Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Impromptu Vegas trip. Day 3

Got up around noon on our last day. Pretty much packed our stuff and headed downstairs for our last run at the slot machines.
Since PowerBall was the hot thing at the time. I tried playing the PowerBall slot machine. It was very disappointing.

On the other hand though Jack hit his second Major Jackpot on the Lightening Link machines that he loves so much. He hit a $700+ yesterday, but I missed the opportunity to snap a picture and right after this win, he hit the $800+ Major Jackpot on the machine right next to his 10 minutes later.

It was finally time to head home. Unsure if it was due to CES or what but we ran into a lot of Taxi drivers giving us a run for our money. This Taxi driver said he going to go around because Las Vegas Blvd was busy. He took us the back way to Tropicana and when we passed Las Vegas Blvd it was empty. Be aware of your driver. I have ran into some really cool drivers, but have also ran into taxi drivers that are shady. Maybe because Uber is now approved for Vegas?

Just be aware and don't hesitate to get their ID info and call the Taxi Authority.

Last meal before we head out.

Overall great trip. Everyone game home a winner. Can't get any better than that. Flights are extremely low lately for Vegas. So cheap that the guys are already booked to go back next month. I'm so tempted, but I think I'll hold off.

What's next on the agenda? Cancun, Mexico. Can't wait.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Impromptu Vegas trip. Day 2

I was the last one to get up the next morning around 11 am. Everyone else got up to place their sport bets. They were all back at the E-Craps machine again. So I sat down for a little bit. I went on a decent roll yesterday and Phat made a bit of money off of my streak. Lets see if we can do it again.

and today was no different. I already hit 5 points and was still going.

I was still hot. I ended up going on a 6 or 7 point series. Phat and Jack made a killing on E-Craps. Pierce missed out cause he met up with his parents, who were also in Vegas, for lunch and came back at the end of the set.

We cashed out and Jack and I went to Pierce's room to change and get some things.

Pierce also had a wrap around suite, but had a better view cause his room was at the front of the Vegas strip.

This was the display in the lobby at the Cosmo. I haven't seen this one before, must be up for the CES convention. Looks like retro video game screens.

After cashing out, we head off for lunch.

We went to Pho Kim Long in china town.

a basic beef Pho for Jack Hammer.

Catfish & Pork sizzling clay pot.

Catfish, with slices of fatty pork, pork rinds, green onions and jalapeno in a caramelized glaze.

Took my time to de-bone the fish.

then I dumped all the rice in it and mixed it up. It's as good as it looks.

Phat had the Oysters with black bean sauce.

After an amazing lunch. we headed back for some more gambling.

Since we had a great run on craps before lunch, Phat wanted to see if I was still hot.

Sure enough I still was.

This time I made Phat a lot more money.

Phat had one goal the entire trip. He was going to take all his winnings and put it on the Alabama & Clemson game. He was very confident that Clemson was going to win the point spread.

Vegas was giving Clemson 3 1/2 points for the first half and 6 1/2 points for the whole game. I only placed a bet on the first half, Phat bet first half and whole game.

At half time it was 14-14 with Clemson's 3 1/2 points. We were all winners!

We headed off to grab some dinner to bring back to the room to watch the rest of the game.

Of all things to eat in Vegas, we ended up with Panda Express.

Winner Winner Orange Chicken dinner.

The second half of the game was very stressful. Alabama scores and the game is now 45-33 with about 1:10 left in the game.

Clemson scores with 12 seconds left in the game making it 45-40. Alabama wins the title, but with Clemson's point spread of 6 1/2 we win also. The guys are definitely giving Vegas a run for their money.

Jack grew a liking to all the Lightening Link slot machines. There were 8 of them.

$115 bonus win.

$165 bonus win.

$167.50 bonus win.

$120 bonus win.

$297.50 win.

$167.50 win

Not all bonuses are great. Here's a compilation of all our not so great bonus wins.

Phat was really loving E-Craps. So we wanted to play some more.

I wasn't hot anymore, but this other guy was.

Here's Phat making another killing on E-Craps. He already banked $2900 and has $400+ on the board working for him. Takes money to make money is what he says.

We were having a field day on E-Craps. Too bad E-Craps doesn't accept player's card.

Everyone at E-Craps was hot.

We spent a few hours here and drank a lot.

1st Series and on their 14 roll. It was ridiculous.

3rd Series 5th roll. They might as well be handing out money.

By 4 am. We called it quits. Had another great run for the day. Everyone made money on E-Craps and football.

I really wanted to get a Big Mac to make up for the Buttermilk Chicken I had yesterday. Pierce and Phat went to sleep while Jack Hammer and I went to McDonalds.

But they were only serving breakfast. What a bummer. I wonder how much I would have to tip them to have them make me a Big Mac? Maybe I'll find out next time. Instead I got a McGriddle as my last meal for the night.

Couldn't have asked for a better second day in Vegas. All winners by the time we went to bed.

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