Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where else, but Vegas again!. Day 3

We woke up around 10am. We had to hit the road back to San Diego to get Eden to the wedding that his trip to Cali was originally intended for. Lucky for us none of us had a hangover from the previous night.

I was tired though and thanks to Brandon and Eden for driving cause I just slept the whole entire road trip.

I have only been on one road trip to Vegas and that was 12 years ago. I do remember stopping off and going to the an outlet mall and seeing a roller coaster. It was nice to see it again. It brought back a lot of good memories. Found out it was the Desperado Roller Coaster and a bit of useless facts for you: It was once considered the worlds tallest roller coaster. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest roller coaster in 1996. 

We stopped off for some gas and some food. We stopped at a 24hr Subways. I have never seen one that was opened for 24hrs, but they did have this awesome Jalapeno Cheese bread. Is this a new thing or only available at certain places?
After lunch we hit the road again. I woke up randomly to snap pictures.

Next thing you know we arrive in San Diego. My friend Son from the Orange County area drove down to San Diego to visit for the day.

We settled down for a bit and then we took off to drop Eden off at the wedding. This will be the last time I see him before he heads back to HK. The Vegas portion of his trip was just the tip of the ice berg. He visited me for a few days in my hometown before we headed to Vegas.

After dropping Eden off, Brandon took Son and I to little Italy for some food.

We ended up at Bencotto. Omg was this place good.

Some very thinly sliced prosciutto. It was delicious.

The bartender recommended the Eggplant Parmesan as an appetizer. Even though it was an entree dish he  said it was a nice size for sharing and a good start and oh man was it. The Eggplant thinly sliced and staked.

Since Son was visiting from OC we had to have a drink. What else but the Doris Mok. It's a funny story but we decided to name a drink after my friends wife Doris Mok. It's Chivas Scotch and Club Soda. It was due to my trip to Hong Kong. Click here to find out why

There were so many things on the menu that I wanted. I am a big fan of Gnocchi (potato dumpling type pasta) and every opportunity that I get I try to order it at different places. I was so torn because this restaurant had Gnocchi and I wanted to order it but I just couldn't take my eyes of the special for the day. Mushroom Ravioli with black truffle cheese sauce with caviar.

OMG!! It did not disappoint.

Son got the braised short ribs.

Hand cranked prosciutto slicing thingy.

After dinner Brandon wanted some yogurt so we dropped by Yogurtland.

After yogurt it was time for my flight home. I also had a wedding to attend to the next day. Wish I could have stayed longer, but flights were just ridiculously priced. Saturday had the best rates at time of booking.

This is the last picture before boarding. It was a fun trip. Different from what I'm usually used to in Vegas , but is it weird to say that it was quite relaxing in Vegas? LOL. What's next? Tahoe. Check back next month for my trip report on that.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where else, but Vegas again! Day 2

We didn't get up until 1pm. I love sleeping.

Got up and snapped a few pics of the view from our room during the day. You can see Wet Republic pool party going strong.

In case you're wondering this is the new renovated bathrooms.

We decided to hit the mall to look for some shoes. I haven't been to the club on a weekend in a long time and was a bit concerned that my Chucks wouldn't pass the dress code.

Breakfast for the day. Fresh out of the oven and it was awesome!

We ended up at Fashion Show mall. I have seen the runway show a few times that I have been there, but the one thing I didn't notice is the stage actually rises from the ground. Picture below you can see the stage is elevated.

and in this picture you can see the runway has recessed. At the other end of the runway is a small building where the models come out of. It looks like a little kiosk and that also raises and lowers from the ground. Pretty cool.

We stopped by many stores but couldn't find anything that I wanted. I did want a pair of Vans but they were out of my size.

By 5pm we headed back to MGM. Brandon and Eden had scored some comp buffet tickets. When they were checking in the computer crashed and since they had to wait a bit the front desk threw in comp buffet tickets. Score.

On a side note. For those who book a room at a players discount and your friends arrive earlier than you do. You can set it up so that you're friends are able to check in before you. I called my players room reservation line and when I first asked if I could set it up they said I could not and that I had to be present to check into the room. When my friends arrived they tried to check in and when they told the front desk that the room was under my player's card discount they told me that I could have corrected with my host. What they have to do is you set it up so that your guest check in at regular price and when you arrive you arrive you check in with the front desk and change the price back to player's discount. This was all set up through my host and they wanted the name of my friends that were checking in.

Buffet time!!!

I love deep fried stuff!

BBQ pork ribs.

Do it yourself strawberry shortcake.

Coffee cake, Strawberry Tiramisu, and Oreo Cheesecake.

After dinner we had tickets to see the David Copperfield show.

There were some pretty cool magic tricks  that involved the audience. One particular one had to do with an email that was sent to our phones. He told us not to open it. He also had a picture that he had turned around and raised above the stage. He then told us that he went to the future and came back. He then threw a red ball into the crowd and a guy caught it, he asked his name and mentioned something that he was wearing, then told the guy to throw the ball backwards, another person caught and he asked the same questions, the ball was thrown backwards one more time and a girl caught it. He asked her her name, and what her dream was. She told him. Then he revealed a picture. It was a picture of Michael Jackson where his face is made up of words and the words described the names of each person that caught the ball and what they were wearing and the dream of the last person. We then open our emails which we had received before he started the trick and the picture was included in that email. See the picture below.

It wouldn't let me download the picture from my email so I had to do a print screen.

Of course I was thinking that these people are in on the trick and it's all set up. So the finale trick was that 13 people were going to be chosen at random from the crowd and he will make them vanish. So I told my friends that I'm not going to believe that this is all a setup unless one of us 3 get chosen. The method they used was they threw 13 balloon type balls into the crowd. The balls reminded me of the ball you would do ab crunches on. Anyways. So the balls will bounce around and when the music stop playing who ever had a ball come up to the stage. So my friend Eden had two chances at having possession of the ball but the music was still playing so he had to continue throwing it around the crowd the music stopped and we didn't have a ball about two seconds later a ball comes flying out of nowhere directly at him and he caught. I was like "hell yes" he was like what do I do? I said get down there on that stage. i want to know the secret! Of course the trick was performed and that group of people vanished.

After the show it my other friend Howie arrived from the airport. He was coming out for less than 24 hrs. It was near the end of Eden's visit from HK so he wanted to wish him farewell. This time we didn't suit up and there was no bottle service to be had. We were going in through general admission.

We are ready for battle and little did we know what was in stored for the night.

The taxi line was ridiculous. Hey it's a weekend I guess.

We were originally suppose to go to XS. My friend had a bachelor party going on there, but I guess he ended up mixing up the nights and was at The Bank instead and you guys know I hate that place. Click here for the reason. So since that plan fell through I thought I would take Eden to see in my opinion the hottest club right now in Vegas Marquee. So we arrive around 10:45. A little later then I would have liked,  I was concerned about the line and chaos. Especially since we are going in as general admission. I have been to clubs around this time but not on a Friday night. I was hoping that it would be slow like a Sunday or Monday around this time, but nope. It was packed.

We tried to get inline and Eden and I were turned down. They wouldn't let me in line due to my Chucks as I had expected, but still gambled anyways (you win this time Vegas) and Eden decided to change his button up shirt to a designer long sleep shirt, but they said he had to wear a button up. There was nothing wrong wish his shirt in my opinion, but I guess Marquee begs to differ plus he had Chucks on also. Anyways so now he had to figure out what to do. There were suggestions about hitting up another club, but I told them that it will probably be the same outcome. So instead of wasting time Eden and I decided to head back to change our clothes and shoes. I told Brandon and Howie to line up and hopefully they will be in the front of the line when we return Once again we hit a huge taxi line at the Cosmopolitan.

I snapped a few pics on our way back to the MGM.

I swapped my shoes and headed down first to get into the taxi line to save time. When I got down to the taxi line Brandon called me and told me that they wouldn't allow them in the line cause the whole party was not there and that in about 10 minutes they are going to close off the line. I looked at the taxi line and it had tripled from when we first left MGM. It would take forever to get a taxi. When Eden came down I told him our situation and I even considered walking, but deemed that would take to long also. I walked up on the side of the taxi line to the front and whispered to the taxi guy that I'll give him $20 for the next taxi.

So 2 seconds later we're in the cab and on our way to Marquee.

We arrive on time and the guys lets us in line. Thank you Andrew Jackson.

The line at first seemed like we would be in it forever, but it ended up moving smoothly and we were in the club within 25minutes.

I just think it's funny and crazy of all these people trying to get in without getting in line or booking their tables in advance. So I snapped a picture of the chaos. I have done bottle service before at Marquee and there is a line for that at the opposite side of the general admission line. Everyone you see behind the red Marquee banners is not in line. So they are trying to get someone's attention to get into the club. All I have to say is save yourself the trouble and visit .

While we were in line Eden couldn't believe how ridiculous it was to get into this club. First the dress code and then the long line. I told him that I warned him about it, but he wouldn't believe until he saw it first hand. I guess he used to his home turf of HK. Vegas is totally different. Even from Macau.

Seeing as how everyone was a rookie to Marquee. I thought I would give them the tour. Of course not without a drink in my hand. First stop out of the elevator is the bar right in front of us. We some girls that Eden had befriended earlier in the trip met us up at the club. I have never gone to the bar before and just found out the Marquee does not have tall glasses. I tried to order double tall drinks but they told me they don't have tall glasses. I also ordered 3 long islands and was curious to see how they were going to make that..... Yup they poured it in a double rocks glass. It was ridiculous. 6 drinks and $150 later we start our tour.

First we headed upstairs to the library.

I haven't been drinking with Howie in about 2-3 years. Had to snap a picture with him. Thanks for the duck face man.

Eden really liked that spot and wanted to hang out there. So while he was chatting with his friends Brandon, Howie and I went to the lower level. 

Packed as sardines.

Then we went out the side exit to the outdoor patio. Took the steps up to the pool area.

The patio was busy but not sardine busy. Exactly how I like it.

They had some performers in a globe thingy out on the pool doing graceful stuff.

We decided that the patio area is where we wanted to make home base. So we went back inside to retrieve Eden.

Eden. He's from Hong Kong. : )

The outside Bartenders! At this point I forget what happened during the night. I was really buzzed and loved it! Just wish I could remember it.

Who the hell is this guy? I have no idea, but I have a picture of him.

Through out the night we just chatting it up with all kinds of people it was fun. My friends said I was all over the place.

My friends said we called it a night around 3:40am. I don't remember leaving the place, nor this picture, but I do remember her when we first came in. She was operating the elevator and she actually did this whole spiel when we were on the elevator. The spiel was and introduction to the club, the rooms and patio available. The neat part to it was when she said welcome to Marquee the doors opened up and the music comes pouring in. It was quite awesome!

Don't remember this either, but Eden does.

Of course back at MGM we head straight to Mcdonalds.

I do remember that and the thing that really sucked was while we were waiting in line they changed from the lunch menu to breakfast!!!! NOOOOOO!

I don't think Howie is ecstatic about his breakfast.

After breakfast it was back to the room and we passed out real quick.

We had to get up early because we had to drive back to San Diego cause Eden had a wedding to attend the next day. That's it for day 2. Much fun was had.

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