Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nassau, Bahamas Day 5

On Monday we hung out on the beach at Melia. Melia provides free access to all non-motorized beach equipment. Snorkel gear, paddle boards, kayaks, & aqua cycle- water bike. You just have to reserve them in advance.

The water is very calm and is great for snorkeling.

Pretty much hung out at the beach for a few hours until Parker and Anh had to pack their things to leave.

We had reservations at NIkkei for dinner.

Anticuchos-chicken skewers marinated with peanut sauce.

Crunchy Broccoli- fried veggies, what's not to like?

Miso Parihuela- Traditional Peruvian soup with miso paste & sauteed seafood. Nicole didn't like it.

Shashu Ramen-Shashu sliced pork, clear ramen broth + noodles.

Looks like packaged ramen from the supermarket and tasted exactly as it looks. I didn't see in sliced pork either.

Duck and lettuce cups... this dish was okay.

We ordered all of the sushi on the menu. The sushi was pretty good.

Peruvian Ceviche-fresh grouper marinated with leche de tigre, cancha & glazed sweet potato.

Forgot what this dish was called, but it was fish sashimi with coconut milk.

Cilantro Curry- Grilled Mahi Mahi and Cilantro Curry Sauce. Jensen said it was too spicy for her.

Tallarin Saltado- Pad Thai Noodles, bok choy, mixed seafood. This dish was whatever.

Lomo Saltado Nikkei- striploin tataki, sauteed vegetables + lomo sauce.

Adobo De Chancho- slow cooked pork ribs, quinoa cuzquena + aji panca sauce.

Monte Fuji- apple phyllo box- lychee ice cream.. they ran out of lychee ice cream. Not a good desert, the phyllo box wasn't even crispy.

Susprio De Manjar Blanco- vanilla sponge crumble, sweet milk + red fruit

Picarones- sweet potato + pumpkin dough covered with fig compote. This was pretty good.

Chocolate Passion- chocolate roll filled with passion cream & quinoa praline. This was like a fancy ho-ho.

Nikkei was quite disappointing being that it should have been the better restaurant. Aqua has better food in my opinion.

After dinner we headed back to Baha Mar for some more drinks and gambling.

Phat was killing it on electronic craps.

We headed back to Melia around 2am for some late night eats, but the kitchen was closed. Supposedly they ran out of food for the late night kitchen and closed early at 2:30am. It's suppose to be open until 3am. There was a flight cancellation and the airline put all of the passengers at Melia for the night, so there was an influx of guest that night.

The free shuttle to Baha Mar ends it's transportation at 3am, but luckily Martina befriended the valet, so she called him and he sent a vehicle back to pick us up.

We dined at The Swimming Pig. They are open 24 hours and the staff was really happy to see us cause they seemed bored out of their minds cause nobody was in the restaurant.

The flatbread is really good.

That ends day 5.

Only one more night to go.


  1. You should do a blog post about Phat's craps strategy...seems like every vacation with gambling he's doing work!

    1. Hopefully, sometime in the future. I've played with him a few times and I'm still learning. It's a lot to absorb.

    2. Haha...best of luck learning from the master and looking forward to a basic game plan in the future!


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