Friday, August 28, 2009

Breakfast at The Mansion @ MGM Grand Las Vegas

When we arrived to the Skyloft we were invited to have breakfast at The Mansion. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to eat here. No matter how wasted I was going to be. So I made a reservation for 9:30am for 8 of us, but only 5 of us ended up waking up for it. We meet someone in our lobby and we were escorted to The Mansion.
Here's a little info about
Quoted from Hotel Chatter:
"Whales with names, or at least whales with more money than god, those are the folks who can claim a key card at this joint.

The Mansion at MGM is unlike the rest of Vegas, for this is not a place to see and be seen, instead, this property is where you go to duck away from it all, and get treated like royalty.

So who gets inside this most exclusive of exclusive Vegas resorts? HotelChatter’s very own, johnkeats. ]

Take it away johnkeats:

I have been invited a few times to the Mansion at MGM Grand.

The Mansion opened in May 1999 and showcases 29 private villas ranging from 2,400 square feet to 12,000 square feet. The Mansion is available to invited guests only (i.e. million dollar players).

Modeled after an 18th century Tuscan villa, the 290,000-square-foot structure houses villas all richly decorated in a mix of casual and elegant furnishings.

When they are not relaxing in the luxury of their own room, guests can take advantage of the seven major public areas located throughout the Mansion. However, guests probably never want to leave their rooms (except to play at the tables) when everything they could possibly want is in the rooms or can be brought to the rooms by Mansion butlers. "
I am also told that if your staying at The Mansion they pick you up at the airport in a Rolls Royce

Forbes The Mansion

The Mansion is located on site at the MGM Grand. I have been staying at the MGM Grand more than a few times and have never noticed where it was located. Till this trip. It is well hidden.

If you google map the MGM Grand you can see where the villas are located.

I really didn't know what to expect.

I'll let the photo's do the talking.

So we're sitting in a aviary which looks like were outside but we really aren't. The place is built in an aviary type building. It's quite amazing. It was air conditioned to the perfect temperature. You really feel like your outside
Here's a pic of the aviary
Some of the tables in the aviary. The place was extremely quite. There was nobody else but us 5 and 2 other people that showed up later for breakfast.
They ended up sitting at the table far back. I did see some people walking through the aviary occasionally. Probably guests. They were all in business suits. The guys that came later ended having Dim Sum. I don't know where they ordered it from but I know I didn't see that on the menu.
Good thing Robin was persistent at waking John up for this. He originally was going to pass.
You really need to be there to appreciate the place. Pictures doesn't do this place justice.
You can't slightly see what the ceiling looks like. It's all metal framing and glass.
A lemon tree
The cover of the Menu
I had OJ. The purple glass is fresh Grape Juice. Not the bottle stuff. Robin liked it. The red glass is Watermelon juice.
Some assorted pastries
fresh jam and jellies for the pastries
Peter's order of apples
croissant. Very very flaky.
Strawberries that came with the waffles.
I had a fruit parfait
Robin had the waffles
Charyl had waffles too.
and she had eggs, hash and
English Bangers ( Veal Sausage)
Our spread
Plain o' Ketchup
It was a really nice breakfast and was glad that I woke up for it.
If your not staying at the Skyloft and would like to dine at the Mansion you could make a dinner reservation at Joel Robuchon at The Mansion.
Here's the restaurant's stats.
First and Only 3 Star Michelin Guide Winner in Las Vegas

Mobil 5 Star Award Winner
AAA 5 Diamond Award Winner
"Chef of the Century" Joël Robuchon
The first Joël Robuchon fine dining restaurant in the U.S.

I read somewhere that if your staying at another hotel and have reservations for dinner at Joel Robuchon they send a limo to pick you up and you enter at a different entrance. I heard you enter from the main entrance to The Mansion. Maybe they might pick you up in the Maybach or the Rolls. I just want to see the entrance.

I have not eaten here yet but will eventually.


  1. First you have to be a guest at the Skyloft. Second I was told they have to invite you, but if your staying at the Skyloft I don't see why you can't just ask for a reservation.

    You could make a reservation for dinner at Joel Robuchon: Which is located at The Mansion

    It's the first and only 3 Star Michelin Guide Winner in Las Vegas.

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    1. No problem, glad you enjoyed it.


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