Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nassau, Bahamas Day 6: Back to Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

We've been trying to get a tour of the rooms at The Grand Hyatt Baha Mar just to see what they looked like, but every time that we were there at night, they didn't have anyone available to give us a tour. They told us to return anytime during the day.

So we headed over after lunch. They called a casino host to give us a tour. Upon checking some of our player accounts Phat asked for some comps and since he's been killing at the casino they comped him a 2 bedroom suite and they comped Nicole a room also.

We've been wanting to check out the pool also, so while we were getting our room situated. Chris and Martina headed to the pool. They had befriended some people while we were gambling the nights before and they happened to be guest of the resort also.

We did a quick tour of the room and headed to the pool.

They have complimentary sun block pool side.

When we found Chris and Martina, security apparently found them at the same time also. I guess the Melia wrist bands made us stand out. They told them that the pool was for guest only, but lucky for them we were now guest with free rooms. We just had to show them our room card and they let us stay.

The pool at Baha Mar was awesome. There was hardly anyone there. We hung out and drank for a few hours then headed back to Melia so we can pack our things and move over to Baha Mar for our last night. Wished we would have asked for comps earlier in our trip.

Within the 30 minutes of leaving the pool and packing our things a storm rolled through. Talk about good timing leaving the pool.

Video walk through of the suite.

This is is a standard room.

There are doors that can be open or closed exposing the bathtub.

The room is outfitted with tablets.

You can soak in the tub while soaking in the view.

The standard is connected to the one bedroom suite, making it a modular two bedroom suite.

The wetbar in the living room of the suite.

The suite bathtub is tucked in against the wall so you don't get the luxury of taking in the views as you would in a standard room, but the shower is awesome. It has dual rain shower heads and handheld shower head.

View from the balcony.

I believe this is the Rosewood, still under construction.

The lamps have built in USB ports.

Headed downstairs to STIX A Noodle Bar for dinner.

The buffet isn't opened yet.

Pork Shao Mai-good, but a bit pricey for $13

Crispy Tiger Prawn Spring Roll- also good, but also expensive at $15.

I think this is the Signature Recipe- It was okay $24.

Forgot which one this was.

Wagyu Beef Fried Rice- had a lot of beef and heard it was good.

Not sure what this was either.

Sichuan-Style Spicy Chicken- it was good, but didn't have that much chicken. $15

After dinner we hit the casino again. This time we were out to rack up player points, hoping that we can get free rooms for future trips.

And boy were we hot that night.

Did I mention we were on fire that night!

Phat ended up ordering two hundred dollars worth of flatbread from The Swimming Pig and then I called it a night.

That ends our last night.

Tomorrow it's time to head home.


  1. Yeah, definitely need Phats craps strategy haha! Cheers­čŹ╗

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