Thursday, February 16, 2012

Las Vegas Superbowl weekend 2012: Day 2

Woke up the next morning..... who am I kidding.. Woke up the next afternoon. I would have slept in more, but everyone was waking up and recapping about last night. Lots of laughs were had and everyone was hungry. So we all got up and headed down to MGM Grand Wok and Sushi Bar for a light bite. We were waiting for Ichiza to open up at 3pm.

I believe this is the chicken stir fry Brian ordered.

Won Ton Noodle soup.

Walnut Shrimp.

By the time we were finished with lunch our friend Son had just arrived from SoCal. He drove to Vegas just for a day. Son did not waste any time. He went straight to drinking.

We rolled out to Ichiza around 4pm. It's off strip but well worth the detour. It's located in China town.

Medium fatty Tuna Sashimi.

A friend of ours Sim who lives in Vegas joined us for the day.

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

Crab and Cheese Croquette

Fried baby octopus

Grilled whole squid


Monk Fish Liver Pate

I forgot what this was, but I think chicken gizzards

Jalapeno Fried Rice with crab meat added. This is awesome. We had 4 orders at our table.

I don't know what it's called but it's pretty much burnt rice balls.

Honey Toast. A big chuck of toast with vanilla ice cream and honey. This was amazing. Last time I didn't have room to eat this, but this time I made sure to leave room.

After the early dinner most of us went back to the room and some of the other guys headed to the mall to do some last minute shopping for tonight.

Also while we were gone Alex hit one of the progressives on the Ghost Busters slot machines and won over $1,300.

After we got back. Some people went down to gamble, some people were drunk... mainly Son and Phillip, and the rest of the people just relaxed in the room. It was the calm before the storm that was in stored tonight.

Around 8pm everyone started suiting up.

A few shots to get the night started.

Man look at the guy to girl ratio. All the more reason to do bottle service.
From top left: Juan, Alex, Peter, Brian, Orlando, Pierce, Son, Dr. Phat, Jack, Phillip, Nhi, Robyn, John, Thomas, Linda, and me

John and Robyn are ready for tonight. Are you?

and off we go. We had bottler reservations at Marquee. We had a friend that works there and she was able to get us a table in the main room with a $2500 spending minimum.

We had 16 people rolling out to Marquee. So we grabbed a limo. Can you really fit 16 people in one limo?

We didn't all fit in this one.

and we didn't really fit comfortably in the second one either, but we made it work.

Alex is sitting on the wet bar.

On our way to Marquee. It's hard to take nice night pictures while in motion without flash.

The pillars at the Cosmopolitan are awesome. They are screens and can change their image. Last year they had a Chinese New Year theme.

Going up?

The main focal point to Cosmopolitan has to be the giant Chandelier looking piece. Always impressive.

We got to Marquee around 10p. We wanted to get there early so that we could get a good spot for the night. It wasn't that busy when we arrived.

I never really payed attention, but you get into the elevator and you either go up or down into the club. If I remember correctly I think I take the stairs down when I exit the club. So I'm going to assume that you take the elevator up into the club. It's just a guess cause I can't even confirm that I take the stairs to even exit club. LOL

Everyone is anxiously waiting for liquor.

Still waiting.

Shut up and take my money!

Awwww Yeahhhh! 4 bottles of Belvedere, Jack Daniels, and Hennessy Privilege. 6 bottles and some redbull about $2500.

Boss man taking care of the bill.

And so it begins.

Nhi and Sim are like best friends. Sim ended up moving to Vegas to work at the bars. Nhi still works with us at the bar back in the Bay Area. Alex on the bottom left and Son on the bottom right. I'm surprised that Son even made it because right when we arrived on Monday he drank up a storm. Yacked in the room and passed out, but he got up and like a solider marched on. Looks like he's hurting though.

Three lovely ladies sitting in an ice bath.

After a few drinks. A few of us decided to tour the club. I forgot how the club layout was last time. I just remember there being 3 rooms and an outside.

This is the hallway to the restrooms.

The outside cabanas.

Outdoor patio pool.
I heard that if you stay at the Cosmopolitan some of the rooms have access to the pool from their patio. I wonder how that works when they have parties at night?

After the pool we went upstairs to the library.

It's quite a bit more quite up there. They have a pool table and it has a lounge type feel to it. I didn't know what this stage is for, but I heard that they sing Karaoke up there. Makes sense why the screen is there.

After that we headed to the lower floor. It's a smaller room with one bar. On Monday's they play house music here. It's a nice option for groups of friends who are into different music. Unlike XS you are stuck listening to one type of music. I like the options that Marquee has to offer. By the way Monday 2/6/2012 was XS third year anniversary. I heard Skrillex was there spinning.

After a few minutes downstairs we headed back to our table.

I'm trying to wear French Cuff shirts when I suit up. Unfortunately. I left my suit pants at home so I had to borrow a friends. I was really pissed about that. Anyways I picked up these roulette cuff links to hopefully bring me good luck in Vegas. Yeah it didn't work.

John's Bespoke Jacket from Seymour's in S.F. it's made of a velvet like material.

I'm going to tell you now that there isn't that much left to say because I don't remember most of the night. So enjoy the pictures.

Sim joined us for the night also.

I have no idea who that girl is. Maybe Jack's friend?

Here's are friend Steph. She used to work for us back in the Bay Area, but I guess she lives in Vegas and works at Marquee now.

One of the things I like about the booths at Marquee is that at the backrest of the couch is a small box where you can put your jackets and other belongings out of peoples views. I remember some of the tables at Tao have it also.

That's our friend Nappy. He DJ's for the club I work at sometimes. He also happened to be in Vegas the same time we were. He had a table outside, but it was cold. So he hung out with us inside. He was kind enough to buy another bottle. What an awesome guy!

Orlando. Mr. Wheelchair Member 2011.

By this point I'm sure you know that everyone is pretty wasted.

Linda and our cocktail server.

I don't remember having Champagne. I wonder where she got that glass from?

Oh yeah. Busta Rhymes was at the club performing that night.

I dropped my camera and it stopped working. It wouldn't turn on. I'm sure if I took the battery out it would have just reset itself, but I was drunk and sooo pissed at the camera that I decided to tear the whole screen off. Yeah it definitely stopped work after that point. I wasn't really thinking rationally, just kind of in the heat of the moment.

So at this point there aren't anymore pictures. I got back home and ordered a new one. I usually use the picture in my camera to recap on the night before, but this time I can't remember much. LOL. Lesson learned. Don't rip the screen off it won't turn the camera back on.

I do remember heading to bed and Brian coming into the room and telling me we have a problem. Apparently Juan was really drunk and tried to take a crapper on the coffee table. That was quite a rude awaking and a buzz killer. I was walking downstairs with a toilet paper ready to clean shit up. What a friend right? Lucky for us he was unsuccessful and just ended up throwing up and passing out.

Question of the day. What would you rather clean, Throw up or poop?

Orlando and Juan had a flight out at 6am. They had work on Tuesday morning. Only Orlando made it. Juan missed his flight.

We laughed at Orlando for booking such an early flight. Should have called in sick. He was hating life Tuesday morning.

That's it for day 2. Hope you enjoyed our Shenanigans.

Next on the agenda is Disneyland in a few weeks. That should be the next blog and after that Vegas in May again.

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