Friday, September 17, 2010

Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend. Day 2 & 3

Woke up the next day and headed out for some food. My friend has been telling my to try Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. He said it was the best chicken fingers he has ever had. Really, Chicken Fingers? So we thought we would give it a try.
The Chicken Fingers were good. They were juicy and the sauce was good. Nothing I would rave about. Something to try once if you have the free time but nothing worth craving over.

After breakfast..uh lunch... whatever.  We headed to Encore Beach Club. Got a cabana through Dave Pappas. It was a Monday and everyone was heading home. So the minimum on the cabana was super cheap.
We were really tired. It was just a relaxing day.

 We had a $1000 B&F minimum. So pretty much we had to spend a minimum of $1000 on food and beverages. I had never in my life had such a hard time spending our limit. There were 6 of us. At the very end we ended up telling our server to just get us shots until we hit the minimum. We were there till closing. We just couldn't drink enough. 

Charyl ended up passing out.
So did Cheri
Um.... I think JSP had enough to drink though.
After EBC closed we started heading back to our room. We were pretty faded by this time. On our way back Charyl was eying these heels in the Rock & Republic store. 

While in the store John, JSP, and Ray were talking about music and for some reason they ended up talking about the song "Nobody by Keith Sweat"
See video below for the song I'm talking about.

Any ways so John, JSP, and Ray (all faded) decided to add in their own twist on the song.
The ended up with these lyrics:

I want some Ice Cream
I want some Kool-aid

We tried getting some ice cream near closing time at EBC but the kitchen was close. So that gave birth to the first line in the song. The kool-aid part... I have no idea where that came from.

Also in the video you get to see Magic Man's version of the stanky leg. I don't know why but that stanky leg cracks us up every time and none of us can mimic it.

In my wake of drunk shopping I ended up buying Charyl those $345 heels.

We're still drunk. 
I think we actually head to Hagen Daz for some ice cream, but I'm not too certain.

 Some of us decided to take a nap and some decided to pre party. Really really early.
Ray's famous walk..The Magic Man always seems to pull a trick on every trip that makes us LOL.

Some night shots from our room.

In this room it was party time!

In this room it was nap time.

Then the party room became the nap room also.
Well.... Sort of.

Then the nap room and party room decided to collaborate and do a remix.. It's party all the nap time.
It only takes these 3 easy steps to have a successful and fun time in Veags.

Step 1. Bring your favorite alcoholic beverage to Vegas or buy a bottle when you get there.

Step 2. Drink your alcoholic beverage.

step 3. Get CRAZY!!!!
After everyone was awake. We headed to the casino floor to play some craps. Usually there aren't that many crap players in my group, but this time JSP, Hai, and Son were on this trip. They have been playing since yesterday but have not been doing well. I think it's because they had an itch to play and decided to play when the whole team was not present. I also played on the first night by myself and lost my money in like 10mins. It's always more fun as group. So we decided to get out official first game of craps as a whole and it paid off well.

After about an hour of craps. Headed back to the room to grab the rest of the people to head out to club XS.

Charyl rocking her new Rock and Republic heels that I bought drunk shopping after EBC.

Here we are heading off to XS.

Usually we don't do bottle service at XS, but after getting inside it was pretty packed. So we tracked down a host and got a bottle of Belvy.

Neal ended up showing up

Then Cheri showed up.

 Here's a pic of our runner I think his name is Johnny.

Man I F*ckin hate that ceiling.
No really, I f*ckin hate that ceiling.
Here's are server. Maybe her name is Shelly? We were tipping our server and runner all night. Eventually a bottle of Goose and Crown showed up on our table. I thought someone had bought another bottle. Come to find out that another table had left and barely touched their bottles. So our server ended up giving it to us. I guess all that tipping paid off? 

So we ended up getting pretty smashed that night. Especially JSP. If you don't remember this was JSP's first trip to Vegas with us. 

JSP seems kind of suspicious in this picture. What's that in his hands?

He ended up "making it rain" on some random girls that were dancing on the stage. I didn't remember this till I saw this pic.

XS was playing House music all night and most of us couldn't stand it anymore so we ended up leaving and gambled the rest of the night.

Woke up the next day. Didn't have a flight out till 6pm. The nice thing about getting comped rooms is I would book 1 extra night so that I don't have to ask for early check out. So we had the room all day on our last day.

My Camera ran our of batteries do I tried to snap some last day pics with my phone. 

Here we are getting a cab to the airport. 

Overall this was a great trip. Still doesn't top Aug 2009. The best Vegas trip I ever had, but having the A.O.D team great. JSP was a great addition to this trip and I have to invite him to every Vegas trip now.

Fun times as usual.

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