Thursday, March 31, 2016

SoCal day 3: Inka Grill

Got up and packed our things and headed out.

Once again Tammy was in charge of photos while I drive.

Motel 6 WiFi

A guy on a bike


In N Out Burger

Freeway sign

Her phone...

Meat truck

Cement mixer. So many random pictures.

Jack wanted to bring back from Croissants for some friends, so we headed back to Cream Pan.

For our last meal before we leave, Son took us to Inka Grill in Costa Mesa.

I mentioned to my friend Alvin that we were going to have Peruvian food before we leave and he recommended that I get the Pisco Sour.

Son was mentioning that the green sauce is what makes this place good.

The sauce is a light and creamy sauce with some heat.

Son recommended the Saltados. It reminded me of a fajita stir fry with french fries. You get a choice of meat and it gets served with salad or rice.

I got my order with a side of rice. I just poured on the green sauce. It was pretty good. Might be a bit spicy for some, but I like it.

Got the fried seafood appetizer. It also came with fried corn. Very similar to corn nuts. Everything goes well with the green sauce.

Assortment of Empanadas.

Pisco Sour. It tasted like a very light version of a margarita.

After lunch we headed to The Huddle. I really wanted to play Foosball and this was the closest place I could find to the airport.

They also got electronic darts. I love playing electronics darts because of the animation and score keeping, but I like the weight and feel of real darts.

They also got pool tables too.

$6 for a well cocktail.

Tammy had a go at the punching bag, she punches like a child. Lol.

It was time to return the car and get on our flight. Vacations over and it's time to head home.

Got to the airport and had time for a drink before boarding. Just $2 more for a double? why yes please.

Used up the rest of Jack's drink tickets on our flight home.

That's it for this trip. It was a fun and quick get away. Lots and lots of eating. All of the food was great.

What's next?

Heading to New York next month for my first visit. Stay tuned, there's going to be a lot more food to come.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SoCal day 2: Tsujita, Trader Sams, & Shake Shack

We headed out around 10 am towards Los Angeles for some Ramen at Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle.

There's even traffic at 10 am in SoCal.

We arrived a little after 11 am and were the third table to be seated. Tsujita is my favorite place for Ramen. Tsujita only serves Ramen during the lunch hours of 11a-1:30p. I have gone to Tsujita once during dinner time to find out the hard way.

I always get the Tsukemen. I haven't tried anything else, but have heard from other's that the other Ramen types offered are good.

Iced green tea.

Hot green tea.

Last time I ordered an extra egg and extra pork and I wasn't even close to finishing it.

The pork is delicious.

This time I did a better job. I was able to finish all the pork and both eggs, but still had a lot of Ramen left over.

There's three steps to eating Tsukumen, but I always go straight to step two, which includes the lime.

Tsujita definitely hit the spot and never disappoints. After we headed to Porto's Bakery & Cafe. Most of the time when I visit SoCal I usually get someone requesting for it.

We got a few dozen to bring back home. By the time we got back to O.C we were ready for dessert. Our next stop was After's Ice Cream.

Last time I visited, we had just finished eating Shabu-Shabu nearby and I was stuffed. We stopped by and I bought some ice cream just to take a picture. I only planned to take a bite just to taste it, but when I did. I had to finish it.

So I took Tammy here so she could try it for her self.

The got the Cookie Monster in a glazed milky bun with fruity pebbles.

I got the same thing, but they cut it in half for better picture taking.

Even though we were really full. I wanted Tammy to try Burntzilla. Since it was close by and I didn't want to back track later. We went there and grabbed some food to go for later.

Since I didn't get a chance to show Tammy Trader Sams, we headed back to Downtown Disney after Burntzilla.

I really like themed bars, and this place is one of my favorites.

I had the Hippopotomai-tai and Tammy wanted something light so I suggested the Passionate Python.

Passionate Python


She still thought it was a strong drink.

We had to take a break from consuming food and drinks. So we headed to ESPN Zone for some friendly competition.

Looks like things have been moved and a little remodeling done from the last time I saw this place.

This was probably the most fun game we played. It's a lot harder than Foosball and the coordination is different also.

After games we headed back to Son's house. Tammy needed to rest and I wanted to have my Burntzilla.

Buffalo Chicken slider, and the Vietnamese Pork Sandwich slider, both really good.

Around 7 pm we headed to Hollywood to meet up with some friends that lived in the area for dinner. My friend suggested Shake Shack, since it just opened about a week ago or so. My friend Brandon was telling me about this the other day, so I really wanted to try it.

There was a very long line.

We waited about an hour in line, but it wasn't too bad, because I was able to catch up with everyone in the mean time.

The Chick'n Shack looks so good, but I wanted to have a burger cause that's what they're known for.

Tammy had the Shack Burger & I had the SmokeShack, we both got the cheese fries. My burger was very good.I wished I got the double instead of the single. The one question we asked ourselves was, is it better than In & Out? It's a very good burger, but if I had to chose I still think In & Out is little better. I really enjoyed the burger from Shake Shack and would definitely have it again, but I'd probably avoid the line next time.

My friend's wife Catherine ordered the frozen custard with doughnut crumbs. I tried a little and it was really good also.

Jack ordered the Shack Stack, which is a Shack Burger with the fried portobello mushroom. Jack had Shake Shack before in Vegas and he said it wasn't memorable for him, but this time he said it was better. Maybe because he was hung over last time.

After dinner we headed back to O.C, hung out at a local sports bar until 2 am and called it a night.

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