Friday, August 29, 2014

Aloha POLO Day 1

Been wanting to go to Hawaii ever since we went to Cabo back in March. We tried to book a trip around May or June but prices were ridiculous. So we decided to push it back until the end of Summer. Just happened to be around my birthday also.

So here we go. Aloha POLO (Paul Only Lives Once)

Was super excited about this trip. Had quite a bit of people in our group that have never been to Hawaii so I really wanted to show them around. Showed up to the airport 2 hours early. Wasn't necessary, but we were just excited to get this trip going. Been planing this trip for over 3 months.

Bags checked and passed through security.

Chorizo breakfast burrito from Una Mas.

 We were fortunate that Jack's cousin works for the airline we were taking and she got us all seated in the emergency exit rows. Score!

Also each seat had outlets. That was a nice surprise. Other airlines need to get in on this.

on the tarmac waiting to depart.

Jimmy's excited face. Ashley and Jimmy are first timers to Hawaii.

Last year when I flew with Hawaiian airlines we were provided with in flight meals, but not with Alaska Airlines. Bummer.

Was so excited I couldn't sleep. Stayed up for the entire flight.

Might as well get the party started early. $6 for crown is pretty cheap imo. First round.

Round 2

Let's order another. Why not?

Maybe one more.

Land ho. The first sight.

On the decent.

We had finally arrived.

The Honolulu airport has an old feel to it, but it's still gorgeous with their open air landscapes.

No windows, just open aired walkways to baggage claim.

On the shuttle to get our car rentals. I was able to score some cheap cars with Advantage Rent A Car. Got an intermediate sized vehicle for $15 a day. What a steal. Also found out that if you are a Visa Signature member there are a few great benefits. The one that really stood out for me was Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver you can save yourself a few bucks by opting out of the rental insurance. As long as your a Visa Signature member and you charge the rental on the card and you're the primary driver. Lucky my brother was also a member so he was the primary driver for the second vehicle.

After getting our rentals and picking up Evelyn from the airport because she landed several minutes behind us. We headed to your usual Ramen joint Tenkaippin Ramen.

Fried Chicken

Their known for their Kotteri Ramen. It's a very rich and thick broth.

There are other lighter broths if Kotteri isn't your thing.

After ramen we had to take the newbies to Waiola Shave Ice if you think Matsumoto's shaved ice is good then you are mistaken. I have had both on several occasions and Waiola wins hands down. Unless you like your ice a bit chunky then head to Matsumoto's. I like mine soft like snow and Waiola's is the place to get it, plus you don't have to travel all the way to Northshore to get it either. It's near Waikiki.

POG (Passion, Orange, & Guava juice) with custard center.


The custard center.

After Waiola's it was time to check into our vacation rental for the week.

Jack is ready for the strip club..

Jack practicing his strip club moves.

Our backyard for the week. The wave break is almost 1/2 a mile out. I actually mapped it :) at high tide it's about waist deep all the way out to the wave break.

A panoramic view of the backyard.

It was time to buy some groceries. About a mile away from the house there was a Foodland, Safeway, Costco, and a 7-11 within walking distance.

Here's our haul from Costco.

Eventually we made it back and I wanted to get my feet wet.

I bought my own float for this trip. I wanted to be in the water but yet I didn't want to be in the sun.

This is what I ended up with. It has a metal wire frame that folds up like those car window shade and doesn't require that much air to inflate, so no pump is necessary. Canopy is also removable, has a back rest, a netted bottom, and a cup holder. Only thing it's missing is a tiny motor.
I don't regret this purchase one bit. 

About two houses down from our rental the beach starts. Ashley was a bit worried about being on the beach because she thought it was a private beach. Did you know that there aren't any private beach in Oahu? Check out this article and this article.

Jimmy loves fishing and he found some of the fishing gear that comes with the house. Only thing is that his lure is stuck in a tree. Lol.

Some of the guys went to 7-11 and came back with these. Spam and Tamago Musubi.

Prepping the beer for beer pong.

That cloud doesn't look too pleasant. It was a concern that Hurricane Iselle & Julio were going to make contact on the days that we were there, but we totally lucked out and missed it by a few days.

This is what Hawaii is all about. Sitting and having a drink at the waterfront.

The three Hawaii veterans on the left (Linh, Peter, and myself) and the Hawaii virgins on the right (Jack, JImmy, and Jose)

After settling down at the house it was time to see Waikiki. We decided to have dinner at Duke's Waikiki

We parked at the outdoor mall and walked over to Duke's.

There's was going to be a bit of a wait for beach side seating. We had a rather large group.

So we headed to the bar for a drink.

Walked around Waikiki beach for a bit

Then back to the bar for more drinks. Just an fyi Duke's has a two drink limit.

We finally got sat down.

This is around the time we found out about the 2 drink limit, but had been tipping the bartender well so he let us slide for one more :)

and then we order from our sever at our table. Hooray for loopholes!

Baby back pork ribs

Cajun grilled chicken sandwich

Mac nut chicken katsu.

and for my birthday they gave me a Kimo's Original Hula Pie. Mac nut ice cream, oreo crust, chocolate syrup and whipped topping.

Driving back from Duke's everyone passed out in the car. I tried to take a picture of the back passengers sleeping. I was driving and trying to snap a pic without looking and ended up taking a picture of everyone's crotch instead of their face.... yup not going to post that. Lol.

Got back to the house and continued drinking. It was low tide and the water was only shin high. So we put the tiki torches and a chair in the water.

That's the last pic from day 1. Not a bad way to start our day. It's our first day in Hawaii, we had plenty of time, nice weather, had most of my friends with me. Couldn't ask for anything more.

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