Nicole and her two friends.

and just for record, I didn't take this picture. Nicole did, but after going through my camera I thought I did and was like; I probably looked liked a perv taingr a picture of the dancer, but Nicole just told me that it was her.

Phil and Jason!

Don't remember this

or this

or this... who's taking the picture?

yup this one neither

Nichole Phil and Jason

Super BEN!

Is she passed out? I don't know cause I still don't remember the rest of the night.

I don't even know who those people are with Ben.

Ben's on the stage!

I think Peter just woke up Nicole.

Where the hell did that bottle come from? I think that's Brian's fault.

Oh.,,.hey we eventually left.

I think at this point I maxed out my memory card. 8 gigs worth of video and pictures. Man you should see the stuff that I don't put on this site :)

so that ends day 2. What's in stored for tomorrow?

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