Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Glamping day 2

Woke up to some gloomy weather Saturday morning. Headed to the deli to get some breakfast.

Sausage and bacon burrito.

Camp ground was pretty empty. Everyone was probably out doing stuff.

After breakfast we signed out some bikes (free).

The main entrance has cabins and tents on display for anyone interested in seeing what the accommodations are like.

Jerry chose a lemon for a bike. Every time we rode uphill the chain would pop off. Across the street from the camp is El Capitan beach. They also have a bike trail.

We were probably our for about an hour max. Then headed back to camp for some beers at the patio garden.

Cheddar Cheese worm snacks. They tasted like popcorn kernels.

Back at base camp it was time for lunch. Brandon bought the Oban. No shots allowed he said.

Even though we had a microwave, I reheated my burrito on the grill.

I probably should have used the microwave.

Brandon also brought some marinated rib-eyes.

More whiskey and meat for lunch.

After lunch we decided to check out the farm they had onsite.

A miniature donkey.

He/she's so tiny. Leaned up against the fence to get petted.

Smartest Llama, sitting and eating. One was to tell the difference between Llamas and Alpacas are that Alpacas have short round ears and Llama have long banana shaped ears. Llamas are a lot larger than Alpacas also.

Time for dinner!

Compliments of chef Jerry. Burger, with arougala, and egg. Jerry cooked with eggs with just tinfoil and oil. Quite impressive.

Still had a bunch of s'mores left over from dinner yesterday. Pretty much hung out and drank most of the night.

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