Friday, August 21, 2009

The Bank Nightclub review - ripped off

Let me get this out of the way first.

I'm going to keep this real simple and get directly to the point.

We had a table/bottle reservation for Sunday 8/16/09 at The Bank Nightclub located at The Bellagio Hotel and Casino. We arrived at our table around 11:00pm.

The tables around us had not arrived yet. So it was pretty empty at the VIP area.

We ordered our bottles. I had our server (Katrina I believe was her name) close out the tab immediately. Before I even began drinking.

We finished our bottles around 1:20am. We were then approached by I would like to believe a VIP host. She simply stated that we either had to purchase another bottle to stay at our table.

We spent almost $1,600 and refused to purchase another bottle so we were forced to leave our table.

It's that plain and simple. We were really pissed off and left the club.

I will never go back and will never recommend this place to anyone.

We have done bottle service at Body English, Tao, Tryst, and LAX. This was the first time that something like this has ever happened to me. I have heard about this happening before but have never experienced personally.

The Bank's greediness to resell the table for more profit ruined my night.

OK. Now that I got that out of the way. I can continue with this. So after dinner in the loft it was time to hit the club.
John and Robin looking ready to rock out tonight.

Here we are. Looking sharp in the Skyloft lounge area.

This was the first time that I didn't handle the booking for the table. We went through a different connection. Normally I get my contact from

The only reason I was tempted with a different connection was that we were promised buy 2 get 1 free. Who wouldn't be tempted by this.

So we met with out connection. We normally tip our host just for setting things up. After meeting with him he asked for a specific amount for a tip. Which was over the amount that we were planning to tip him. Almost double.

I calculated in my head. No biggie the buy 2 get 1 free still ended up saving us some money overall. I was thinking that when we were told buy 2 get 1 free we can choose whatever we wanted as long as it was equal or lower in price.

When we got to the table we were told that our free bottle was going to be Ultimat (Vodka) If you have never tried Ultimat it's a great Vodka and I consider it better that Goose and Belvedere.

So we were excited to be receiving the Ultimat. Our original plan was a Vodka, Heny and Patron.
So after choosing to purchase the Hennesey and Patron. They brought out our bottles.

Instead of Ultimat they gave us Skyy. What the hell man!!

So we asked why? Katrina told us that they switched it up on her. I was irritated with the switch. If you were going to give us Skyy just say so. Don't make me expect something better and switch it on us at the last minute.

That sure ain't Ultimat on the table.

So I didn't want to let that one little thing bother us.

Our VIP Area that will turn back into a pumpkin at 1:20am.

Were having a good time for now. Little did we know.

John had a good time overall. Even after getting the boot. He was drunk enough to not care.

Our runner Bobby

I must say our runner was one of if not the best runner we have ever had for bottle service. He was quick and on top of everything.

Our security guy was Tim. I don't have a pic of him but he was awesome also. There were people smoking on the railing above our area and he went up there and told them to back off cause their ash would fall on us. I didn't even noticed until he walked up onto the railing. Great observation I must say.

Our service was great it was just the buy now or get out issue that ruined it.

son & Katrina (not 100% sure on the name) our server.

After we got the boot we saw this outside.

Mercedes SLR McLaren

A picture of our receipt. $1582.04 is the amount we spent.

11:27pm is the time we closed our tab. I closed it early so that it prevents me from charging additional stuff to it while I'm not thinking straight.

There was a good thing that came out of the bad situation.

We usually party the night we arrive. Chill and gamble on night 2 and leave on the 3rd day.

Due to our bad experience on our first night we went to Jet Nightclub on the second night.

The second night ends up making up for the issue on this night.

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