Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nassau, Bahamas Day 2: Sea Spray Tours & Baha Mar

Woke up pretty early Friday morning. Don't really remember much from the night before. Just remember being really wasted. Phat didn't know where his phone or wallet was...sounds like an awesome night.

Went to the lobby to meet up with everyone for lunch.

While waiting for everyone to meet up in the lobby, tried to get things started with a mimosa..."tried"

The Market Place (buffet) didn't open for lunch until 12:30 so we headed to O'Grille for some snacks to hold us over until lunch.

More nuggets cause they're awesome.

My brother planned this trip a year ago so that he could propose. The original plan was to have a boat excursion that would take us to an island and they would provide food and drinks for us, but the excursion cancelled due to weather.

While we were snacking, we ran into the Manager that we befriended from the night before. I asked him last night if he could set us up for a private beach dinner at the last minute for the proposal. Since it was last minute they couldn't set anything up that night. I told him how we were suppose to have a boat excursion to an island and that's where it was suppose to happen. He told me he would make some calls to some friends and will get back to me the next day.

So when we ran into him in the morning he had set us up for a boat ride that would take us to a secluded beach.

We also ran into the servers that we befriended before and they gave us a bunch of beer to take on our excursion.

At 12:30 we headed to The Market Place for lunch.

Cheese and cold meats.

Dessert buffet.

Went to snap pics of the dessert offerings and ran into Marie already scoping it out.

Assortment of Hors d'oeuvre

Pasta Station

The buffet had your typical buffet offerings. Nothing amazing, but gets the job done.

At 3 pm we headed to the beach to get picked up for our excursion.

We ended up getting an Airboat which was unexpected. This guy was really excited about our Airboat.


Lots of Cruise Ships around this area.

The Airboat was awesome, because of the flat bottom it was able to go into very shallow areas.

They stopped off at a secluded beach. Nobody was around.

Phat just happen to find a message in a bottle.

It was quite exciting. Never found one of these before.

Really cool and sad at the same time. was the company that took us on our adventure. We ended up getting the boat for $475 thanks to the manager from Melia hooking us up. We had 11 people so it was about $50 a person. Their website charges $85 a person.

They provided us with snorkel gear, water and soft drinks. They also had a nice sound system on the Airboat also which was perfect for our little party on the beach.

and finally my brother was able to get the proposal out of the way. It was really stressing him out for the past year.

After that it was drinks, drinks and more drinks.

After seeing Chris and Martina and wanted to ride on Parker's shoulders also.

It didn't go according to plan...I guess you can say he was drowning by p***y.

Anh found it amusing.

Success achieved the second time around.

After a few hours we headed back. We had dinner reservations to get to.

The excursion was great. They let us stay out as long as we liked and we never felt rushed. When we were ready to leave we just told them.

Compilation or our SeaSprayTour

When we got back to the resort they had a few vendors selling souvenirs.

Everyone headed back to their rooms to wash up and to get ready for dinner.

We all reconvened at the lobby bar.

Melia has 7 restaurants. You're allowed to make reservations 2 days at a time. Which to me was a bit annoying because it was hard getting reservations to the restaurants we wanted.

1) Black Angus: It's a steakhouse, cost extra. Attire: Dressy Casual (restrictions on flip flops, shorts, hats, crop tops, and sleeveless shirts)
2) Cilantro: Mexican food, reservation required, dinner only. Attire: casual elegance
3) Nikkei: Japanese food, reservation required, dinner only. Attire: casual elegance
4) Estavida: Tapas lounge, no reservations required, dinner only. Attire: casual
5) Aqua: Italian, reservations recommended, dinner only.
6) O'Grille: lunch only, Caribbean themed buffet held once a week.
7) The Market Place: International buffet, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Room service available also, but there is a flat $10 fee per room service.

For dinner we dinned at the Caribbean themed buffet.

There were some friendly cats roaming around.

Potato salad

Salad bar

Fried plantains

Norma was our server again and she brought us a bottle of champagne for Peter and Nicole's celebration.

They had a live band for the themed buffet.

After dinner we headed up to grab some extra money before we head to the casino next door.

Trying to finish up the extra vodka we had from our excursion.

There's a free shuttle that takes you to and from the casino.

The newly built casino next door is Baha Mar and it was not what I expected at all.

The hotel/casino had a Vegas vibe for sure which was not what I expected in the Bahamas.

I was told that the Baha Mar opened April 21, 2017.
I have visited Vegas many times and this casino look and felt just like Vegas only difference was that it was a Friday night and the place was practically empty.

We all got player cards, but Jensen forgot her ID, so we headed back to get it.

The towers at Baha Mar. There are other joint hotels that will be opening in a few months. SLS opening late 2017 & Rosewood opening in 2018

Eventually made our way back to gamble and drink the night away.

We tried stopping by The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub at Baha Mar for some late night grub, but it was late and they only serve flat bread after a certain time.

DJ White Eel...

So we decided to head back to Melia to eat at their late night kitchen. Which is open until 3 am.

It was very fun gambling at Baha Mar. Since it was a new casino they were still working out the kinks and we were probably the noisiest and only people at the casino that night.

That ends day 2

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