Thursday, March 31, 2016

SoCal day 3: Inka Grill

Got up and packed our things and headed out.

Once again Tammy was in charge of photos while I drive.

Motel 6 WiFi

A guy on a bike


In N Out Burger

Freeway sign

Her phone...

Meat truck

Cement mixer. So many random pictures.

Jack wanted to bring back from Croissants for some friends, so we headed back to Cream Pan.

For our last meal before we leave, Son took us to Inka Grill in Costa Mesa.

I mentioned to my friend Alvin that we were going to have Peruvian food before we leave and he recommended that I get the Pisco Sour.

Son was mentioning that the green sauce is what makes this place good.

The sauce is a light and creamy sauce with some heat.

Son recommended the Saltados. It reminded me of a fajita stir fry with french fries. You get a choice of meat and it gets served with salad or rice.

I got my order with a side of rice. I just poured on the green sauce. It was pretty good. Might be a bit spicy for some, but I like it.

Got the fried seafood appetizer. It also came with fried corn. Very similar to corn nuts. Everything goes well with the green sauce.

Assortment of Empanadas.

Pisco Sour. It tasted like a very light version of a margarita.

After lunch we headed to The Huddle. I really wanted to play Foosball and this was the closest place I could find to the airport.

They also got electronic darts. I love playing electronics darts because of the animation and score keeping, but I like the weight and feel of real darts.

They also got pool tables too.

$6 for a well cocktail.

Tammy had a go at the punching bag, she punches like a child. Lol.

It was time to return the car and get on our flight. Vacations over and it's time to head home.

Got to the airport and had time for a drink before boarding. Just $2 more for a double? why yes please.

Used up the rest of Jack's drink tickets on our flight home.

That's it for this trip. It was a fun and quick get away. Lots and lots of eating. All of the food was great.

What's next?

Heading to New York next month for my first visit. Stay tuned, there's going to be a lot more food to come.

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