Friday, March 11, 2016

Cancun Day 4: Farewell Cancun.

We got up around 11 am, packed our things, and headed out. Our flight was at 6 pm, but our driver was going to pick us up at 3:15 pm sharp. So we had a bit of time to relax and enjoy the resort for a bit longer.

We headed off to the souvenir shop to buy some stuff.

Didn't realize that they had a small coffee and pastry shop inside.

Yes this is also included in the all inclusive. Wishes I would have known earlier in the trip.

We went to check out, but the clerk told us to come back when we're done with the resort. That way they can give us our check out receipt & cut our wrist bands off.

They even have a set of stairs for kids to stand at the reception desk.

So we checked in our bags with the bell hop. Now I thought that they would put our bags away in a closet of something, but they just keep the bags/luggage on the side. Kind of in the open. So if you do check in your bags with the bell hop for temporary keeping, I wouldn't leave anything important in there, cause someone can literally walk up and rummage through it.

So Linh and I head off for some more tacos. The forecast told us that it was going to rain on Thursday. Sure looks that way. We had perfect weather the whole entire trip. What a perfect day to leave.

While walking to the La Cevicheria we saw that they had rolled out a big grill pool side. We went to see what the line was all about.

They were grilling whole fresh fish & shrimp. After throwing on the raw shrimp they poured a green sauce over it.

They also what looks like sauteed shrimp and mussels.

Even though everything looked really good, we still wanted fried fish and shrimp tacos.

Might as well continue a bit of drinking while we still got time.

Fried calamari. This was really good.

Shrimp tacos, with only a tiny bit of green sauce.

On the resort map Linh saw an Iguana garden or something of that sorts. So we thought we would check it out.

On our way to the garden ran into this guy just chilling in the gutter.

Didn't dare to get too near to it.

Walking around the garden we didn't see any other Iguanas.

Linh had told me that coconuts seeds are self sufficient and that they can grow anywhere with the right weather and we just happen to cross one that was growing straight from the coconut.

My brother had told me that he was informed that the lagoon across the street had crocodiles. So we went across the street to take a peek.

We walked into AquaWorld and headed to the back dock. They have a bar there if you want to drink and take in the views.

When I saw the lagoon it instantly reminded me of this video.

I saw a group of people kayaking in the lagoon. No thank you. I'll stay on shore.

We made our way back to the hotel and hung out at the beach bar.

Then I wanted a coffee, so went back to the cafe.

Got a doughnut. It looks good, but wasn't. Wished I got another pastry instead. They even had cookies, individually wrapped. Probably could have taken a bunch of those to go.

3 pm came around and we headed off to the front. Our USA Transfer was scheduled to arrive at 3:15 pm. It pulled up in front of us at 3:14 pm. Impressive.

So I remembered that I need to get a pen so that we could fill out custom forms on the plane. I spent my last 200 pesos in exchange for out drivers pen. :) Going to keep that in my travel bag from now on.

The Duty Free Shop.

A $2,200 usd bottle of Johnny Walker.

Linh's trying to collect bottles of Vodka that are distilled in the countries that he visits. Here's a bottle of Mexican Vodka.

I don't smoke but saw people buying boxes of cigarettes. Thought I would see what the price difference was.

Looks like you save a lot of money buying from the DFS, but you probably have to take a look to see how much you can bring back duty free, before having to pay taxes on it.

Hennessy Pure White. They don't sell these in the U.S, but you can get some here.

We didn't have any issues getting to the airport and had a lot of time before boarding. I really wanted Carl's Jr and at the Cabo airport they have one. So I was hoping they had one here too.

No luck finding a Carl's Jr, looks like the closest things is a Johnny Rockets.

I love the double western burger. Got something similar to it at Johnny Rockets. It's just not the same.

Linh and I sat around until we were assigned a gate.

This time the seats they we pre-selected was on our ticket and we also lucked out on having no one between us again.

Last look at the hotel zone.

Farewell Cancun. It was a blast. Definitely would come back again and do another excursion. Food was great, service was great, beach was beautiful, water warm, great weather, and prices were cheap for everything that you get. What more can you ask for. I will be back!

Next on the agenda is Orange County and Los Angeles.

Gonna go on an eating spree. Stay tuned.

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