Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cabo San Lucas Day 3: Mango Deck, Nick-San Sushi, Pink Kitty, & Mandala

Woke up pretty early. Most of the group was heading to the breakfast buffet. I decided to sleep in a bit. By the time I finally woke up it was time to party. Everyone was at the main bar. I did a quick run down to the buffet to get something in my stomach.

Back at the bar. Another gorgeous day for drinking.

More rainbow shots.

We headed over to Riu Santa Fe again for some pre-game drinks before heading to Mango deck. We were told that it was the place to be.

Nicole getting her all inclusive drink on.

A guy riding a horse on the beach, in case you couldn't figure it out.

We paid $10 U.S dollars each person for a water taxi. The plan was to take us to Mango deck for about 1.5 hours and then to Lovers Beach for the rest of the day and back to our resort. That was the plan... We didn't stick to the plan. You'll see why. I don't like small boats at all and get sick pretty easily. But the water taxi was not a problem. Maybe because we were buzzed already?

Captain Dung! On his way to Mango Deck to save the day.

Look at all those gorgeous resorts.

OMG, just look at the Yacht. We predicted it to cost over 20 million. It looked amazing.

One of the things that I regret not getting a chance to do is the hydro jet pack. I really wanted to try it out, but we just ran out of time. Maybe next time. It looks like so much fun.

We have arrived at Mango deck.

Dos Equis promo girls.

Jimmy bought a tiger wrestling mask and literally wore it the entire time we were at Mango deck.

Bow down to El Tigre!

El Tigre is not afraid of water.

He's smiling. :)

So drunk people come up with the craziest ideas. Sarah came up with the idea for Jason to overhead squat her.

This was just pure awesomeness. Everyone stopped and were gawking at our drunk stupidity. Wait for it.

Jose's reaction when he saw...

the Dos Equis girls...

They were having a booty shaking contest and Jose and I thought Abby was on stage. It's not Abby, but it is her doppelganger.

Doro the Exploro

I don't always drink beer, but when I do, it's at Mango Deck.

One second she's like this.

and then she's like this.

This is Jose's friend

and this is his other friend. (Jay said let me make your picture better. This is what Jay came up with)

Eventually it was 3 pm and our water taxi was waiting for us to take us to Lovers Beach. We said No! Leave us here and come back for us in a few hours, but they said we won't have time for Lover's Beach. We were having a blast and didn't want to leave.

Here's another contest at Mango Deck. They team up a guy and girl up and they are suppose to run into the water and switch bottoms. Yes that guy is wearing a bikini. I was also told at 6 pm every day they have a wet T-Shirt contest. If I ever have a daughter she's not going to Cabo. EVER!

We left Mango Deck around 5:30 pm. We still had dinner plans at Nick-San and our last night out on the town.

Drunk people getting off a boat.

Back the resort. All inclusive Dos Equis.

You can only order up to a maximum of 5 plates for room service. I'm saving this for when we return from a night of drinking. Planning ahead.

We all went back to our rooms to get cleaned up for dinner tonight.

We all met back up at the bar. Look it's Sarah..

Got a spanish coffee hoping it would wake me up.

She's still drunk.

We heard a lot of great things about Nick-San. So we had to try it out.

Some warm towels to freshen you up before your meal.

A few of us did Omakase (chef's choice tasting menu)
I forget what most of the things we had, but I'll try my best.

I think this is a sort of fried shrimp and crab ball.

Jalapeno stuffed with crab and cheese I believe.

Yellow Tail with fried garlic and I think curry oil

Mackerel with avocado, and some type of oil. I usually don't like Mackerel, but this was really good.

Some type of roll.

Another roll with macadamia nuts.

another roll with salmon and lemon on top. The texture of the salmon was very different. It had the texture of like ground meat.

Sea Bass.

more rolls.

Happy dirty thirty Jason.

After dinner we walked over to the Pink Kitty nightclub.

Thanks to all that pitched to get bottle service.

It was pretty hot in the club. Jimmy and I spend a lot of our time at the front bear which had access to the open air. It was refreshing.

But when we did go back to the table, this is what we returned to.

Get her Jimmy!

and this is Jose's amateur debut on the stage.

We eventually made our way back to the front bar.

Jose was feeding his random friends Chiclets from the terrace of the front bar.

Jimmy bought Jose a shot... Who's your Mama Jose?

Eventually we left Pink Kitty and attempted to get into Squid Roe. It was crazy pack. There was no line and was just chaos at the front.

Next door was Mandala, which was pretty packed also and hard to get into.

Thanks to Abby, she worked her way into the club by going through the bouncers at the exit and was able to get us all in with very little wait time. Pays to be a girl.

Jason and I set off to find a bar. When we finally found one... two hands two dirnks.

Jason's really feeling it....

Andria fell asleep.

Eventually we left the club. Around 4pm. What a crazy day and crazy night of dirnks and food.

If you ever visit Cabo. Mango Deck and Squid Roe are a must visit.

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