Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break in Southern California.

The girlfriend has been a bit jelly because I've been traveling without her. Due to her school schedule she not allowed to join me for a lot of the trips. So for her spring break she wanted to go somewhere for a short and quick trip. I gave her the choice of either Southern California or Las Vegas. She chose SoCal.

So off we go.

I kind of miss looking through the SkyMall magazines and looking at all their gadgets.

Let's take a look at the breakfast menu.

For breakfast had a Vodka with a side of Cran-Apple.

Most of the time Southwest provides free Wi-Fi to access some free channels. I think it's provided by DirectTV. The free entertainment is very welcomed.

My friend Jack tagged along on Tammy's Spring Break trip to SoCal. Jack had some free drink tickets. He used them for our first round of drinks, but the flight attendant gave us another round. He said that he's on his last flight and that it's happy hour for everyone. What a great way to start the trip!

Photo by Jack. Kind of nice having someone else behind the camera.

While Tammy and Jack got the bags, I headed off to the car rental to get all the paperwork done.

Tammy likes to eat. So I had an agenda all planned out for the entire trip.

I stumbled upon Bosscat Kitchen and Libations. Prior to our arrival I gave them a call cause they were only open from 11a-2p. Yelp reviews were saying that they tend to run out of certain items. So I called to try to make a reservation, but they said they book out about a week in advance, but they said they do take walk ins. So we had to try our luck.

We landed around 12:30 p and fortunately Bosscat is located very close by.

We arrived around 1 pm and it seemed people were still waiting to be seated.

When we walked up they said it was a 2 hours wait for a table, but they close in an hour and weren't accepting anymore walk ins for a table, but we could look for a place at the bar.

We were able to find one seat, and lucky for us the couple next to us ended up leaving a few minutes after. So it ended up working out.

Bottomless Mimosa for $28 but also includes an entree.

The place was busy and lively.

I got upgraded to a larger glass for my Mimosa.

For my entree I had the Sticky Bun Breakfast Burger: candied bacon, duck fat fried egg, and gruyere cheese.

Tammy got the Meatloaf hash: Meatloaf, potatoes, onions, eggs over easy.

Jack got the Crawfish & Bacon Ramen scramble: Ramen noodles, eggs, american cheese, and kimchi.

The food was pretty good. Except for the Ramen scramble, that was just okay.

They also have a very extensive offering of whiskey. I think the bartender said over 100 different types on hand.

This time I put Tammy behind the camera and these were the results.... A fence.

A cheese stain on her leggings.

a Jack in the Box.

I took the camera back.

Our next stop was Cream Pan Bakery & Cafe found this place on my search for places to visit in SoCal. Cream Pan ended up being on the Yelp's top 100 list.

Our friend Diane would be so proud of Jack right now. This is her signature pose.

Alfa Romeo 4c Launch Edition.

Cream Pan is know for their Croissants. They have a few different types with different fillings, but when we arrived it seemed like most of them were sold out. They do make a lot of their Strawberry Croissants though.

We got a dozen of the croissants and headed to my friend Son's house where we were crashing for our trip.

Jack took control of the camera this time.

A picture of himself.

His shoes.


and The Library gentleman's club. I can't trust anyone with taking pictures.

The Strawberry Croissants were amazing, but they have to be eaten within a few hours, cause they get soggy quickly.

Tammy has never tried Vietnamese Blood Sausage and I have a hard time finding it in NorCal, so I asked Son if he could get me some. There's a market that he can get it from in SoCal. I'm not sure where he gets it from cause I have never gone before.

If you're curious to what Vietnamese Blood Sausage is click here. It's not for the non-adventurous pallet.

Vietnamese Blood sausage is usually accompanied by shrimp paste sauce.

The market makes two types. This is your traditional blood sausage.

and this version has lemon grass.

Nothing like a nice beer to go with our mid day snack.

Tammy took a quick cat nap and I freshened up and got ready for our dinner reservation. I was suppose to visit Son in January for his birthday, but plans changed and I ended up in Las Vegas. I missed Tammy's birthday cause I was in Cancun. So I took the both of them to a nice dinner for their belated birthdays.

Made dinner reservations at Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel.

We tried to head to the restaurant early to grab some drinks, but got caught up in a lot of traffic near Disneyland. Downtown Disney was very busy. I was surprised how busy it was for a Sunday night.

After a short wait in the lounge we were promptly seated.

I have been wanting to try Steakhouse 55 ever since Chef Marcel St. Pierre took over. He used to be the chef at Club 33, but when they remodeled in 2014 he came over to Steakhouse 55 and stayed. I have always enjoyed his Chateaubriand. I was hoping to get something similar to it at Steakhouse 55.

Ordered their Strawberry Lemonade. It was really good. It was topped off with a sour/tangy foam.

We started with the
Fried Mushroom Ravioli.

and Maryland Crab Cake.

Accompanying our steaks we got the seasonal Risotto, which was pesto chicken.

We all got the SH-55 dry rub, bone-in rib-eye. It was recommended by our server.

and the Truffle Mac & Cheese. Another dish that I miss from Club 33, but I was able to find it here.

The risotto was awesome, and the truffle mac and cheese was exactly as I remembered it at Club 33. The rib-eye was very good, but I still love the Chateaubriand.

It was close to 10 pm by the time we finished dinner.

I originally wanted to stop by Trader Sams for a drink, but it was late our friend had to drive back home for work tomorrow.

So did a quick run to Marcelines Confectionery to grab a candied apple for my brother. He loves the apple pie candied apple specifically from this place.

I really like looking at all the different types of candies apples they have. Especially the ones they offer during the Halloween season.

We headed home and called it a night. We needed to wake up early so that we could head to Los Angeles tomorrow to get my favorite ramen.

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