Friday, July 7, 2017

Nassau, Bahamas Day 1: Melia Nassau Beach All inclusive

My brother has been planning a week long trip to the Bahamas for about a year now and that time has come.

Took a red eye flight on a Wednesday.

Jason & Marie

Pulled pork sandwich at Gordon Biersch. Very disappointing meal.

We had a lay over in Atlanta. Their airport is huge and is the busiest airport in the world.

We arrived in Atlanta around 6 am. We had no idea how huge the airport was and how many restaurants they had. We ate at the first place we found that was open.

We decided we would walk to our terminal, which was a horrible idea. Take the train....we still were unaware at how large this airport is.

From Atlanta it was a little over an hour and half flight to Nassau, Bahamas.

I had pre-booked transportation for us with Jermaine's Taxi & Tours which was recommended by users on TripAdvisor. Taxi fare is regulated so here's the chart so you know you're not being ripped off.

We were staying for a week at Melia Nassau Beach, an all-inclusive resort.

We got to the hotel around 11 am.

Our rooms weren't ready, so we headed to the pool to meet up with Peter and Nicole. They were the first group to arrive.

Melia charges $200 for a replacement wrist band, so don't loose them. The wood can break if you're a bit rough with it.


O'Grille which is the pool side restaurant. Is one of two places that you can get lunch. The other place is The Market Place (buffet) which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We played bingo pool side and Peter won a rum cake.

Ceviche-small portion, but pretty good. It's all-inclusive so just order more.

For Vodka the best they had to offer was Stolichnaya. The only other all inclusive resorts that I have stayed at were in Mexico and you can tell that the alcohol is watered down in Mexico, but in the Bahamas they are not. So you will get drunk very fast here. Dewar's was their best offering for Scotch.

They do have a few other premium alcohol for an additional charge, but I believe it is included if you upgraded to Level. I was told that it's around $45 a day for Level, but heard it's not worth the upgrade.

Honey BBQ Sriracha wings. I didn't try these but heard it was good.

Chicken nuggets on the kids menu. These were awesome, ate these nuggets several times on our trip. They're very similar to Wendy's chicken nuggets.

Next group to arrive was Parker and Anh.

Anh was the only veteran to the Bahamas. For everyone else, it was their first time.

Grilled Mahi Mahi, didn't try it, but heard it was good also.

Beer battered Talpia... Didn't hear to much about this dish so I assume it was whatever.

Steak & Cheese, pretty much a Philly Cheese Steak. This was good also.

Even though Jason and Marie were on the same flight to Atlanta, their connecting flight from there was a bit later. So they ended up being the fourth group to arrive.

We were ordering so many drinks that they just ended up bring us pint glasses of chilled Stoli.

Was pretty drunk and was tipping all of the staff. We befriend a few of the staff and management. Norma was one of them and she provided great service.

Eventually 3 pm came around and we went to check on our rooms.

Did I mention we were drunk?

The room was nice and clean and what I expected from a 3.5 star resort.

We booked a basic standard room and the view from our balcony was quite nice.

Our fridge wasn't stocked though, so we had to call someone to stock it for us. The fridge gets restocked once a day and comes with:

1-bag of chips
1-granola bar
2 or 4 bottles of water
2 cans of soda
4 cans of beer

After settling in, we headed back to the pool.

The last group to arrive was Chris and Martina.

At one point Phat wanted fresh coconut juice. So Jensen and Anh headed to the beach and found a guy selling coconuts. $25 for 3, which is a bit steep, but oh well.

He cracked open the coconut and poured out the juice....he then opened up a cooler revealing an assortment of liquor and asked what they wanted in it. Originally they were suppose to get just the fresh coconut juice, but ended up telling the guy to put a bit of everything in it.

and the end result was more booze.

I guess by this time I headed to the room and passed out. Took the red eye flight, but I didn't sleep on the plane so I was quite tired. Some of us were so drunk and tired that we didn't even make it to dinner.

That's it for our first day. Lots more to come.

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