Monday, August 2, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!!! Day 2

We didn't wake up till noon and we didn't leave our room till about 2pm. Most of us were recovering from the night before. John was watching the Food Network and saw them do a feature on Hot n Juicy Crawfish. So we decided to hit up that place for some food. It was only 1/2 out from the strip.

We got 4lbs of Crawfish and a pound of shrimp. It was good but nothing different from previous crawfish joints that I have been to.

Fried softshell crab was amazing though and so were the cajun fries. Awesome.

After we got back from lunch we chilled in the room for a bit and we all fell asleep. Didn't wake up till 8:30pm. We ended up wasting most of our day sleeping. John wanted to stop by the LV store at City Center to buy some shoes. The City Center is awesome and huge. The picture below is just their valet.

This is the concierge for Aria I believe.

Since John couldn't find his shoes at the store we visited the LV store in Wynn hoping to find them there.
No luck so we headed back to our hotel and decided to get some ice cream.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. 
John and his LV Kanye West Jasper's shoes
Woke up the guys and headed out for dinner at First Food & Bar. Located in the mall at the Palazzo.
Bottled root beer. 
The menu at First Food & Bar and quite unique. Here is a cesar salad with fried mozzarella balls and a fried egg on top. It was freaking amazing.
John had mac & cheese with crumbled doritos on top.
Fish and Garlic chips.
The best looking Garlic bread I have ever seen.
Spaghetti and meatballs
What a great combo.

Orange beef and noodles. This was ok. 
After dinner we headed out to club XS. My friend knew the resident DJ so we were meeting up with him. While waiting we had a few drinks. We usually like to start out with a Silver Back. For those that don't know: That is a shot of 151 and the outside is Hpnotiq and Redbull. Normally it is served like a Jager Bomb but this is a nice way to present it. You lift up the shot glass it mixes and you chug. Rinse, Lather, and repeat. One Silver Back will get your night started. The Hpnotiq and Redbull mask the 151 very well.

Is Neal doing the Duck Face?
We went to XS in June of 2009. It was a lot busier back then. Goes to show that the Las Vegas is still on the decline. When I was here last year the whole back pool area was open and people were everywhere. This time they closed it off.

I was super wasted. Took a picture with the restroom guys. 

But..... I was not as wasted as Peter. John's face says it all.

I don't remember eating this. I hope it was good.

Overall this trip was great. The Magic Man didn't pull any tricks this time and there were no casualties. No one threw up, nobody had to be cared for, and everyone was at their peak of drunkeness. I ended playing craps from 4am to 8am. Found two guys that shot for like 45mins each. It was freaking amazing. That will hopefully get my comps up. 

This trip was not as exciting as January, but it was fun. I'm already looking to go back in September. Hopefully the Skyloft this time. 

Side note: Peter woke up with a bruise on his nose. He was it was hurting a lot. It looked like he got punched in the face. He doesn't remember what happened. Neither do I but good thing Charyl got it on video. Hopefully I will get it posted up soon.

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