Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 8: Final day.

Agenda: A whole lot of nothing...

So the last day finally came. Our flight out was at 8:45p so we still had some time left.
We dropped off John at the airport cause his flight was before noon.
Then we spent some time shopping for souvenirs and ended the day at the beach again.
Packed our stuff and had our last meal in Oahu at

Tenkaippin Ramen
617 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 732-1211

This place had really good ramen. The night before when we went to eat sushi we saw a long line for this place so we decided to try this place out. I was glad that we did but sad that we didn't discover this place sooner.

I don't have many pics of our last day except for this pic of Charyl's sunglasses after she sat on them.

Dropped off our rental van, hopped on our plane and flew home.
That was our 8 day trip to Oahu.

We came home to this.. Lex ended getting a fox tail in her foot so she had to wear a cone so that she couldn't lick her foot. The cone did not last long cause she destroyed it within a few days.

Here are some videos that we took from our whole trip.

Day 4: The octopus that was caught on our Bob trip.

Day 4: John's magic trick at the restaurant

Two weeks after we came back we headed out to Vegas. I have very few pics from that trip but have this great video of Peter and a wheelchair. I just need to get that from john.

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