Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cabo San Lucas Day 2: Riu Santa Fe pool party.

Got a phone call around 8 in the morning. We were suppose to get up to make reservations at one of the restaurants on the property. Some of the dine in restaurants are walk in and some are by reservations only. Obviously the reservations ones have better food, but they make you work for it. Reservations open from 7 am - 10 am. We were able to get reservations at Krystal.

The rest of the group was up pretty early. They called Jose and I to see if we wanted to have breakfast, but we decided to sleep in.

We didn't get up until around 11 am. Didn't know exactly where everyone was, but Jose and I were hungry. So we thought we would try out the Japanese restaurant they had on the property Misaki.

The food wasn't to bad here. It was a sit in restaurant. It was almost like a prix-fixe menu and you would order and appetizer, main dish, and dessert. You can order as much as you like. It's all included.

The sushi sampler for two: Avocado Maki, Salmon Niguiri, Shrimp Niguiri, Tobiko sushi, California Roll, and Oshizushi.

For the appetizer I chose the Tuna Tataki and the Shrimp Wonton. They were both ok.

I had the Shrimp tempura as my main dish. It was good and I finished it before I remembered to take a pictures.

White chocolate and ginger caramel custard. This was really good.

We didn't have our phones on use since we didn't have any service at the hotel other than WiFi which was not so reliable in some spots. A great way to keep in touch with each other is to download one of the free apps that allows for chatting and phone calls over wifi. We used Line Chat.

After lunch, it was time for us to search for the rest of the group. We assumed that they were probably at the pool bar. As we were heading in that direction we just happen to run into the rest of the group. Apparently they had been searching for use for the last 45 minutes. They all wanted to head over to the Riu Santa Fe pool because it sounded more like a party scene. So off we went.

Guess who was already there? Ashley and the Nicoles. One of the Nicoles was already drunk.

When Jason wasn't looking Nicole was making out with someone else. Look at her back there!

When this thing drinks she gets tired.

The quality of alcohol at Riu Santa Fe was lower than Riu Palace. The best vodka they had was Finlandia and every time they made shots it tasted like Tequila. I hate Tequila.

Nicole and Christina.

Dung and sleepy Nicole.

The view from the pool ledge.

A server eventually made his way onto the bar top and was giving out jello shots.

She's still tired.

I asked for some shots. Literally the bartenders just threw whatever they want together.

Still sleeping.

We eventually made our way back to our hotel. Funny thing is we all didn't make it back to the hotel. We forgot about Andria. The last we saw of her she was making out with someone. Thought she was hanging out with her boy toy, but come to find out the next day she got wasted threw up and passed out by a bush. Woke up and the pool was empty. LOL!

Saw these guys and I wanted to snap a picture.

We went straight to the snack buffet, but they were closing up so I grabbed whatever they had left.

Stopped off at the bar for a few more drinks and then headed back to our room for a power nap.

Had a quick 45 min nap and then had to get up for our dinner reservation. Kind of hung over.

Nicole's not happy about something or she's doing the chicken dance.

I asked for a pose and this is what they come up with.

Krystal is one of the finer dinning restaurants on the property.

The rest of the group didn't even wake up. Ended up being 8 out of the 14 people.

The cool kids at the cool table.

I believe this was beet soup, peanut crisp roll and a sear ahi tuna.

when they delivered this, I was like oh cool grilled shrimp. How original,

Then they poured the soup and it all made sense. This soup was amazing.

It was good Friday so we couldn't have meat, so Jose and I opted for the fish. It was really good.

Apple cobbler ala mode.

Back at the bar again. A majority of the group were still tired from the day drinking, but I didn't want to let the night go to waste. So Jose, Jason, Jimmy, Dung and I decided to party. We originally decided to go to downtown again.

but I totally forgot that there is a club on property. Went to check that out and it was not worth it at all. It was super dead for a Friday night. So we decided to check out the club at Riu Santa Fe since there's a younger crowd there.

This guy was either super nervous or he was dancing up a storm. His back is all sweaty. It's not even humid.

The place was busier than Riu Palace. So we grabbed some drinks.

Jose made some more friends and we eventually ended up back at our resort.

By the time I made it back to the bar Jimmy, Jason, and Dung were gone. They had left back to the room for some room service. Which is 24hrs and also all inclusive. Limit to a maximum order of 5 plates per room. Don't ask me how I know.

That's it for Friday night. It was fun. Not as drunk as we were the night before, but don't worry we still have another night to go.

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