Friday, July 14, 2017

Nassau, Bahamas Day 4: Melia foam pool party.

Met up with the group for breakfast Sunday morning at the buffet.
Rice Krispies with sugar... I have had this since I was a kid.

I was still really tired from the night before so after breakfast headed back to the room to continue my sleep. The plan was to meet up at the pool around 3pm for the foam pool party.

The foam pool party was really fun. The DJ was spinning some great tracks. He played a bit of everything, hip-hop, EDM, & 80's rock.

They have a machine setup next to the pool that is constantly pumping foam into the pool.

Every so often a breeze would come through and blow away a lot of the foam. I wanted to get a pictures of it, but would always miss the moment.

Nicole decided she would help get it going.

Nicole's method didn't work, but a eventually I caught the right moment.

Did you reapply sunblock?

After the pool party everyone headed back to their rooms and we meet back in the lobby for dinner. We were unable to get reservations for a restaurant on Sunday so we ended up eating at Estavida.

Potatoes and cheese.

I don't really remember dining here too much. I was pretty wasted.

I don't remember going to the buffet for desert, but I guess we did.

Grabbed some alcohol and hung out on the beach and drank the rest of the night.

I guess we went back to the buffet again for food?

Eventually called it a night and headed back to the room.

That's it for Day 4. The foam party took a lot out of us.

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