Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cancun Day 3. Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun, La Cevicheria & San Telmo

Linh and I were completely destroyed from last night. Didn't get up until noon. Only reason I woke up, was because we slept with window open so that we could hear the ocean. Linh got up and heard a lot of commotion going on outside. He saw people doing activities at the pool. He said there's activities going on, we need to get down there!

We had no agenda today. It was all about enjoying the resort and the beach today.

Our first stop was La Cevicheria. My brother's girlfriend Nicole kept telling me to try the fish tacos by the pool. La Cevicheria closes at 6pm. So we missed it on both days we were there, but not today.

They had quite and offering for a little hut.

Chips with salsa and guacamole to start.

Shrimp tacos. Each order comes with two.

Sea Scallops Ceviche. Ceviche was good and refreshing.

They gave us two sauces with the tacos. A chipotle (orange) sauce and a habanero (green) sauce. They told us the green sauce is spicy. Didn't realized how spicy they meant. I slathered both sauces on. I regret putting so much green sauce on. Be very careful. I like to eat spicy, but I eventually dulled down to three drops of green sauce for the tacos. I kid you not.

Linh ordered the fish tacos.

Both tacos were amazing. I can see why Nicole told me I had to try them. They were my favorite thing I ate at the resort and the whole entire trip. I couldn't get enough of them. They are very filling though. Don't miss out on these tacos, it's a must try.

On Linh's quest to eat 100 tacos for this trip, he's probably only at 10 right now. Lol.

After the delicious lunch we headed off to the beach. Haven't step foot in the ocean since we arrived.

Our USA Transfers driver Alfredo told me that the neighbor hotel Oasis is the party hotel. That's where most of the spring breakers go. Just looking down the beach and it was definitely the party spot if that's what you're looking for. I have talked to a few people that have stayed there before and told me that you do pay for what you get and the resort quality isn't up to par.

Linh and I would have liked to party there, but I don't think I would like staying there.

If you're looking for the best of both worlds. I would recommend checking out Riu Palace in Cabo. You get a more higher end resort that is family friendly and very relaxing and quite, but next door to Riu Palace is the sister resort which is the Riu Santa Fe. It's the cheaper resort and has a party scene there. If you're staying at Riu Palace you get access to both resorts, but Riu Santa Fe guest are not allowed at Riu Palace. So you party with the spring breakers and head back to your nice hotel.

If you're curious you can check out my trip report from Cabo below:
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The waters in Cancun are much nicer than Cabo. Not as warm as Hawaii, but warm enough.

There are a few sand bars out in the water, so you can go pretty far out without being too deep in the waters.

Linh rented a boogie board. It was $14 USD (250 pesos) for the whole day. The waves were not good for boogie boarding. He used it for like an hour or so. If you plan on boogie boarding for the trip, I recommend going across the street from the hotel to AquaWorld you can buy a boogie board there for around 370 pesos ($20 usd) we didn't know until the next day when we visited AquaWorld.

After we got tired of the beach we head to the pool for some drinks. Ran into some of the friends we made at the bar yesterday and got our drink on.

Our friend Chuck and his wife from New York, greeted us with Donkey Semen, it's a real drink I guess. You don't just make up these names. I didn't like it because it had banana liquor in it. I hate banana flavor.

Next we had a found of Johnny Bravos. Don't know what the blue stuff is, but it's topped off with a mango slush.

My brother and his girlfriend said they didn't see a hot tub at the hotel, but I found it. You just have to go through the pool to get to it.

They had a little contest going it. It was called catch the baby. The workers would use a towel to launch a water balloon into the air and you had to catch it with your bare hands without it bursting. Winner got a Spring Break Cancun shirt.

The hot tub wasn't that hot, it was more lukewarm.


Then we got hungry again and headed back for more fish and shrimp tacos.

Thought I would try the crab soup. Comes with half a crab.

Linh got the shark fin empanadas. He said they were okay.

Crab soup was forgettable.

Headed back to the pool bar and ran into our bartender from Kambu the night before. He remembered that I was drinking Martell.

Mango Tango

More Johnny Bravos.

Absolut Citron and tonic.

Linh and I headed back to the beach.

While in the ocean met two other guest from the hotel. They were from New Jersey.

Hung out in the ocean until 6 pm.

Then we had to head in to get ready for dinner. For dinner at San Telmo there was a dress code, so we wore t-shirts, pants, and shoes. I brought one pair of socks and shoes only for this reason. If my brother didn't informed me of the dress code I would have never packed pants or shoes. This is the only time I wore shoes the entire trip.

Linh decided to take a break from drinking and had water.... I call that partially quitting.

Martell on the rocks for me.... I'mma gonna get my monies worth.

They started us off with these little bread rolls with herb butter..omg were these things good.

Linh had the grilled provolone. He enjoyed it.

I had the meat and cheese empanadas. One cheese filled and one meat filled.

both delicious.

For my soup I had the Zucchini and Leek chowder. Also delicious.

For the main course I had the Tenderloin

Perfectly cooked rare as I requested and was seasoned very well. Came with truffled/mustard mashed potatoes, but I couldn't taste the truffles.

For desert I had the Crepes with milk caramel sauce

and the Chocolate temptation. You can can as much as like of anything. Want 3 appetizers and 4 desserts. Go ahead. They won't hesitate.

After dinner we headed to the hotel bar for some more drinks.

Nothing much was going on at the hotel bar so we headed back to our usual spot on the lawn by Kambu.

and the Martell shots continue.

I asked for two Kamikaze shots, he still gave me two shots of Martell.

Pretty much around 10 pm the pool and beaches are empty. You might catch a few people people walking around, but it was pretty empty. Maybe it's because we were there on the weekdays.

We eventually headed back to the hotel bar to see if it had gotten any busier.

Looks like they had a DJ setting up for the evening. Last night they had a guitarist doing cover songs. We missed his performance, but heard from other guest that it was really good.

On tap throughout the resort, they had Modelo Negro & Especial, other bars had Dos Equis Amber & lager.

The selection of alcohol was better than what was offered in Cabo.

Called it a night and headed up stairs around midnight.

We ordered room service.... I don't remember ordering two hot dogs.

I did how ever order each of the desserts offered.

Chocolate cake.

Caramel Flan. The flan was my favorite of the three.

Apple pie.

After snapping a picture of the second hot dog, our room service attendant realized he made a mistake and replace it with the club sandwich I had originally ordered. Everything is right in the world again. :)

Linh grabbed some beers from the fridge. I don't know I totally forgot about checking the fridge, but the fridge was stocked with beers and soft drinks.

In Mexico it called Coca-Cola Light not diet.

That pretty much ends our relaxing and uneventful night. We had a crazy night yesterday so this was a perfect end our last night in Cancun.

Left some tip money for our housekeeper so I don't forget tomorrow when we pack our things. I'm going to sleep in as much as I can.

Tomorrow we pack and linger around the resort until it's time to leave. I want some more fish tacos.


  1. By chance do you know the name or place you can find that pure white Hennessy?

    1. From my understanding you cannot buy Hennessy Pure White in the U.S. I found it at the Duty Free store at the Cancun airport, but I also heard you can get it in the Caribbeans also.


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