Thursday, December 28, 2017

Museum of Ice Cream

Girlfriend wanted to go to Museum of Ice Cream. The first time tickets were released I waited in the online queue for almost an hour just to find out that all tickets were sold out.

So when they released a second set of tickets I was able to get tickets.

So lets go see what all the fuss is about this MOIC.

They had some streets closed off for pedestrians and food trucks near MOIC.

Tickets were about $40 each.

Once you enter the museum they start the orientation in groups. They pretty much explain what you can and cannot do.

In this room it was a ring toss game.

The floor

The next room they had a jukebox playing music and we got our first scoop of ice cream.

The flavor changes every so often. We got Peach Bellini with gold sprinkles (maybe it's champagne sprinkles?)

Every record had a real band name and song with an ice cream twist to it.

Chiller by Michael Jackson.

I guess this room was like a giant refrigerator with letter magnets.

In this room they gave us mochi ice cream. I believe the flavors were cookies & cream, chocolate & strawberry.

The next room we got cherry flavored cotton candy with what looked like edible glitter.

All the fun I had....

The walls were scratch and sniff..

The room after was I think candy lane or whatever.

This room had ice cream truck nostalgic wall paper and a bunch of giant push-ups.

Freshly dipped cone in what seemed like the strawberry frosting you would usually find in the Pocky sticks.

Inside the rainbow room there's a tiny room lined with mirror tiles.

The following room there were some rock climbing pegs. You don't really get anywhere high though.

I guess the rock climbing was leading up to the Rock Candy Cave.

Candy Cane flavored pop rocks.

The walls are lined with plastic molds that resemble rocks, but in pink.

Afterwards you have an opportunity for a bathroom break before waiting in line for the sprinkle pool.

The pool was actually deeper than I thought, but the disappointment was that the sprinkles aren't even real. They are made of plastic actually.

The sprinkle pool wasn't as amazing as I thought it was going to be.

Groups are allowed no less than 4 minutes in the pool. After you head to the sprinkle showers where they have air hoses to clean you off.

Then it's three separate rooms with swings for some more picture opportunities.

That ends the MOIC. There's two flavors of ice cream that you can purchase for $4 a scoop. They only take card no cash.

There's also a souvenir shop on the way out.

$45 for a sprinkle crown.. no thanks.

Some bedazzled ice cream pieces. No price, but they looked awesome.

The souvenir shop does feature independent artists so that was cool.

I don't care for IG worthy pictures so to me the MOIC is not worth the $40 price tag and the extra effort it takes to get the tickets. It took about an hour to walk through the place. If you really like IG worth pics then sure check it out.

After MOIC we grabbed a quick drink at Caffe Central while we figured out where we were going to have dinner.

Decided on One Piece Sushi since it was near the airport.

Interesting little sushi spot. You order everything from a tablet. Most of the sushi comes in one piece.

After dinner I headed off to SFO for my flight to Portland, OR.

So what's next? Portland, OR. for my buddies bachelor party.

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