Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Austin TX: Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Capital building, & Buffalo Billiards. (Day 4)

We emailed Franklin earlier on our trip to request from brisket to take home. They told us to come in on Sunday before 1 pm. We had a late check out at 1:30 pm so Peter and I headed to Franklin to pick up some brisket. The line was even longer than when were there on Friday. We just walked in got our order and walked out. Took literally like 5 minutes.

Checked out of the Hilton and we headed 6th St to do a bit of souvenir shopping and to look for a place to eat lunch.

We stopped off at Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop

Saw this boutique shop on our way to a ramen joint to eat. Collective Status

The ramen place we wanted to eat was closed for employee appreciation. So we got into our car and decided to drive to Hopdoddy Burger Bar

On our way to Hopdoddy we crossed over the Congress Ave Bat Bridge. People gather at sunset to see the over 1 million bats emerge from the bridge. I was told about it, but we didn't check it out.

Hopdoddy Burgher Bar. There was a pretty long line. It was a bit off putting because we had already waited so long for Franklin BBQ a few days ago, but when we asked how long the wait was, it was only 45 minutes. That's nothing compared to Franklin.

While you wait in line, they have a server come by and you can order drinks in line.

They were giving out samples of their fries.

Fresh made buns in-house.

I had the Nutella & Chocolate Pretzel shake. This is a must!

Truffle fries with a side of green chili queso.

I had the Buffalo Bill and added a fried egg on top.

I traded half my burger with Ashlie. I think she had the Classic with avocado & egg.

I thought the burgers were okay. Probably not something I would have to come back for. The fries and shake was delicious though.

After lunch we had a few hours to kill, so we visited the Capitol Building.

We ended up back at 6th St for some more souvenir shopping... Which we just ended up visiting bars.

Back at the Thirsty Nickel for the last time.

During all the nights we visited 6th St, we didn't venture to far down the road. So this time we did.

Ran into a few cool bars that I wished we had known about before.

Recess Arcade Bar

Exactly as the name suggest. Arcades and a bar.

Buffalo Billiards. An awesome place that has Billiards, Foosball, Air Hockey, & Darts.

This place was awesome. We didn't have that much time left to really enjoy this place, but it was fun. Love their electronic darts. We played a box game, where you throw darts to do punching combos to try and knock out the other players.

It was eventually time to head to the airport.

The last meal before our flight home. Salt Lick BBQ....

Austin was a blast and I can't wait to go back. Next on the agenda is Vegas for a bachelor party. It's going to be chaotic. Wish me luck.

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