Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dinner at Sushi 85

A bunch of us celebrated at Sushi 85.

Sushi 85
(650) 965-8898
1350 Grant Rd, #6
Mountain View, CA 94040

It's an all you can eat sushi buffet. Not like a sushi boat or Todai. All of the sushi is made to order. If your sitting at the bar then you order as you go. Up to 3 plates at a time. If your sitting at a table you mark the plates you want on a laminated menu. 3 plates per person and they bring it out to you on one big plate.

Price is $24.99 for dinner. The all you can eat is only for sushi only. Sashimi is excluded. So pretty much Nigiri, Handrolls, specials rolls, etc. See their website for details.

I usually go to Sushi Factory which is located in San Jose:

Sushi Factory
(408) 723-2598
4632 Meridian Ave
San Jose, CA 95124

I am unsure if Sushi 85 & Sushi Factory are related to each other but they almost have the same exact sushi names and dishes except for a few minor ones.

I believe their prices are the same too. Originally we were suppose to go to Sushi Factory but they were closed on the day we wanted to go.

Here's a pic of the sushi we had.

Some Sake and beer.

Phil got me a really nice and delicious cake.

So the owner of Sushi 85 (Peter) came by and asked if I wanted to drink. He was holding two small bottles of Sake.

I said sure. I was thinking sure he was going to pour shots for everyone.

I guessed wrong.

He chugged his bottle and waited for me to start.

So away I go.... It was hard...

Really.. Really

Really.. really


Some gifts from all my friends and family that made it out.

Here's the people that made it.

Peter even gave me a bottle of Sake as a gift.. John & Robin gave me the crown.

more pics of everyone

And more.
The sushi was good. I am really into the American rolls. Pretty much the stuff that is not authentic sushi. Like their Crispy Cobra (Tempura shrimp, with crab, rolled up and deep fried again) I think Japan would frown upon this.
I think I ate about $40-50 worth. Each of the special rolls are about 10 bucks each. So eating 3 rolls and your over the budget. The service was ok. There were some minor things that I was not so happy about but the owners personal touches made it worth it.
Overall it was a great get together and thanks to everyone that came out.
For larger pics check out this link

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