Wednesday, August 5, 2009

California Academy of Science Nightlife

So we arrived at the California Academy of Science around 6:20pm. We kind of pre-partied and I do recommend that you do cause drinks are a bit pricey. $7-$10 for drinks. Food was way overpriced IMO. I think it was like $9 for a sandwich.

So the first thing we did when we got in was line up to get show tickets for the planetarium. Which was a long ass line to begin with. See where the giraffe is? That is where they hand out tickets. See pic below.

By the time we were halfway they already ran out of tickets for the whole night. Unsure what is so special about it. Phil was shocked that we couldn't get tickets.

The elusive planetarium. Looks overrated

I suggest that you go to the California Academy of Science to see their awesome low lying fogger that they have in their pit. You can see it to the left of that albino thingy. That in itself was worth the trip.

I wonder how much albino croc leather is worth?

It's a Vietnamese Moss Frog.

Two eels one hole.

This picture had so much potential...
Jedi Rick Boob.

Holy shit!!! It's a fucking Lemur

All in All. It was a fun night. It something you should do atleast once. All the exhibits are open so it's pretty fun to check out them while having a cocktail. For what I know you can't do this anywhere else in the bay area.

Tickets are cheap. It's $10 about half price of day time entrance fee and you get to drink cocktails. It's a win win.

I would suggest you get there a bit early to see if you can get tickets to the Planetarium. 4hrs is plenty of time to go through all the exhibits. We left around 9:30 cause we finished everything.

Overall it was very fun. Definately a thing to do on a date.

I couldn't edit that many pictures this time due to the amount of pics on this post so my system was running super slow.

There's always next time.

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  1. I love this place. its always crowded the planetarium is awesome!

    Here are some high res pictures of my last trip.


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