Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Aloha POLO Day 6

It's our last full day in Oahu. This morning we woke up and went paddle boarding. Rented the boards for 4 hours for $25 bucks each. It's a lot harder than I expected. We ended up paddle boarding for only 2 hours.

Sitting on the board and paddling is easy, but standing is totally a different story. We rented our boards from Hawaiian Surf Adventures which was located near our vacation rental. We were paddle boarding in the calm waters by our house and it was still hard to stand up. I can only image how much harder it is near the waves.

Princess Robyn and her servant cruising through.

After 2 hours of paddle boarding we headed back to Waikiki for Ramen at Ramen Nakamura I had been to this place years ago. It was ok. I still think Tenkaippin is better, but Nakamura does allow you to bring in your own liquor. So Peter went next door and got some drinks for us. I wasn't full recovered from the other day, so I was easing into it.

Ox tail ramen.

Fried rice and pot stickers.

After ramen we did a bit of shopping and bar hopping. Our first stop for drinks was at Jimmy Buffet's At the Beachcomber 

Did a bit of souvenir shopping at the ABC stores and then we headed back to The Beach Bar

We pretty much stayed on the beach and bar hopped along the waters. It was our last night in Oahu. Couldn't let it go to waste.

Eventually we got hungry and we headed home to eat.

Linh cooking up some ribs for the night.

The final meal for the night. Can't believe this was our last night in Oahu already. It flies by so quickly.

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