Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disneyland's Club 33

We visited Disneyland again. This trip was a bit more exciting because we had reservations at Club 33.

What is Club 33? Read about it here from Wikipedia.

We headed off to Disneyland at 8am. Out first stop was Guest Relations to pick up our 1-day hopper tickets that were included with our Club 33 reservation.

Upon receiving our hopper tickets. We were given this Club 33 guideline paper. It summarizes the dress code, cancellations, and proper conduct.

After picking up our tickets we were on our way to Disneyland.

Once we entered the park. The first character we saw was the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Here's Hai taking a picture with the Queen. Louie tried to get in the picture too but was shoved away by the Queen.
I have been to Disneyland so many times but Main Street never gets old.
We stopped by the lockers to drop off our change of clothes for Club 33 later.
Then we stopped by the bakery on Main Street to pick up some coffee.
Son with his double espresso
I had the cappuccino.
We were planning on fast passing Space Mountain but the wait was 5 mins. So we decided not to. It was surprisingly slow in Disneyland. I would have expected it to be busier since it was spring break.
After Space Mountain. We saw the Captain EO Tribute. Don't expect much from this show. It was made produced back in the 1980's. It will give you some laughs though.
After the Captain EO Tribute. We rode Buzz Lightyear. Then we headed to Indiana Jones.
We rode a couple of more rides after but my camera ended up getting wet on Splash Mountain and it decided it didn't want to take pictures anymore. So I missed out on a lot of good pics throughout the day.

We went to California Adventure. It seemed a lot busier there than Disneyland. We rode most of the main attractions and headed back to Disneyland around 4pm. Grab a light snack before our reservations at Club 33 which was at 6:30pm.
Got to get one of those fresh hand dipped corndogs.
We had some time to kill so we did a quick walk through of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
The pictures don't do these dioramas justice. They were amazing.
If I was a duck I would like in Disneyland too.

We changed our attire and headed off to Club 33. Here are a few pics of the New Orleans area.

Here's a video of us entering Club 33
Video of the our first group riding the French Lift.

Out second group on the French Lift and being seated in the Trophy Room.

Some fine China for display. Once your seated and situated. They take the plates away before you are served your first meal.
Our beautifully folded napkin. Every time someone left the table the servers would fold our napkins before we returned. Not as nice as pictured below but a nice little touch none the less.

You can order individual plates
or 5 course meal for $85 a person.
The one and only place in Disneyland that you can order an alcoholic drink. They have a full bar. My first drink I let the bartender decide for me. I ended up with a Tennesse Tea. The second drink they made me was a Sazerac.
We all ended up getting the Pirate Punch. Which is a kids drink. It came with a light up Buzz Lightyear or Tinker Bell. Our server told us that even though the Pirate Punch is sold at other sit down restaurants in Disneyland. Club 33 sold the most of these drinks. When we left Club 33 we were wearing our light Buzz and Tinker Bells. Surprisingly a lot of people were asking where we got them.
We ended up spending about 4hrs at Club 33. Just looking around and hanging out, having drinks, and buying merchandise. Unfortunately the lake was drained and being serviced. So we did not get the opportunity to see Fantasmic from the balcony, but we did catch the fireworks from there. Not a great view of it but it was a surreal feeling just being on the balcony itself. Got to do 3 things on my bucket list: 1) Dine at Club 33, 2) Purchase an alcoholic beverage from a bar in Disneyland, and 3) stand on the balcony in New Orleans Square.
My favorite time of at Disneyland is at night.
My favorite view in Disneyland is at night looking at the castle from Main Street.
That concluded our trip. It was short but very fun. Can't wait to visit Club 33 again if I ever get the chance. Have a lot of other pics that I need to upload. Hopefully I can get them up soon.

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