Friday, August 28, 2009

Jet Nightclub review

Here's a pic of our mess. Snacks, food, liquor. We visited the food court many times.

Jet Son and Phat picked up some liquor earlier in the day so we can pre party. We really didn't know what we were going to do tonight. We usually just gamble and drink at the tables on our second night to recover from the previous night.
Some snacks that are provided in the room.
Here's a pic of John's artistic imagination.
Some of the boys playing pool
I really like the mood lighting in the loft so I snapped some pics of it.
Peter getting his drink on.
Pics of the things that the Skyloft has been awarded.
So I contacted our concierge to see if they could get us on the guest list for XS Nightclub. The front desk did mention that guest list was usually for females only but she would see what she could do and of course they got us all on the list the day of the event. Impressive I must say.
So Peter ended up getting a call from one of his contacts. We were originally suppose to go through this guy for bottle service at The Bank but he no longer worked there. He now works for Jet at the Mirage. Peter told him about the bad situation the previous night. He told us that they were shady and that's why he left them. So he offered us a table at JET. Buy one get one free and possibly a comp bottle of Skyy. Of course this time we asked for total price. We didn't want to get hustled again. Of course he said there was no catch and that it was straight forward. So to make up for the previous night we decided to go to Jet instead of XS.
A few of us prior to going out went to see a show at the Wynn Le Reve. It is a really good show and recommend it to anyone. There aren't any bad seats in the house what so ever. The closer you are the cheaper it is because you have the possibility of getting wet. The show is performed on/in water.
After the show we met up with the rest of our group at Mirage. It was freakin packed. There was a long line and after that line there was a huge blob at the front. Just a giant blob of people trying get some one's attention to get in or get a table.
We met up with Peter's contact and he walked us into the blob. It took us a bit of time for our host to get someones attention 20min or so. It's was chaos while we were waiting. Just a bunch of people pushing and shoving their way to the front to get someones attention. Girl's are especially rude.
Eventually we get to the front and come to find out they sold out of tables. Bummer, but on a good note they just said sorry and let us in without cover. Cool.
Got in and of course we hit the bar.
Here's a few tips in regards to getting fast service and good hefty drinks.
1) always stick to the same bartender they will remember you.
2) On your first round tip very well and they will remember you even better.
3) Offer to buy the bartender a drink. I know they usually can't drink on duty but it doesn't hurt. Shows that your very considerate of them. Puts you in good graces
4) always tip every round and don't be shady about it. It's Vegas.
Our first round the shots came in shots glasses. After a nice tip..
Our second round of shots came in rocks glasses and every round after that.
Who is Soulja boy's best friend? Youuuuu!
I think Robin's feet started to hurt so she sat down. booooo! thumbs down
So we decided to leave the club cause people in the group was pretty drunk and wanted to go home. We planned on walking back to our hotel and stop by every bar and have a shot. So of course we say a bar inside the Mirage and that was stop #1.
While we were ordering our drinks our host caught up to us. He wanted to buy us a round of drinks cause the tables sold out. By that time the people who were drunk said sure I'm good to go back. Unfortunately we didn't' get stamps cause we didn't anticipate coming back. So our host got us in again w/o cover. Nice time for a relapse.
The host ended up buying Peter a really expensive shot of Tequila. I think it was like $200 bucks for it. Great host I must say.
We ended up getting really faded and walked back to our hotel. That's is when all the fun begins.
Here we are walking past the forums shops.
Robin's feet were really hurting so she decided to take off her shoes.
Dirty Feet!
I think everyone is having a great time.
Phat needs to make a pit stop. He doesn't care where either.
Refueled and read y to go.
John didn't even bother hiding behind a bush.
Phat and Phil couldn't help themselves with this great pic opportunity
I must say when John is faded. He is the smoothest Ninja I have ever seen. He was hoping over rails and water fountains like no other.
I haven't seen Phat this drunk in a long time.
Unsure what's going on here.
Yup another fountain.
I like turtles.
A pic in front of Bellagio.
I swear this is the Happiest Kid in the WORLD!
This is what's really going on.
This is what I think he is imagining. Regardless he's so happy.
Eventually Charyl gave in too and took her shoes off.
Oh the party did not end on the streets. We continued to drink back in the room.
I dind't get it on video but Phil decided to run down the stairs and hop off the railing on the stairs. He landed and rolled like James Bond.
His ankle was swollen the next day.
We went down to Studio Cafe to get some food.
The Menu
and John was also busting some secret agent moves down the hall.

That's night #2. It was a great night. Totally made up for the previous night. If it wasn't for the first night being so bad we would have never gone out on this night. Look at all the great pics I would have missed out on. I also have some great videos and some stupid embarassing ones too.

Conclusion of Jet Nightclub: We had a great time there. I was never really fond of the venue layout cause you have the main dance floor in the middle and bars are on the side. Where you order drinks is also the walkway to get around the club so it get really congested.

If your going on a Monday. Definately a great place to go to.

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